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My favorite place to get a quick hike in. But it is definitely not 5.8 miles, this info should be corrected. 3 miles round trip if you hike from the bottom parking lot and maybe 1 mile if you hike from the top parking lot. Too crowded on the weekends and a bit dangerous with young children and narrow trails. I also wouldn’t call it easy if starting from the bottom, moderate compared to Eaton or Sturtevant Falls.

I've been on this trial many times and never found any trouble, yes there are animals but you are in there environment, the only thing that is a lil surprising is that the app does not show MTN biking on here.

1 month ago

A bit of an uphill climb, but it was worth it for all the forestry and the little waterfall. Park in the second parking lot at the top and go to the left of the cabin office to start this trail.

I'm giving this hike five stars even though it's short we saw bears and a great double waterfall and plenty of shade I highly recommend it and a lot of really friendly people

Nice and easy

1 month ago

Great trail and nice waterfall but it’s just too busy for me. Too many kids having melt downs because they did not want to be there! The trail gets narrow so there’s not enough room to get by especially with parents and children trying to pass at the same time. Next time I’ll try going earlier to see if I could avoid the crowds.

A great diverse trail. Kids had fun.

trail running
1 month ago

Super easy trail - very busy - you're not going to run this unless you get there before everyone else -

Encountered not one, but TWO bears on this hike with my friend and pitbull! Was very scary. Never hiking here again, considering I had been here and skipped out on the hike a few days ago while with family and nephew at 3 years old. A woman down towards the parking lot mentioned a mom and baby bear around lately and said we were "VERY LUCKY" to get away from those bears without being chased down. Not safe. Beautiful scenery but not worth the scare.

It’s very beautiful. Went with my kids and they had a great time.

We went after a rainfall, smelled super earthy and everything was so lush. Waterfall was running, great hike!

2 months ago

Has a chill vibe go it. Green and calm with a nice little waterfall. Went on a weekend morning and it was quite crowded. Would recommend going on a weekday.

2 months ago

Found this area by chance. very nice hike. Found a salamander, handsize, at the waterfall and a baby snake went across our path on the trail. Nice to see wildlife is coming out.

plus found a nice area to put up my hammock and rest.

This is a beautiful, family-friendly hike with plenty of shade, and can be lengthened depending on where you park.

This is a simple and enjoyable hike within Monrovia City Limits. The price to park is $6 cash on weekends and $5 cash on weekdays. We live a few miles away so sometimes we walk from our home but other times we like to support the city and simply park and pay. We’ve ran the trail from the lot to the falls in 12 minutes, jogged in 15 and walked at a slower pace at 20 minutes. The trees and environment are very similar to Oak Creek in AZ and the trail is not too crowded if you get there around 7 am or around 4 in the afternoon.

Beautiful place but a lot of bugs, swarms. Be on lookout for rattle snakes, we came upon one in the middle of trail and he wouldn't let us pass, very aggressive. Didn't want to chance it with grandson, so we turned around. He of course was just as excited to see snake than falls.

I have not hike in LA for a while, so I was exciting to explore the new trail in my hiking list. Surprisingly to find out that this trail has a lot greens than usual, which was very nice! 90% are under shades so don't worry to be sunburns or anythings. Waterfall is kinda small but still nice. Because is a dog friendly trail, the waterfall area became like a dog show event stage too!

This was our first hiking trail and we loved it!

The weather was pretty nice. Most of the trails covered with shades and not a difficult trail. Dog Friendly.

I’m not sure which trail I took, but it wasn’t 5.8 miles. I only got 4.3 miles in. Parked on the residential streets to save $5 on parking. Some parts of the trail are narrow, but the hike overall was easy peasy.

Went there today with my 5 yo and 10 yo. Increíble setting! Started off with the Bill Cull trail, which was a bit of a surprise with its narrow pathways...but probably made the hike quite an adventure! On the way down from the waterfall we opted to go thru the flatter side. Everyone enjoyed it and we even got a chance to soak our feet in! Take some snacks and a bag to pick up after yourselves.

4 months ago

Went on a pretty fair day, not too hot not too cool. Started the trail right by the ranger office and walked to the waterfall. Pretty easy and relaxing hike. Found a bench in a tree along the way and a few other nice spots to enjoy the nature. Overall nice hike and I would probably go back!

Great hike for the family! The small waterfall is perfect for little ones to play in. Some rocky paths so wear good shoes.

5 months ago

We saw a lot of beautiful birds. The waterfall was refreshing and the shade from the trees kept us nice and cool. We will be back!

5 months ago

I took the trail to the waterfall on 2.6.18 and there was a nice flow. The Park is closed to traffic on Tuesdays, but you can still come to walk the trails. Trail is excellent and has shade for 90% of your adventure. Moderate grade, but it’s broken into manageable segments. I recommend you start on the Bill Cull trail then meet up with the canyon trail. It’s much better than walking on the pavement without shade.

5 months ago

I typically start at Chantry Flat, but I recently changed it up and started at the top like denoted here. This is a fun route that adds a unique challenge by putting all the climbing on the very last section of trail. You will really feel that section between Sturtevant Camp and the "Halfway" sign at the switchbacks as you have logged abut 9 miles at that point. If you're a real glutton for punishment, try going down to Chantry Flat via Winter Creek Trail and Upper Winter Creek Trail, then come back up Zion Trail and Sturtevant Trails. This route comes out close to 15 miles I think with all the climbing backloaded on the last few miles of the hike. I feel it's a great training hike to do at the moment until the snow pack melts on the more challenging peaks.

Easy trail. Waterfall has a decent amount of water at the moment. Scenic and relaxing.

Great trial with the family, friends, small kids, and dogs. It takes us two hours to walk all the way up to the waterfall and come back, and totally 2 miles. Most of the trial cover the shade. Parking is six dollars for holiday and weekend.

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