Fun little trail! Cute waterfall, a lot of shade

Amazing views, easy trail with some areas of overgrowth but traversable. Much of the trail is on the coast cliffs. Inside state park so may be fees

Did the Double Loop going counter-clockwise with an added few miles beyond the eastern boundary. Started near where the O No trail meets Endo trail and spent a night around mile 9.3 but a little south of the route where the Big River takes a deep loop south. I was visited by ducks at dusk and an otter at dawn. Did not see another hiker over 21 miles. Trails in great shape (only saw 3 mtn bikers). And yes, if I didn’t have AllTrails I never would’ve found all the neat little trails. The Forest History Trail is worth doing - from north to south is easiest. I skipped the western side of the loop altogether - too much road for me. Definitely would do this again.

This was part one of an overnight trip. Great, and easy hike to an awesome spot by the Big River. Crossed the river (knee deep) to camp on a little shoal on the opposite side.

Beautiful scenery. No incline - suitable for anyone.

This was such a fun hike. My favorite by far in the area. We did have quiet a bit of mud to trek through and had to climb over a couple of trees at one point in the trail but that added to the fun. I don’t recommend this hike for kids.

Great hike with beautiful scenery. Peaceful out on the trail with lots of greenery and babbling brooks. The trail starts out paved and turns to dirt. There are some muddy spots to try and get around this time of year so wear shoes that are waterproof or you don’t mind getting dirty.

I did the loop trail by adding on the North Trail on the way back for a change of scenery. It must have been about a five hour affair altogether, but it’s shady the entire time and elevation gain is very minimal. I did the trail on a Saturday and saw hardly any people except at the waterfall. The trail runs along a single track most of the way through consistent, lush, beautiful greenery. Lots of ferns, trees, and creek water nearby the whole time. Very quiet, no wildlife sightings. I can’t think of a single thing to complain about. I suppose the mud bear the beginning might be an issue for those with dainty feet, but I can’t imagine a forest hike getting any better than this one. A few bridges here and there, a little bit of up and down but nothing crazy. Dogs welcome. Something the whole family can enjoy.

The Victorian town of Mendocino is so cute. This trail begins at the end of the main street and walks you around the cliffs. It was quite beautiful. I enjoyed the atmosphere and took a lot of photos. There is a spot where you can go down some steps to the beach, but I didn't go down there. The fear of heights gets to me. There were a lot of people walking. It was a very nice experience.

First 2 miles on relatively flat tarmac with muddy spots along the way. Decided to take the fork in the road CCW and moderate to heavy traffic at the waterfall. Great views of vegetation and keep your eyes peeled for banana slugs! $8 parking fee, but since lot was full, we parked nearby and walked the mile to the trailhead for free.

Very beautiful scenic views all along the trail. Visited here with Pillu on valentine’s day.

Beautiful beautiful example of NoCal redwood fern forest! Did this as a one way figure 8 loop. Very uncrowded, esp for holiday wknd and sunny, a bonus! Recommend taking north fork of falls loop to see falls on approach.

Beautiful walk in the woods! If you do it in the reverse direction you can see the falls before you do the loop.

Great hike with beautiful views of greenery, ferns and redwoods. Just beware parts are muddy right now so wear proper shoes!

We did an extra loop to the falls. Nice relaxing hike

Beautiful morning hike. Light streaming through the trees and beautiful creek to follow. Awesome waterfall and pretty mushrooms!! Trail was great even after a rainy day the previous day.

Nice trail through ferns and redwoods. Definitely take a detour and see the waterfall.

Beautiful walk before we took off home! We got lucky for 2 days of no rain but then it started to drizzle so we headed home earlier than planned. Well maintained trail, not safe for small children, too many cliffs with no railings. Great place to walk dogs though! It was a nice time to visit Mendocino with less tourist around and equally enjoyable to get to know the locals. Breathtaking and stunning views of the coastline with gigantic sedimentary, siltstone and shale rocks, arched with tunnels with crashing waves beating against the cliffs. A plethora of quaint and lovely bed and breakfast accommodations sprinkled the town, as well as rustic historic buildings which made it nice to walk around downtown . Also, a lot of nifty coffee cafes, amazing bakeries and unique boutiques made our short visit extra rewarding. It’s no wonder these locals prefer to keep it a secret!

Lucky we were as we encountered no rain our entire hike! The trail was well maintained, damp but not at all muddy and simply breathtaking! From the recent rains and fog, the air was filled with a pine tree aroma that smelled clean and was so refreshing. Enormous and beautiful, the majestic redwood trees and pines towered the majority of the Russian Gulch park. By far, this was one of my favorite hikes to date. Truly an outdoor oasis and I plan to return definitely!

Awesome hike. Trail is great. Easy up and down. Lovely dual waterfall

Russian Gulch State Park is the best hike in Mendocino. Late morning on (Nov/24/2019), I went for 7 miles RT at Fern Canyon Trail so I can see waterfalls and woodlands. The hike was easy at first, about one mile with tar road,( if I have a bike, will safe me sometime). Hiking up another mile,with Green Ferns and mushrooms everywhere,(so living). My next mile,was along with the creek, the sound of the creek and runoff likes Mother Nature singing to my ears. The next half mile, trail gets a little switch back, up hill, narrow,and muggy, but it still very green and pretty. Last half mile take you to the waterfall. it is steep, rocky and wet, (hiking boots should be better). I was a little bit late, not much water flowing but still enough to got my feet wet. ( I love to dance with the waterfalls). I took the loop on the way out, more up, ups,and a little longer distance, but I’m able to hike in the meadow. See a lot of tall trees, some new trees are growing on the death tree,(it gives me sigh of NEVER GIVE UP) If you get out the same way you were in,( your legs will thank you later). I will come back to his park again for different hike.

Hiking in Mendocino is on my list. I did it yesterday (Nov/24/2019). I got lucky, weather so nice. I took Mendocino Headland State Park. The trail on another side of Mendocino town. It is more like walking and playing.I saw a lot of couples, kids, dogs. Plenty of play to sit. Watching the wave is my favor. I thought I having whole place for myself. I love ocean air, it smells so fresh, it heals my soul. A nice place to be,Wish I did not have to leave. But I’m heading to mountain ( Russian Gulch State Park).

Great trail with kids - lots of natural arches, caves

Waterfall was nice!

Awesome trail!! Beautiful overlooks of the ocean so many cool coves of private beaches!! Easy to access trail a little populated after noon. Amazing photos quick fun easy walk!!

More of a walk in a park area than an actual trail. Really pretty views and good for walking the dog.

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