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Just hiked the trail for the first time. Amazing views, and I'll definitely be hiking Brokeoff again.

one of my favorite hikes in Lassen park. This is a must, if you only have time for one trail. I prefer this hike over Lassen peak any day.

1 month ago

When I arrived Lassen NP, I asked a ranger if she could do only one hike in the park what would that be. And this was the hike she said she would. So, off course our expectation was pretty high and this did not disappoint us. You can see 360 degree views from the top - the valley down below and the forrest in the park, Lassen next to it and Mt Shasta in the horizon. It was a little windy on the top. There is quite bit of flat area there unlike Lassen Peak, many of us can sit there and enjoy the view. It was very nice hike.

We came at it from 36 instead of the normal route. A little long for a day hike but we camped up on Mt Butt and then back out to 36. The GPS on this app helped a ton to find the trailhead. The midway marker is cool to see and there is camping before the summit but off the main PCT. Very beautiful and very clear the day we went.

1 month ago

If you only have the time for one mountain in Lassen... I'd go Brokeoff over Lassen any day. It makes you work a little on some inclines, but overall it's pretty manageable. Fire season makes the views a bit less impressive, but if you get up early enough you might be able to peep some nice ones. The big, flat summit required no scrambling and the massive switch back to reach it made it so you were barely on an incline at the end. We managed it with a ten-month-old.
Easy to follow trail, lots of flowers, possibility of seeing some wildlife.

One of my favorite hikes. lots of different micro climates, great views and an enjoyable hike.

Great trail, well marked. The falls are wonderful.

Hiked Broke-off Mountain alone at age 67 with back pack expecting to to camp. At 2 miles in water was scarce. I ditched pack and day sacked to summit. Hazy day from fires and 85 + temperatures water was precious. Suggest to carry plenty and conserserve for hike out. Beautiful views, flowers, and butterflies. Difficult but doable round trip with day sack. Enjoy.

Great hike, thoroughly enjoyed the entire walk except for the overgrown parts right at the beginning. Took us 2 hours to get up (I was carrying a 3 year old) and about the same to come down, only because we were looking for a bear that someone else saw on the way up. Only saw about 15 people in the 5 hours we were out so it was relatively peaceful. Highly recommend. No reason this hike should be rated as "hard" in my opinion. If I can carry a child the entire way as never be worried about my footing I'd say it should be moderate. As of right now there is a small creek at 1.6 miles in that is a good place to fill water if you are filtering, that could have saved me from carrying quite so much water. Our GPS showed 7.5 miles and my Apple watch said 7.8 miles. Seems to be a theme with alltrails... Underestimating the mileage! Great hike, though, you are sure to enjoy it!

The falls are very pretty. Nice reward for the short hike. The hike itself is not the prettiest but not a bad little walk.

2 months ago

Spectacular! Almost skipped due to trail being described as "hard" and for "expert" hikers. Good portion of the hike had shade, gradual incline until the summit which was somewhat rocky, but very doable. Lunched with butterflies on the summit. Bring water, temp was in the 80s, used all of my 32 oz.

Beautiful trail. Lots of ups and downs without much elevation change overall. Rest your feet in the cold creek at the top of the waterfall before heading back. We did the hike there and back with a 13 and 14 year old in about 2.5 hours. Bring lots of water. It is very dry out here.

Excellent 360 degree views of Lake Almanor and Lassen National Park. A bit rocky at the top, but well worth the effort.

3 months ago

Loved this hike! Very beautiful the first ten seconds you walk through a nice green area with water and awesome wildflowers!! We started our hike around 9 I would recommend a little earlier because it gets super hot but sine it’s so beautiful we pushed through. When you make it to the top the view is gorgeous you can see for miles and miles it’s really cool up there.

Thoroughly enjoyable. The falls were spectacular.

3 months ago

The views on this hike were gorgeous...tons of blooming foliage and that sweet, woodsy scent of the mountain air. However, if you're out of shape, like me, stay away! There is one area of the hike where the trail is dusty and very steep downhill. Make sure you wear shoes with good traction, because I didn't and hurt myself badly. Nothing like hiking 45 mins back covered in blood & dirt! I'm determined to come back and conquer this trail.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. We were torn between Lassen and Brokeoff, but decided to do Brokeoff because of the varied terrain - we are so glad we did! So beautiful with streams, wildflowers, lichen covered trees. Great trail with gradual increase in elevation. Amazing views up top. 7.4 miles round trip according to GPS.

3 months ago

Very nice trail to the falls. We went on 7/4/18 and he flowers were still in bloom. 4 miles, 1:52 minutes in and back.

Hiked this trail Saturday June 30. Stunning! The vistas from the top were some of the best I've seen in the area. Pockets of snow but none on the trail. A couple of small creek crossings.
We started about 8am and the temp was pleasant, very warm on the way down. A couple of rock falls to climb over but easy to navigate.
Wildflowers were wonderful, and the butterflies were abundant.

Stunning views, ran into no people at all

3 months ago

We hiked Brokeoff Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and no wind. I really enjoyed all the beautiful scenery on this hike. I would recommend hiking poles on the way down; helps save the knees.

gotta love waterfalls !!!! easy downhill , good steady climb out lol .. good times

Great hike, the sign says 2 hours one way, it's more like 2.5 hours up and 2 down. Did this in late June and there was still snow. However, warm and did the whole thing on a thin t-shirt and track pants. We were warned about fallen trees and rock falls, but, saw one fallen tree, the trail is pretty cool. Bring lots and lots of water, there's not much shade as you go higher. Beautiful views, definitely worth the hard work. The sign also says Moderate, but, I'd classify this as strenuous. Youre climbing 2300 ft at 6600 ft elevation.

4 months ago

It's really a moderate trail worth hiking. The majestic Mill Creek Falls await you at the end of the trail.

Great steady hike .. hiked it with daughter and 2 grand babies (2 1/2 and 3 months )

Gorgeous views, nice variety, good workout

i was going hike the Lassen Peak trail but I couldn't see the trailhead or trail in the dark this morning. i had no service either, so plan ahead.
Anyway this trail was great (and close by) Good mix of up and down (i started with 3 layers n ended up with a soaked t shirt). took a ton of pics. i didnt see a single person coming or going. First I've ever had a trail to myself

Not well marked right now tons of snow

Summer Trail- a beautiful traverse through meadows, forests, past streams, and up across the side of Brokeoff Mountain. Great views of the surrounding Lassen Park. The final 1/3 of the hike has the best views as the trail wraps around the west side of Brokeoff. Plan to spend some time at the peak, as the views of Lassen Peak are great (though be careful, there are many large drop-offs.)

Winter- snow shoeing this hike is also a true joy. We followed a set of tracks that seemed to very closely parallel the summer trail. There is no "avalanche forecast" for the Lassen area so use your best judgement and don't proceed too far past the 1.5mile meadow if the snow appears unsafe. The final 0.5mile of the "winter route" proceeds directly upwards, instead of switch backing. A difficult finish to a moderately difficult climb.

Hiked it last weekend February 10th. I had rented snowshoes and my friends had crampons. Wish I got the crampons. It was hard and icy and towards the top the snowshoes lost traction and I slipped twice at the top before the summit and had to turn back. Slid through rocks to stop first slide and second time had to flip snowshoes toe picks down to slow glissade or I would have ended up down at the bottom of the mountain on the steep western slope. Hike was challenging and fun other than that. Views are priceless.

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