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Mccloud, California Map

Watch for black bears at the creek. Camp high at around 9600ft. There are good wind protected flat sandy soft spots along the rocky spine. Even in September there is snow along the way that can a good source of water. If melting snow, I recommend jetboil to melt and finish with steripen. You will have 2L within minutes. The pitch isn't that steep until the headwall above Mushroom Rock. If snow is present, consider using microspikes for both ascending and descending as crampons take too long to take off and on and don't work as well for mixed rock, scree, boulders, and ice. The most challenging section is definitely the 500ft-600ft headwall at 13k.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail from lower to upper falls. Most of the trail is fairly easy, hardest part is from middle falls to upper falls, fairly step switchbacks. Not overly difficult but be prepared with water and a hat during the warmer summer months. All in all though the views are pretty and the trails are mostly flat and easy to walk.

Wow! Cannot recommend this enough for people. The view at the summit is so worth it. The trail is well defined for most of it but the rocky/sandy terrain makes for difficult climbing. Definitely wear a helmet and don’t climb alone, rock falls aren’t uncommon. I did it in two days (hiked about three miles to base camp the first day, then woke up at midnight and started hiking to reach the summit around 6AM). Sun protection is so important for this and make sure you bundle up - even though there’s not much snow on this trail, it is freezing once you near the summit, especially if you’re hiking at night. If you’re not experienced with hiking or climbing then I also recommend getting a guide for this. This hike is totally worth the effort and the views are so rewarding. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Difficult but fun! Wear a helmet! Lots of rocks!

I am new on all trail app. Only I got in was for the GPS exact location but it doesn’t show GPS location, but asking for pay app for a download map. I will go for other app.

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2 months ago

I love it
planning to go back

loved middle creek falls!

Quick and short hike down the switchbacks to the river. Beautiful waterfall and easy to cool off in the river pools.

3 months ago

Really beautiful hike.

Easy and beautiful!

when parking at the middle falls it's less than a 5 min walk to the gorgeous overlook view of the falls. The footpath to the left leads to upper falls, an easy 10-15 min walk. The path to the right is a switchback path leading down to the bottom of the middle falls, you can continue down that trail to the lower falls but we didn't go there this time.

3 months ago

Quick easy hike. Perfect for the whole family. Beautiful waterfalls!

4 months ago

Beautiful. Your walking through the campground on an asphalt trail for a good portion. Then you hit middle falls and your reminded why you go hiking. I was trying out a new loaded backpack and it was a good length to get my first idea of what the pack would feel like. Upper falls is a great place to just sit and feel the power of the river just before it plummets. Trail is wide and popular.

Great hike. Start at the lower falls and work your way up. Watch for lizards and squirrels. Middle falls is the most spectacular in my opinion - the water is still pretty cold, but you can go for a swim there.

5 months ago

Great hike. Did this two days ago with my dog after a snow storm the night before.

Beautiful and awe inspiring! The waterfalls were really flowing with all the melted snow. It also lightly snowed during our hike which created a storybook magical scene. The trail was pretty well kept as well so you could focus on the beauty around you. 10/10 would visit again

Snow has the road to Falls rather challenging to say the least. Lots of deep snow ... no clearance. hard ... need a 4x4 and good tires!

Beautiful and easy hike! The Middle Falls were definitely the show stopper. Would recommend to anyone looking for an easy day with amazing views.

Very much enjoyed the easy hike to get there. Very tranquil in the winter time with no one else on the trail, can’t wait to go back in the summer

Easy walk/hike with amazing views. Suitable to bring children, and or older relatives visiting. Clean restrooms on several locations along the trail. The trails are wide, and partly paved. It's sometimes crowded, especially during summer. I've done the hike many times. The waterfalls are magical. Not a very challenging hike.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

The rock, seeing all three falls and the pretty McCloud river makes this a wonderful hike - enjoyed the beauty.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

The rock, seeing all three falls and the pretty McCloud river make this a wonderful hike - enjoyed the beauty.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Middle Falls makes it worth the other shortcomings. Easy to find - parked in lower falls area. Nice falls but nothing to get excited. The hike has 2 downsides - first 1/2 miles is on asphalt and for well over half the hike you are working NEAR the river but cant see it so pretty boring. When you get to the Middle Falls really amazing. You then can go up to the rim and walk down to the upper falls which is ok. Walk back on a fairly boring hike ......but Middle falls is really special

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Did this on Aug 26, 2017. I couldn't get to the trailhead in my Honda Civic. After crossing 31, and right after another junction the road gets extremely sandy in places. I counted a total of 4 sandy patches to the trailhead from that point. However I did see.a Hyundai (normal passenger car) parked at the trailhead implying it's doable. I did not want to risk it. I parked at coordinates 46.30639, -122.09832. Waze takes you somewhere else for the Clear Creek Trailhead. Google maps was excellent for guidance. This made it a 20 mile R/T. I started at midnight and at 10400 ft encountered snow on the trail. I couldn't see how far the snow extended cause of night conditions. However, I went off trail as west (left) to skirt around the snow and head straight up. That worked except it makes it more difficult and then later I missed the switchbacks to the mushroom rock heading again straight up making it even more difficult. Note that none of the maps has the real switchbacks to the mushroom rock, but it's very visible in daylight. However all these made it a fun hike. I was the first to sign the register that day! On my way back I saw 4 more heading up and they were up from one of the Bolam routes.
When I started there were many bats circling me around the headlight eating insects that attracted the light.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our group of six people all in good physical health hiked this trail. The first three miles were very nice, although the trail is fairly narrow and the edge falls away in some places. The reason for the three stars is due to the next leg of the journey, it becomes quite overgrown and poison oak grows all along the sides often even taking over parts of the trail. It is still a beautiful area and it follows the river, which is cold but suitable for swimming. There are a number of swimming holes within the first few miles, but they become more scarce the further you go. The water is also very clear. Overall I would say this hike is fun and scenic if you like swimming, if not I wouldn't recommend it. In the summer it would be very hot without a dip in the river.

I would also like to warn that, if you choose to hike it, approximately a quarter of a mile in on the left side of the trail we spotted a rattlesnake. It was in the middle of the trail on both the trip in and our return. We believe it may have a nest in the log nearby.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

easy walk between the falls. start with the lower falls and make your way up! at the large middle falls you can swim in the cold water

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Great trail and challenging! I personally have been up Whitney twice, Half Dome, and Rainier. Mt Shasta Clear Creek trail was a nice mix of hiking, climbing, and mountaineering (depending on the time of year). This year, there was an abnormal amount of snow because of a crazy winter in California. We started out at 4:00 PM at the trail head on 7/13/2017. We took our time and took in the scenery. We anticipated hiking to the stream crossing that we read about... It was no where to be seen. Apparently, when theres tons of snow still, the stream is hidden. So, we found a nice place and camped for the night. The next morning, we were going to take our time again and slow hike up to around 11,000 feet to bivy. We had a few hang ups... First, we had to melt snow for water, which took a couple of hours. Next... the hike was extremely slow because we couldn't find the trail due to the snow. So we were all over the face of the mountain, putting on crampons, taking them off, putting them back on, etc. A few hours later after trying to find the hidden paths, we found our 11,000 ft camping spot for the night and it was gorgeous. The next morning, we were going to summit and then head back to the truck, however, due to some of the difficulty we had in finding the path, our anticipated hours of searching the following day, and our unfamiliar relationship with Shasta, we opted to not summit. So we melted more snow for a couple of hours for water on the way down the next day. Overall, it was a great experience! We are novice mountaineers, so it was fun testing out some new gear and finding our way around the mountain (safely), testing our own skills. Also, the entire trip (Thursday through Saturday) we saw 3 people on the mountain. We will go back with a more detailed trail map and the full version of "All Trails" lol.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Amazing. Middle falls are awesome.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Great, easy trail.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A walk through beautiful forest with 3 waterfalls with distinct character. The middle falls one is especially impressive. A great hike!

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