Started uphill at Fox trail (steep) to Coastal trail down to pirate cove (rocky and steep) then back at Tennessee trail is 5.5 miles. Beautiful view of the ocean and the valley, gets windy.

off trail
2 days ago

Beautiful trail! I got on the loop at the Morning Sun Trailhead (forgot to record). Best to start early in the morning this time of year. The trail is pretty exposed and it gets hot quick. Rodeo Beach was a great halfwayish break point to eat a snack and dip your feet in the water. Parts of the trail were a bit overgrown near the Marine Headlands visitor center, so just watch out for ticks and poison oak.

This has become one of my favorites. Stunning views, stunning weather. Make sure to carry a light jacket as it is breezy

This is a nice hike with great city views and the mountain theater and has got 360 views from East peak summit -stunning views of the City and bay and you can clearly see the sales force tower as well ! So I would say this hike would be hard based on the weather conditions -on a hot day ,it makes it harder to get the the approx 2 miles steps to reach the East peak summit ,as its not much shaded. So please bring lots of water and prefer pants over shorts as few parts of the hike are overgrown and also proper footwear. The water fountains at the East peak summit aren’t functional currently and you can only use the bathrooms ! Most of the hike isn’t shaded and you will be exposed to sun if the weather is hot ! Expect bikers on your way and also West Point inn would be a good spot to take a break before climbing the 2 miles steps to East peak summit ! It’s a good hike to experience the city views and also to have a great workout for the day :) !

over grown
10 days ago

Started at Muir Beach (forgot to record until about 1.2 miles in with some decent elevation gain) to Tennessee Beach to above Redeo and hooked in to the Miwok trail to Coyote and down by Green Gulch. Green Gulch trail is closed and there are signs. You’ll got to a point were there’s a gate that looks closed off with farmland behind it but that’s the continuation of the trail and you are allowed to go through. Lots of the trail is overgrown so be prepared for that and poison oak and bees. But if you’re up for it its a beautiful hike with amazing scenery of the ocean, San Francisco, Marin, eucalyptus forests, stop to berry pick. Great day hike and you end at Muir Beach again (the most dog friendly beach around ;) )

Nice trail with good views when the weather is clear, the part on wolf ridge can be a little rough with some ups and downs and some narrow places, but overall it’s a nice and not too strenuous workout.

Very nice trail with awesome ocean views and a beautiful beach to end with.

On a clear day, you’ll see the entire Bay Area. Simply gorgeous.

I was here on 5/30/20. Parking lot was closed and bathrooms closed. I had parked my car at Rodeo Avenue. It was over 11 miles round trip for me, I was hiking from the mountain down to the ocean and come back, it was about 2,200 ft gain, it is the most spectacular view of the mountains, incredible view ocean and indeed of the city. I had everything in this hike. I was able to see Oakland Bay, Tiburon, GGB, SF bay... and a lot more... At Tennessee beach I was climbed up 800 ft to vista point. It is the most amazing relaxing view I haven’t never seen, since not many people up there. I will come back here again for HILL 88. Happy hike everyone,

Absolutely loved this hike. There is a part where you hike down to a beach and tons of just amazing views all around. Moderate hiking ability.

Medium trafficked loop we took CW. Matt Davis trail is absolutely gorgeous to the mount view Inn/overlook which has a perfect spot to picnic. The creek was a great addition.

One of my favorite hikes! Starting at the fire station, I do this trail clockwise. It’s the perfect mix of shade and no shade, great view for lunch at the West Point inn. Beautiful trees and waterfalls along the way.

no shade
4 months ago

Maintained trail, good views of the ocean and surrounding hills. Not the most difficult, but a good casual hike. Recommend you start from Fox Trail so you get the steep grade out of the way first and have a more scenic view on your way back.

I've done this trail twice in the last few years and both times I went clockwise. This way your view gets increasingly better are you go up in elevation. The only weird part is when you get to one of those "no tresspassing" transmission places at the top, you just have to go along the fence around the towers to continue hiking. There are quite a few trail intersections after that so be sure to read the posted signs or ensure you've honed your orienteering skills. Pause at Wolf Ridge to admire being between two watersheds and descend back into Tennessee Valley. There is a section in a switchback where you may have to scoot on your butt as it is quite steep with little traction. You end by going over a creek. Pause and admire the water, then head back to the parking lot, as you're still a mile away. This last mile is paved road.

The hike up was awesome! It was shady most of the way to the top. Downhill was mostly open dirt road without much shade.

4 months ago

Mostly fire roads, you can get out there pretty far. The trails wind and wind, can go all the way to Stinson.

Amazing trail with lots of variety—beautiful redwoods, lots of waterfalls, arid portions, all without much traffic. Accidentally did it backwards by going right at the first fork. Ended up enjoying doing the steep portions up hill at the beginning and cool down on the leisurely descend.

5 months ago

I wouldn’t rate this as hard, or really do it again. It was a long trail, but pretty busy and almost always paved. The 2 stars come from the fact that for at least 5 miles (broken up between the middle and end of the trail) there is nowhere to walk except the side of the freeway where there is little to no place to walk. It was pretty scary in some places! Wouldn’t do again.

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