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We love this trail, especially once you get into the trees. such a well built trail with lots of features. There are water crossings and a variety of views.

9 days ago

Closed due to mudslides

Long climb up then beautiful little lake. Took long,easy road route back. Rain, wind, hail for the last hour!

trail from the reservoir up to summit lake and onwards to the Carson River is great and well maintained singletrack. from them on be prepared to get tons of scratches as the trail mostly disappears till the switchbacks up out of the canyon. The climb out is grueling and the trail is overgrown... once out of the canyon I lost the trail and ended on a forest road that took me to the airstrip...... tried to follow a dirt road back to my car but that also disappeared. fun times but not ideal for running

Enjoyed a great snowshoe hike to Lake Winnemucca today. Trail well packed and lake covered in snow, it was beautiful!

Great snowshoe to Winnemucca today.

Important Note—You need to purchase a Sno-Park pass AT A STORE if you are hiking this trail in the winter. There is no option to purchase the $5 pass at the trailhead in the winter!

Also, when you reach a trail junction with an option to head to Woods Lake go this way!

We definitely needed our snowshoes today!

There are actually many trails in this area. Nice easy trails that are perfect to do after work. I see a lot of runners, kids, dogs, horses on these trails.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Drove it and fished the lakes with my Dad on a camping trip. The only time I was and will ever be in the area. Beautiful area....

Nice trails for hiking, equestrian, mountain bike, and dogs. A little boring on the north side behind the housing development where no equestrian is allowed. Poop bags for dogs available.

Plenty of snow and the trail is well blazed. Missed the Frog lake detour though. Packed enough to walk with microspikes most of the way but there were a couple of stretches I wished I had snowshoes.

Difficult long hike, very steep.
Gorgeous view and nature. It worths the climb.
Easy to follow the trail and the hot springs award after the hike is awesome

The climb down is fine, getting back up will slow people down. Great scenic hike!
I"ll go back.

A beautiful hike to take with dogs. Summit Lake is gorgeous!

Amazing views. Well manicured trail. Take the Frog Lake detour for a great Vista of Red Lake then circle back to the trail to continue on to Lake Winnemucca.

There's a parking lot with a cash box. Bring $5 with you. Bathrooms also located at the parking lot.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike. Lots of friendly dogs off leash and lots of creek crossings for them to play in and drink from. Highly recommend Cooks Restaurant off Hwy 88 just outside Pioneer for a great dog friendly meal.

7 months ago

The intent was to climb up the Pct from the Sonora pass summit on the road. Without knowing for a bit our tail wasn't the Pct but one that goes up a steeper more direct route route. I was struggling and very happy when we made it where it connected to the PCT. We got up to the saddle on the ridge line and turned left at the junction and headed up towards the peak. With some patches of snow the trial was hard to see, but it was pretty clear to just follow the ridge line. The wind was blowing, and was a fair bit cold when we summited. Beautiful views and we'll worth the effort.

We came back down Saint Mary Pass, and again lost the trail. I thought I was better at navigation than this. No big worry, we eventually found our way back. In the meantime I felt blessed to able to see and briefly be a part of such beautiful country.

Mileage alert! It's actually 10.5 to 11 miles round trip, according to park rangers and signage, not 8.

Anyway. Great hike! The lake is more of a large pond, but the views on the way up are wonderful! And the last mile or so is a very pleasant flat meander through the upper meadows and forest. Do it for the hike up, not for the lake itself.

7 months ago

Hike the trail all the time got some great views. I go back almost every year

Nice easy hike, can also driven or mountain biked easily depending on weather.

The wildflowers were exceptional this year!

Good quite, hike during the week. Disappointed I missed the wild flowers but still beautiful.

8 months ago

Nice hike.... tough uphill once you start heading up to the lake. We went Labor Day and it was stupid crowded! Kids screaming, girls yelling, drones flying..... anything but peaceful. Caught some fish and fried up some dove breasts my brother brought....

8 months ago

Great hike! While there are moments where the trail is faint, it was very easy to follow. Gorgeous vistas, lovely wild flowers right now, and the odd patch of snow. Nice amounts of streams with at least a little water for our black dog when she got hot. Even with a couple rain/storm bursts, it was well worth all the uphill (and downhill). Lake was a lovely destination, a little marshy around the edges closest to where the trail meets the lake. Thinking about a future backpacking trip to spend a weekend on the lake and exploring some more.

The wild flowers are amazing
Best to hike around the first two weeks of august

8 months ago

Go light there are lots of rocky areas and climbs my gaia gps tracked us at more like 4.3 mi id say its not a beginner trail its probably the hardest trail ive backpacked then a day hike to the surrounding peak was awesome
My buddy caught 2 fish and put them back. The water was refreshing after the days hike. Late august the trail is hard to follow with out the homemade markers it would have taken alot longer

Took our baby and our snowboards and did some snowboarding in August!!! Easy enough to make with a heavy front and backpack!!!

Mid August, wildflowers were in full bloom and extremely prolific .

Gorgeous views, lovely lake, very lovely springy forest path for a while, has clearly been affected by heavy snow this past winter so lost the trail twice but was able to find it again looking at the topo

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