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1 day ago

Not a very scenic walk, after the two water crossings the trail is kinda confusing going up with all the water trails from snow melt, 3 river crossings first and last are cake, second one is really really rocky and difficult to keep footing, I suggest getting trekking poles or using a big piece of wood for a third point of contact to keep your balance. lots of downed trees in the way but I didn't have any trouble going around or over them along as you got the gps since there's a lot of deer trails and water trails. The graveyard lakes you only really get to see the one unless you go around or scramble over rocks. the lake itself is beautiful tho.

This is easily the best hike I have ever done! I took 2 and 1/2 days to get out there and get back into mammoth. I would cut out 3 days to do this hike if you can! There is also a river around mile 12 that doesn’t have a bridge or stepping stones so water shoes/ flip flops would be good to bring. I came out the red’s meadow direction because it’s not the big climb out that duck pass would be. The smoke was pretty bad from the Lion’s fire going out Red’s meadow but it’s better than making the climb out! If you’re a fisherman bring a pole with you, fish creek has TONS of fish.

Tried in vain to make it to Iva Bell in one day and had to break it up into a 2 day hike to the springs. We stopped for the first night after hiking 8 miles at a spot that unfortunately had many mosquitoes. Be ware of the river crossing at mile 12.8 of this hike as there is no log bridge nor stepping stones (that we could find). Our group had to take off our shoes, socks and pants to wade across the river and the water level got to groin deep with swiftly moving currents at some points. We ended up going out towards Reds Meadow on the way back and was much easier than going back up hill all the way to Duck lake. The view from the top of Duck pass towards Barney lake and Duck lake are breathtaking; however, if you are trying to get to Iva Bell I would suggest going out via Red's Meadow as it is shorter and at lower elevation.

1 month ago

Great short hike, last part is steep however the amazing view & refreshing water at the end makes it worth it.

1 month ago

Great hike and nice area to camp once up top. The last mile was steep but other than that it is a relatively easy hike. The fishing was great, the trout seemed to enjoy lures and live worms. The only negative is the MOSQUITOES! I used repellent on my exposed skin but they bit through my thick hiking socks and also through tshirt and light jacket. I'm not sure what you can do to prevent them from attacking, but maybe more layers and also putting repellent on unexposed skin...Hike back easy and breakfast at Vermilion Valley Resort was great treat after a few days of hiking and backpacking.

1 month ago

Two great meadow views on the way up, couple of small water crossings to add a little excitement. The view across the bathtub is worthy of screen saver status and gives a great sense of accomplishment when you reach it. Took 6 hours on the way up with my 3 children (6,10,12) made many stops to rest and have lunch. Took 2 hours on the way back. Wanted to stop longer but the mosquitos at that time of day (6-8pm) were getting obnoxious so couldn't pause for more than 10 seconds without getting swarmed.

2 months ago

Just attempted Graveyard Lakes from Edison this weekend. Made it through one water crossing...stopped at the second and just camped along Cold Creek. The force of the rapids would have been too dangerous to continue on. The trail crosses several more times, and we decided to try again in September. Lots of bear tracks and bear scat! Also, dozens of fallen trees. Had to bushwhack around several and find the trail on the other side.

4 months ago

This place is like the veins of the earth. There are places to explore and swim here where no other humans have ever trodden. Some of the most beautiful scenery and peaceful feelings you will ever experience.

10 months ago

I did this as a day hike while staying at Mono Hot Springs in the beginning of October. The views were incredible and the lake is peacefully tucked underneath a stunning peak. The first 70% is very easy and the last 30% was a good challenge. I made it to the top in a little under two hours moving fairly quickly and about an hour and a half on the way down.

Plenty of water along the water for you to filter. The water in the lake is of course freezing but definitely worth a dip on a warm day.

Please remember to leave a little extra room in your bag to pick up trash people left behind. I was shocked to find garbage sitting along the lake.

My dog absolutely loved the trail!

10 months ago

A medium-plus difficulty hike. The first 4 miles are either flat or very moderate slope, The more challenging climb arrives towards the end, but you get rewarded by a great view of the lake upstairs.
I circled the lake clock wise direction , at first I had to walk on boulders , but later the trail was clear.
I did the hike on 01-OCT-2017 , there was no one there besides me, felt as if I was the last man on earth.
The entire hike took me about 5 hours including a long lunch break at the lake.
At the end , I also went to inspect Edison lake at the bottom.

Note1: one of the challenges of the hike is simply getting there, the Kaiser pass road is a one lane rough road full of holes where you cant do more than 15 mph - you get back ache , nausea and pray no truck comes ahead in the curves and blind spots :-).
Note2: If you are already in the area , it's worthwhile making a stop at Mono hot springs - the best one there is "Old Pedro" which is the warmest. Kind of a relaxing compensation for a long walk.

11 months ago

Did this hike over Labor Day weekend 2017. It was a beautifully sunny day with a few moments towards the afternoon of quick thunderstorms. Majority of the hike is fairly easy. The last 1/3 gets steep and rough, but well worth it. I did this hike with my Lab and about a 30lb backpack. Most of the trek is shaded by trees and there is a meadow to your left about 1/3 the way in. Don't miss it... the lake "Devils Bathtub" is the highlight of the journey. Beautiful place to relax, picnic, fish, swim, whatever your fancy. I would definitely recommend this hike.

11 months ago

This was a beautiful hike! starts out easy, and then at the tail end the incline sneaks up on you to bring it to a moderately difficult hike, but well worth the extra cardio once you get to the lake. Make sure to check weather, as midday thunder/rain storms are common in this high of country. We were rained on for a few hours, but it cleared up to reveal beautiful weather! Mosquitoes are BAD. Recommend to layer up, and use bug repellent to be able to stand a chance.
Can be done in a day if you are an active person who does cardio/hikes semi regularly. May not be as enjoyable if you try to do it in one day without being prepared for the cardio. Passed a few fisherman and they all said they got great catches. Next time I'll be taking a pole!

An amazing hike.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Given the altitude challenge. My bestfriend and I recently completed this trail and then went on to conquer Graveyard peak itself. Keep in mind this is an active stock trail and we were passed by several groups of horses. There was also a large amount of horse dung directly on the trail, which added to the already large amount of flies and mosquitos. As soon as you clear the first meadow the trail picks up altitude pretty quickly and somewhat levels off about halfway through. You have to cross a fairly strong current in one of the streams (This marks the halfway mark) and then the last push is a 800ft climb via switchbacks before you make it to the lakes. Graveyard Peak is an additional 1100 feet which puts you right at 10,700 feet! I would only recommend this for the most athletic and able-bodied. We are both in either our mid or late 20's and we both had to struggle to conquer the summit. Overall this is a great trail with some world class views rivaling that of Yosemite Valley in my own opinion. Just be sure and remember the bug spray, and reapply it often!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Water crossings but runoff has slowed down.
Fishing is good all along trail. Wild flowers everywhere.
Ice in the upper lakes in Mid July.
I'll be back.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

some of the best swimming holes I've ever seen.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Easy trail. Lots of water crossings so be prepared.

Probably my most favorite backpacking trip I've ever been on. I'm so happy we made this trip a 2-nighter because we really got to enjoy a full day at the springs and got some major rest and relaxation in. We started the trip late in the day so we set up camp probably an hour or so from the springs. Next morning made to the springs and spent the day there. There are some very nice camp spots, and springs are scattered all over so it is quite the adventure trying to find them. We went before the historically wet 2017 winter started, but didn't have any problems with lack of water, but most importantly NO MOSQUITOS! I did this trip with a first time backpacker who was pretty well conditioned at hiking, the trip is challenging but not difficult. Just make sure you're prepared, the destination is worth it!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's becoming more crowded that a couple years ago sadly. Still a great spot with a gorgeous payoff at the top. Be aware no campfires near the lake.

Incredible, sweeping views of Fish Creek valley and the granite sky scrapers surrounding it. We were blown away at how scenic the trail was and how diverse the terrain was. The hot springs are a very special place, I advise going as high as you can, the camp spot we found was 75 feet from 3 amazing hot springs that offer a full view of the valley.

I would only recommend trying this in 2 days if you are an experienced hiker and acclimated to the altitude. Take your time and do it right, start early in the morning the 1st and 3rd day as long stretches of the trail are pretty exposed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Great weekend backpacking trip. Definitely secluded on the north side of the lake.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

So I see that they ha e this a moderate hike not true if difficult the last 2 miles

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Did 5 days at Devils Bathtub, amazing trip.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

great trail to hike, camp, and fish. one of the nicest lakes I've hiked to.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Great trail, some water crossings, lots of fishing along the trail

Monday, June 29, 2015

This trail is beyond amazing and highly recommended for a weekend trip or a couple days. My father actually proposed to my mother here so it a special place for my family. :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

love the hike, moderate, great for an overnight or day hike, for overnight, hike around the lake to the far end there is a spectacular camp site on the meadow, fishing a little though at the lake the creek proof to be way more effective for a fresh dinner.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Has to be one of the best hike around the area. Rewarding end. the view is spectacular! Didn't know the trail was 10 miles round trip since the sign doesn't say nor does the map. Worth the trip and best part was there was no one in sight but me and 2 friends :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Loved this hike! Amazing views and a lovely place to swim at the end. Moderately challenging at times, but well worth it!! Well marked trail, well kept and not overly crowded. Spent the night at the campground nearby. Lovely trip!

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