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We first did this trail two years ago and returned to it earlier this week. Still love it. We took the same route up to Winnemucca Lake as we did last time, starting from the Woods Lake parking area. There were still wildflowers, even in mid/late August (last time we went in early July). But this time we turned right at the lake and took the Round Top Lake trail. We saw a bit of snow on the way, close enough to scramble up and get some. Then we took the — can’t recall the name (Woods Lake?)— trail to the right back down to the parking lot. It was a fairly easy hike, certainly easier than Job’s Peak which we did today. On the way down we saw the remains of an old mine and a truck, perhaps from the 20s or 30s? You could still see and touch the wooden spokes of the wheels and the wooden running board. Our 8 and 5 year olds loved it. A great hike.

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2 days ago

Beautiful back country dirt road. I used to camp between meadow lake and twin lake as a kid and it's still as beautiful as ever. Meadow lake has leeches. Just FYI. not sure about Twin lake. Theres a few more lakes up in the mountains that are between the blue lakes and twin lake.

Our family loves this hike. We do this about every 2 years while camping (alternating with Duck Lake). Our 3 young kids handle it well, taking about two or three breaks on the way up. Our medium sized dog handled it fine in the past, now we have a tiny dog-carried her in a backpack. Just did the hike last week, took us about 3 hours total. Most of the trail is shaded, minimal to no shade at the top.

Easy trail, astonishing views.

A scramble to the very top and worth it for the 360 view.

17 days ago

Good hike. Smoke was/is thick in the area from All of the wildfires in the state. Not being able to see through all of the haze and smoke the beautiful scenery was a bit disappointing. The lake was nice and I was told there were fish in it. However I had no luck. There were definitely small minnows in the water however I never saw one fish jump at dusk nor Dawn at any time while there leading me to believe that there aren’t any fish in the lake that you could actually catch. Bugs were out skimming the water so if there were trout in that lake they would be jumping for those flies and skeeters.

Due to the geography the hike going back out is much more challenging than going in. Most of the elevation gain is hiking out from round Lake back to the Trail head on 88. I was wearing about 50 pounds of gear so I had quite the work out on my way out.

Amazing hike streams, flowers, waterfalls and lakes. Awesome hike with a small 1000 ft climb and 5 mile loop that typically are only seen on a 10-20 mile hike.

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19 days ago

Was there on 7/28/2018. Trail was open by this time. Twin Lake and Meadow Lake are beautiful little lake. A short 1/4 mile to get to Meadow Lake from the end of the 4x4 trail.

- John

Great hike! The wildflowers are amazing this time of year. The trail is very crowded which can make it hard to enjoy the area where the majority of wildflowers are. Once you get to the lakes though its easy to find a spot to be alone. Both parking lots were full by 10am. Amazing hike for dogs! My guy loved all the water to drink and play in. Saw a million other labradoodles out that day.

Very moderate. Great for kids and dogs. Very crowded however.

We hiked on July 17 to Winnemucca Lake first, going clockwise on the loop. The wildflowers were amazing! Even without the flowers this would be a beautiful hike. On descent from Round Top Lake, I only encountered a couple of people. I think most of the traffic to Winnemucca comes from Sonora pass, doing an out and back. My husband had gone on alone to check out 4th of July Peak and said the views were stunning. We agree that ascending through the wildflower side was better because you tend to focus on footing when descending and might not get to enjoy looking across the fields as much. Very happy with the route direction we chose. One note, please leash your dogs! Mine is not friendly to other dogs and it was a bit stressful fending off a couple that romped over to us.

Beautfiul today. Still plenty of wildflowers, although I can see they are started to wane. Not a lot of people on this hot day, although we didn't get on the trail until noon.

Great hike. You can camp at the hotsprings and hike from there. Hard rating is appropriate. Total for my recording was 16.4 miles, 3700 ft elevation gain (we opted to not scramble to the cell phone tower). Took us 9 hours with probably 90 minutes of breaks. Footing is good throughout, a bit sandy at times, bushwhacky at other times. Looked like the parks were working at clearing the trail. After the lake the hike is on OHV roads. Great views the whole time, very diverse wildlife, forests and meadows. Also if you are looking for solitude, this hike has it. We saw two hikers the whole day. The lake is accessible by road so there were some people there but that was it.

This is one of the prettiest summer hikes in the area! The wild flowers were amazing! It was moderate but still felt longer than I anticipated. Lots of traffic on this trail.

1 month ago

From the Woodchuck trailhead it’s a steady up hill climb to the top and the views are spectacular. From the top of the ridge to Wheeler Lake it’s a tough downhill at the top starting with switch backs on loose stones than a semi steep grade for maybe 200 yards through the forest. Then it mellows out still downhill with a box canyon on the right. The trail eventually comes to some boulders and roots to climb down than it an easy hike to the lake. You’ll hear the bells ringing which are the range cows, I’ve never had any problems with them but someone told me they chased him one time.

We left the trail at 4.3 miles and climbed north up to the ridge then west over one false summit and another bump or two to Deadwood Peak. I’d call it an easy class 2 route though the climb was definitely strep and strenuous at times. (The track for this hike shows a shorter, more direct, and I think easier route to the summit than we took.). On the small summit there was a pile of rocks but we did not notice a summit marker or journal box. From Deadwood we did the easy 1/3 mile walk over to the next unnamed high point to the west, which according to summit journal notes, appears to sometimes get confused for the 100’ higher Deadwood Peak. We then descended back to the Grouse Lake Trail from the saddle between there and Deadwood. This was a very nice hike with spectacular scenery and impressive wildflowers in mid July. Remote and lightly traveled compared to most hikes around Tahoe. Though not an OGUL peak, Deadwood is a challenging, scenic and very worthy climb. Highly recommended.

Great hike for wild flowers. Very busy even on a Tuesday. Be ready for dogs off leash.

I've done this hike many times and never tire of it. I did it with my sons yesterday. We started at 10:50 am., and by that time the main parking lot was full, so I recommend getting there early if you can.

The wildflower display is fantastic right now. It probably will be great through the end of July and will start to fade after that. I've done this hike many times from June through October; it's always a good hike but it's extra special when you go during peak wildflower season.

Winnemucca Lake is a nice lunch spot because it's a beautiful lake with a spectacular mountain background. If you are up for more of a hike, going the extra mile to Round Top Lake is worth it. We pushed on to Round Top Peak, which affords great views all around, but it's a great hike even if you skip the mountain peak.

Pretty crowded, but that is most places this time of year.
Easy hike. Gorgeous flowers everywhere!
3 stream crossings that can be crossed by rocks and avoiding wet feet.
Mosquitos will eat you alive, even with bug spray, but they thin out depending on the hour.
Parking is limited and fills up. Vault toilets at the parking lot, no water.

Loved this hike. Waterfalls, streams, big beautiful rocks and 2 amazing lakes. Gets a bit steep. Bring bug spray there are so many mosquitos. I’ll do this hike again!

Just got back from a great hike to Winnemucca. The wildflowers are out of control, between the flowers, the views, the lake, it was absolutely beautiful! We got there around 7:45 and found parking easily, took about an hour to get to the lake, hung out for a while and it was practically desolate, just a few people around the lake fishing. When we hiked back we encountered lots of folks, so I highly recommend getting an early start if you don’t want too much “traffic”. Loved this hike!

I read a review that said to hike this loop counterclockwise, and it was the best advice! Beautiful hike, definitely hike it counterclockwise. The uphill is easier that direction.

Wildflowers are beautiful right now. I just posted the video I took from my hike if you are interested in seeing trail conditions. https://youtu.be/nfQ-1Xb2GzI

Oh...I recommend starting your hike EARLY! There were hordes of people heading up on my way back. The trail was packed!

7월초, 8,000피트 이상의 산길에 올라서면 꽃향기에 취해 걸을 수 있어 좋다^^
Deadwood peak, 그 위에 올라서면 Round top, 4th of July lake, Blue lake etc the area of south lake Tahoe의 아름다움과 산세의 웅장함을 모두 느낄 수 있으리라.
It's one of the best hiking!

great trail good hike pretty country

I would not call this hike EASY!! It’s uphill and the trail is twisty and rocky but it’s rewarding when you get to the top ! And then you can hike downhill

Easy hike until you get to the beginning of the falls and then it gets pretty technical in the rocks for younger kids. With little kids (7 yo) we found Sawmill Creek Trail to be a lot easier. At the very end you can cross over and go straight up to the falls and swimming hole.

One of my favorite hikes for variety, wildflowers and vista. Moderate difficulty and a gorgeous lake at the end.

1 month ago

Got to a saddle and was faced with steep scree to get to the very top. Good views from where I stopped but not easy if you keep going

Breathtaking. Words can't describe just how beautiful it is. The vistas and the wildflowers were absolutely spectacular. I went on July 4th and there was a fair amount of trail traffic out to the lake. I decided to go on up to Round Top and made a loop of it, coming down Pack Trail to the Woods Lake campgrounds, and then took the access road back to Rte 88 and the trail head. Hike ended up being about 10 miles and after Round Top, there was much less trail traffic. The dogs and I both loved it, and there were pretty much non-stop photo opportunities. I get it why people can get so addicted to the high country!

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