Tried in vain to make it to Iva Bell in one day and had to break it up into a 2 day hike to the springs. We stopped for the first night after hiking 8 miles at a spot that unfortunately had many mosquitoes. Be ware of the river crossing at mile 12.8 of this hike as there is no log bridge nor stepping stones (that we could find). Our group had to take off our shoes, socks and pants to wade across the river and the water level got to groin deep with swiftly moving currents at some points. We ended up going out towards Reds Meadow on the way back and was much easier than going back up hill all the way to Duck lake. The view from the top of Duck pass towards Barney lake and Duck lake are breathtaking; however, if you are trying to get to Iva Bell I would suggest going out via Red's Meadow as it is shorter and at lower elevation.