Photos of Montgomery Trails


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The 30 minute very windy path put me into a magical place. It was a warm sunny drive but as I got closer to the trailhead, the air became moist, the trees dropped beads of water onto my car, the the trickling of the water sang a beautiful song. The hike itself was very magical. The majestic trees give off an wonderful energy, the beauties of the fungi were everywhere. You feel like Alice in Wonderland. There’s a huge fern forest amongst the giant trees. If you have time, walk the entire loop. Towards the end, there’s a lot of flooding which creates ponds. Be careful as it gets slippery along the path. Total hike is 2-3 hours depending on how many times you stop to take it all in or to take photos.

Tip: be sure to use low gear driving on the windy path to save your brakes!