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We love this trail, especially once you get into the trees. such a well built trail with lots of features. There are water crossings and a variety of views.

I’ve hiked this trail well over a dozen times over the past 40 years. It is my favorite hike on the planet and very special for our family’s many generations. Woods Lake is wonderful for camping and starting point. From there hike through redwood forest climbing up through beautiful meadow with stream and wild flowers up to lake Winnemucca, which is spectacular. Great lunch spots around the lake. Then go on to Round Top, which is more barren above the tree line, but beautiful. Usually some melting snow even in the summer. Then descend back down to woods lake. There used to be an old gold mine entrance along the way back down. Pretty solid climbing all the way up to the two lakes - but so beautiful it’s worth it. Then fairly easy descent back down. IMHO, it’s the most beautiful hike on the planet. Hope to get back there again soon. Love!

Definitely a “easy” trail. Not moderate at all. Great Lake and cold swimming most of the year.

Just beyond awesome!

Enjoyed a great snowshoe hike to Lake Winnemucca today. Trail well packed and lake covered in snow, it was beautiful!

Great snowshoe to Winnemucca today.

Important Note—You need to purchase a Sno-Park pass AT A STORE if you are hiking this trail in the winter. There is no option to purchase the $5 pass at the trailhead in the winter!

Also, when you reach a trail junction with an option to head to Woods Lake go this way!

We definitely needed our snowshoes today!

There are actually many trails in this area. Nice easy trails that are perfect to do after work. I see a lot of runners, kids, dogs, horses on these trails.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Drove it and fished the lakes with my Dad on a camping trip. The only time I was and will ever be in the area. Beautiful area....

Loved this hike, but it was definitely an advanced hike, and the trails are hard to follow or know where to even start. You really need to do your homework on this one so that you know where you are before you head up the mountain.

Nice trails for hiking, equestrian, mountain bike, and dogs. A little boring on the north side behind the housing development where no equestrian is allowed. Poop bags for dogs available.

I think the instructions for accessing the trail may be wrong. The map shows you should start about a mile past the CalTrans station, in a parking lot that is inaccessible in winter. Looked beautiful though!

3 months ago

Very few people actually make it to the lake and post tracks and photo's. I've wanted to claim hike like others as I pass by it but never actually see the lake. I'm not like that so I had to make a special trip just to do it.
The trail claims a 7.7 mile hike. Probably so but I decided to Snowshoe the hike with over 1 foot of new snow. We cut 7.2 miles but chipped off a few .10's at the start. My tracks are a little off due the trail not being visible and going off GPS and snow tracks from others. We cut a fresh new line of tracks from the PCT junction and made pretty good time from there.
The lake is not much to see once it's frozen over but still a nice quiet place to eat lunch.
It was a heavy snow and a seriously hard hike due to the depth and weight of the snow.

Love these trails.. Horse Canyon, Thunder Mountain, Round Top Mountain, Fourth of July, Summit Canyon and PCT. Round Top Mountain is 10,500 elevation. What incredible views. Can see 13 lakes including Tahoe.

Plenty of snow and the trail is well blazed. Missed the Frog lake detour though. Packed enough to walk with microspikes most of the way but there were a couple of stretches I wished I had snowshoes.

I loved this trail, I definitely plan on going again. The scenery is beautiful! Worth every burning step.

Great views but we got caught by a snow storm and had to rush back.

6 months ago

Very short hike. I did this in the winter and it was nice.
Spring and summer gets packed with people.
We hiked out from Round Top this way and with snow shoes on it was a long slite up hill to Carson Pass.

Beautiful any time of the year. Can't wait to come back in the spring.

I really enjoyed this hike. I had not been out on the trails in a while, so it was not too strenuous, but also had it's own challenges with elevation gains. The lakes along the trail were beautiful.

Fairly easy hike if you are in good shape. My friend and I decided to hike up to Melissa Coray Peak after setting up camp around the eastern side (towards Round Top) which was fairly tough and very rocky, no real trail except for a few rock stackings that hikers have placed. Going around the western ridge is much easier and advised as its less rocky and there are trails leading most of the way to the top. The lake itself was nice and clear but cold, it did get fairly windy during the night but nothing too bad. However, the morning was extremely calm with a few birds chirping around the lake. The streams leading towards Caples from Emigrant were not as active and many of the plants and flowers were dead (late in the year). Looking to going back during the peak summer months for warmer temperatures to dip into the freezing water and to look at the beautiful wildflowers.

Amazing views. Well manicured trail. Take the Frog Lake detour for a great Vista of Red Lake then circle back to the trail to continue on to Lake Winnemucca.

There's a parking lot with a cash box. Bring $5 with you. Bathrooms also located at the parking lot.

Love it, not strenuous. Actual mileage 9.1 miles. Emigrant lake beautiful

Not so much of a waterfall. Nice trail

7 months ago

Beautiful hike. Lots of friendly dogs off leash and lots of creek crossings for them to play in and drink from. Highly recommend Cooks Restaurant off Hwy 88 just outside Pioneer for a great dog friendly meal.

7 months ago

The intent was to climb up the Pct from the Sonora pass summit on the road. Without knowing for a bit our tail wasn't the Pct but one that goes up a steeper more direct route route. I was struggling and very happy when we made it where it connected to the PCT. We got up to the saddle on the ridge line and turned left at the junction and headed up towards the peak. With some patches of snow the trial was hard to see, but it was pretty clear to just follow the ridge line. The wind was blowing, and was a fair bit cold when we summited. Beautiful views and we'll worth the effort.

We came back down Saint Mary Pass, and again lost the trail. I thought I was better at navigation than this. No big worry, we eventually found our way back. In the meantime I felt blessed to able to see and briefly be a part of such beautiful country.

The trail itself starting from Caples lake is mostly fairly generic forest trail. If Caples lake is still, you can see pretty nifty reflections. Should get a little closer to the lake to see some pretty sights. After the lake ends, it's a fairly steep hike for about a mile and a half. Maybe because I went in September, I didn't see any "waterfalls" as others mentioned. There were some unremarkable streams along the way. Emigrant lake is really beautiful. But again it would be much prettier in early summer with more snow on the mountains in the back. Moral: visit earlier in summer not in September.

Great hike! Little more difficult than "easy", allow about 3-3.5 hours. The views and the lakes were awesome!!

This was by far one of the most beautiful hikes I have done. Followed the lake for a while and then saw beautiful streams and waterfalls on the way to emigrant lake. We hiked with a 5, 12 & 13 year old. The younger ones did great but we carried all their hiking gear. The hike up did seem a little relentless with a 45lb+ backpack on but it was well worth once we where there. We'd hike here again in a heartbeat with our older son but probably would opt out with the 5-year old. We went the beginning of Sep and it got down to around 30° (-) with the wind however we have all the right gear so it wasn't a huge deal just something to take into consideration with the smaller ones. If your wondering whether to do this with small kids I'd start with a smaller hike first.

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