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20 days ago

This is a challenging trail, it has beautiful views at the top. But for me no real scenery or beauty or plant life even along the way It’s super exposed to sun too.

1 month ago

great trail

Is moderate for hiking but there are snakes on the way

1 month ago

Many lizards. Very intense hike.

2 months ago

A great trek....Took the whole family on this one...youngest 2 years old and she walked the entire thing by herself. Those saying the trail is hard to follow must be beginners...it is very simple. Not confusing at all. Very little to no shade so be careful if you go when it is hot.

3 months ago

Quick out and back with an excellent panoramic view at the top and loads of wild sage. There are multiple routes to reach the top of Olive Hill. This map follows the least strenuous route.

Easy if you are an experienced hiker. I've seen people of all shape and size on it. Use a GPS to follow trail because there are a lot of "shortcut" trails.

Pretty easy trail for moderately advanced. Recommended for all fitness levels if you take your time.

starting from Riverside off of blain great trail, I've been doing this hike for years there are a few different ways you can start this hike from Moreno Valley and in Riverside which is a little more challenging

One of my favorite trails near home. I do this one once a week for practice. Going up hill is the best part since their is a little of rock climbing involved. amazing view if Lake Perris

4 months ago

Trail isn’t marked and hard to follow

Great hike. Lot's of rugged terrain.

5 months ago

Great hike!! Got alittle lost but it was worth it!

5 months ago

Found this trail when I decided to try to catch the sunrise atop the infamous "M" on Box Springs Mountain. There wasnt alot of info out there for the M specifically, so i used the satellite setting on Google Maps and saw this short trail that seemed to lead from the neighborhodd to the M. I took my 12 year old son early on January 4, 2018 and hit the trail. We parked in the neighborhood east of Box Springs Mountain, off Hidden Springs and Pigeon Pass Rd, but there is a dirt parking lot you can park at during daylight, opens at 7am. The parking lot uses the honor system and asks you to drop $5 in a box. We initially took the wromg trail due to unfamiliarity and darkness, we started at 530am. We picked the trail that leads from to the right from the dirt lot because it had white painted arrows on the ground Lol. After 30 minutes I realized we were heading away from the M, which sits on the front (or south side) of the mountain. I used Google sattelite to backtrack to the parlking lot and chose the middle trail, which seemed to go in the exact direction of the M (Note you cant see the M from the start, but I know where it sits). The trail is not very clear in many places because people have cut the trail and created more direct trails, but pretty much all of them get you there once you get going. It is about 2 miles to the M and 2 miles back. The trail has some very steep portions that are slippery with sand and gravel and also has areas where you have to step onto boulders and its easier to use your hands. It is a bit tricky because you cannot see the M at all until you are literally right in front of it. After we completed the hike, we realized the landmark you can use is the radio antennas, which can be seen from every point of the hike and basically sit right above the M. On this trail, it will be the antennas that sit in second position from the most right antennas (there are many sets of antennas on top of this mountain). You can sit on the M, which is about 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall and made of rock and concrete and painted white. During christmas and New Years it is lit up at night with LED lights, also good for night hiking. My son made the hike with no issues, other than a little exhausted. it was about 1100 feet of elevation gain. It has amzing views of the sunset, sunrise, city of riverside, and city of Moreno Valley. Highly suggest this trail, but beware there are definately coyotes, snakes, donkeys, and at least one mountain lion. We only heard donkeys, did not see any others, but saw many fresh coyote paw prints and clear mountain lion prints. This should not deter you as this should be expected in any mountain setting, you are in their home. Just take a knife, a whistle, and be mindful.

10 months ago

loved it!

Great views a moderate trail a little steep nice view of lake

This trail took about 2 hrs at my own pace. It has a big incline that can get you tired if you are not in shape. Coming down was fun, don't fall, lol.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great hiking trail, I would say it's moderate to hard because of rugged terrain, narrow steep downhills and uphills. The view of Lake Perris from Terri's Peak is a beauty. No available shades throughout the trail.

I love this trail

Saturday, April 22, 2017

This trail was great, doesn't seem heavily used. In fact some areas required a second look to ensure heading the right direction. Seems most traffic takes a large unpaved road up vs horse and game trails as in this loop. Parked in lot 1-2 under a nice shady spot. Miles according to fit-bit were closer to 6.5. Great hike steep and narrow going down. Stopped in at museum for a quick look.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Lived in town for 33 years and never hiked this trail until today. Definitely had us breathing hard on the way up. Going down is pretty steep. Get work out & a lot of fun!!!

Omgod this incline kicked my butt. I went at my own pace. The going up was the hardest. The coming down the mountain was my favorite. I got sidetracked and wound up ina golf course area I just crossed thru the housing and came back on the loop.

Awesome hike! Just a lot of graffiti and trash but I would definitely do it again

on Terri Peak Loop Trail

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Even on a 75° day it felt very warm. Nice views from the top, but took some work to get there. 5.50

Sunday, October 02, 2016

This was not my kind of trail. Too rocky and at some point you don't have anymore trail and you have to rock climb.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Very nice hike not to much or to less. Highly recommend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

easy to moderate hike. started at the horse camp and followed the gps. great view at the peak of the lake. narrow path on the way down which exits at the museum parking lot then walked along the recreation road back to our vehicle. nice little 5 mile hike. alot of paths that can take you in many different directions. we paid 10 bucks to park inside the recreation area but it looks like you may be able to park along the neighborhood along Iris ave and hike your way in to avoid paying for parking. will try next time

Nice Workout about 5miles total We Do here :D

Nice trail..lots of Friends and Families hike here I personally love to hike this trail with my Kids

Monday, April 25, 2016

I started at the horse camp area. The area is desert brush with no visible trail to follow. I just headed up the ridge. once I reached the top, I could see a very wide visible trail heading down toward iris, but my car was inside the park. I headed down a trail toward the lake which was impossible to follow, so I just followed an empty stream bed to the bottom. I wouldn't advise hiking from the lake side.

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