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Easy hike until you get to the beginning of the falls and then it gets pretty technical in the rocks for younger kids. With little kids (7 yo) we found Sawmill Creek Trail to be a lot easier. At the very end you can cross over and go straight up to the falls and swimming hole.

off road driving
13 days ago

I drove this a few weeks ago, came in on the highway 4 side and out the highway 88 side. I camped by the creek about an hour or so in on the highway 4 side. Quite beautiful. Some spots can be a bit challenging but with a well equipped Jeep - I did it on my own without too much concern for damage or breaking down.

Great easy hike along the tree line. Hardly notice the gain.

The most beautiful flowers variety I have seen.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail and it is a great time to hike this trail (6/30) as spring flowers are in full bloom. Trail is almost clear of snow to Fourth of July Lake, only a couple of patches to cross. Great trail, can get hot so bring lots of water or a filter.

easy trail until you get about 600ft from the waterfall then you climb just about 150ft vertical to the waterfall relatively easy climb

Great hike, look for rock formations if you’re questioning the route.

off road driving
25 days ago

The 4x4 road to Meadow Lake was closed off so we didn’t get to try it out. The other trail has big boulders in the path. Definitely need a lift for proper clearance. Beautiful area though! Lots of families fishing and swimming. Looks like tons of fun for that!

25 days ago

Awesome hike, be prepared though...its pretty difficult at times, very steap and rocky. Gorgeous scenery with several lakes.

Made to 10,000 feet. So proud.

mountain biking
27 days ago

I rode on 6/21/18. Nice trail for hiking but I do not recommend for MTB as the trail is very sandy (loose fine crushed granite). Perhaps if it has just rained it may be ok. Also bikes are not allowed on part of the trail so I was forced to take the Valley View Loop then back out.

30 days ago

Beautiful hike out to Wheeler Lake this weekend. The trail gets lost under a snow at the ridge, but after that it's pretty clear and navigable down to Wheeler Lake, though streams run down it pretty frequently as the snow melts. I lost the trail on my way out thinking I had to stay on the ridge longer, but you really just crest it, wrap around the Mokelumne-side of a small hill, and descend. Lake was beautiful and quiet, and the pup loved the hike too. Plenty of water from streams the whole trek.

1 month ago

Us and our 2 teens walked in easily finding the trails to the gorgeous lake in 2 hours. I back packed here 20 years ago several times and it was amazing on the east/south shore. Beware of losing the trail as you cross streams and never go on a holiday; 20+ years ago on a Memorial Day or 4th of July weekend we found 30+ campers all around the lake blasting stereos and almost no room !!!!!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! 10 miles in about 4 hours plus lunch at the lake.

It is a beautiful trail, but the Forest Service has closed the Charity Valley Trailhead because the trail crosses private land. The trail now can only be used from the Grover Hot Springs- East Side Entry.
Also, the middle of the trail gets little maintenance and disappears occasionally, requiring some route fining

This was a great hike. There was about 3 miles of icey snow. This added huge difficulty to the trail. It also added almost 2 hours to the hike. Other than this it was a great day.

Did this hike yesterday (5/28). There is still a LOT of snow so be prepared. We made it to Frog Lake following some stick arrows, rock piles, and footsteps in the snow. We made it to Winnemucca Lake following snow foot prints. We attempted to make it to Round Top Lake but ended up at Woods Lake on accident (we saw a lake in the distance and headed for it). I highly recommend snow shoes or gaiters for your hiking boots. It is a tough trek with the snow but SO BEAUTIFUL. We look forward to coming back in the fall when the snow is gone and actually completing the hike.

We love this trail, especially once you get into the trees. such a well built trail with lots of features. There are water crossings and a variety of views.

There are actually many trails in this area. Nice easy trails that are perfect to do after work. I see a lot of runners, kids, dogs, horses on these trails.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Drove it and fished the lakes with my Dad on a camping trip. The only time I was and will ever be in the area. Beautiful area....

Nice trails for hiking, equestrian, mountain bike, and dogs. A little boring on the north side behind the housing development where no equestrian is allowed. Poop bags for dogs available.

The climb down is fine, getting back up will slow people down. Great scenic hike!
I"ll go back.

Not so much of a waterfall. Nice trail

9 months ago

Beautiful hike. Lots of friendly dogs off leash and lots of creek crossings for them to play in and drink from. Highly recommend Cooks Restaurant off Hwy 88 just outside Pioneer for a great dog friendly meal.

off road driving
9 months ago

The trail is officially open with trail repairs made at the stream crossings. Such hard work went into this, please stay on the trail and keep the trail open.

We made it through the trail in about 3 or so hours. This trail is not for those with little to no experience and no armor or locking differential. There are a lot of tight spots and to make matters worse, a large rock right in the middle. Busted side mirror on the large tree with the off camber lean.

It was great to run this trail, it had been about 15 years since the last time I ran it.

9 months ago

Hike the trail all the time got some great views. I go back almost every year

Nice easy hike, can also driven or mountain biked easily depending on weather.

off road driving
10 months ago

The trail is back open to off road vehicles!

We completed it on 9/9/2017
This is not a trail for the casual wheel, I would not attempt it with out at least one locker and rock sliders.

But if you have the right rig, I would highly recommend this tail. We completed it in about 5 hours but where going pretty slow with lots of stops along the way.

10 months ago

Nice hike.... tough uphill once you start heading up to the lake. We went Labor Day and it was stupid crowded! Kids screaming, girls yelling, drones flying..... anything but peaceful. Caught some fish and fried up some dove breasts my brother brought....

10 months ago

Great hike! While there are moments where the trail is faint, it was very easy to follow. Gorgeous vistas, lovely wild flowers right now, and the odd patch of snow. Nice amounts of streams with at least a little water for our black dog when she got hot. Even with a couple rain/storm bursts, it was well worth all the uphill (and downhill). Lake was a lovely destination, a little marshy around the edges closest to where the trail meets the lake. Thinking about a future backpacking trip to spend a weekend on the lake and exploring some more.

Fun little easy hike... best to see the waterfall in spring to early summer I would presume.

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