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3 days ago

Love this trail. Beautiful scenery along the trail that finally opens up to an amazing meadow, the likes of which I had never seen growing up in Vegas. I don't think we actually made it to the upper lake because we couldn't really tell where the trail continued from, but we were certainly satisfied with what we did see. The first climb at the beginning can be hard, but then it gets pretty easy.

Spectacular lake. Easy walking trail, but made more challenging by the fact that it is at 9,000 feet.

5 days ago

Great hike. Very doable, but for those that aren’t in the best shape, 6 miles with a pack will feel like you accomplished something. And the reward of going in the lake when you get there is the cherry on top. Small lake. You will be near others, but should be able to find your own space.

7 days ago

We (four fit moms) covered this trail in 4.5 hours (one way) with one lunch break. It was beautiful and do-able. But wouldn’t recommend it without a strong sense of adventure and direction as the trail often disappears. This app was crucial in helping us find and stay on the trail. The trip can be two days easy with tons of down time. And if you love the quiet, wilderness and few to NO people this place is for you. We left on Friday and didn’t see anyone else til we headed back on Saturday - around Elizabeth Lake.

8 days ago

we had a great time doing this trail, although it was warm and humid the 1st day, we ended up on top of El Capitan, the view was spectacular. The Yosemite Falls was beautiful, boys did some swimming while enjoy the view, the downside is the crowd. the creeks start to dry out in this time of the yr ( mid July)

Quite a nice hike through the forest however the bugs are bad, very bad! We decided to keep going toward May Lake as the mosquitos were just too much on the way to Pollydome. Found a fabulous granite shelf to have lunch and take in the views of the valley.

9 days ago

Absolutely LOVED this hike! we love hiking on vacation every year, but being from Florida means that's about the only time we are able to do it. We are not in amazing shape, but not horrible either. I will say that the hike in (via Dog Lake Trail) was pretty intense for us. We were praying for no more uphill climbing & begging for the lake to finally come into view! We still have a hard time believing that the mountain trail distance markers are right...they sure do seem like the longest miles on the face of the planet! Lol We got a pretty late start (about 1pm) so it was a bit hotter than we liked. However, majority of the time there was a nice breeze and the woods kept a nice comfortable temp. I have to say that this was one of the prettiest hikes throughout the entire trail that we have done. Some trails are all about the destination. This one was beautiful the entire time. The destination did not disappoint by any stretch of the imagination! The lakes were absolutely breathtaking! I definitely recommend not setting up camp immediately when entering the area around the lake. As tired as we were, we decided to hike around the lake a bit to look for the best spot. We crossed the falling creek about 1/4 of the way around the lake and found "the perfect" hard spot just up in the trees. Nobody else camped on that side of the creek. So we were pretty much all by ourselves over there with the sound of the waterfalls on the creek to lull us to sleep at night. We also had our own flat rock on the lake to go sit out on every night and every morning. Couldn't have asked for a better more tranquil setting! Then the hike up to the 2 other upper lakes was just as if not more awe inspiring than the 1st lake! The hike out via Glen Aulin trail was a very gradual decent and very picturesque as well. We spent 3 days total...Day 1 (started super late) hiked in from 1pm - 5pm then set up camp & just enjoyed the area. Day 2 we hiked up to the upper lakes from about 8am until about 3pm. Did some fishing back at the bottom lake & just relaxed rest of the day. Day 3 we packed up and headed out about 8am and arrived at our car at 11:30am. Absolutely the most peaceful and relaxing backpacking trip we have ever done! Well worth the work!

A beautiful hike through granite country with spectacular views of surrounding ranges!

10 days ago

Did this as part of a much longer hike from the valley. Awesome but it was pretty low light through this section. One of my favorite golden retreivers was named after this hike. I miss Tenaya!

just came back, lots of mosquitoes bring deet

beautiful views

This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! The trip up is a bit steep at 1500-foot elevation climb, but I enjoyed the challenge! There’s a freshwater spring in the middle of the hike which makes for a perfect break point. The beautiful stream, view of the mountains, and view of the forest was incredible.
Once we got to Cathedral Lake, the views only got better! I wish I’d brought a dry change of clothes to take a dip in the picturesque lake, but there was a strong breeze so we only waded out to where the water reached our shorts. Gorgeous view of the lake and mountain. Highly recommend this hike/possible swim!

Really enjoyed how scenic this trail was. Great for kids! The two twin bridges were lovely and after a warm day it was nice to hang out in the river before finishing up the trail. We even saw donkeys passing though on the bridge. The meadow is breathtaking.

We went up to the lake lake last Friday 07.06.18
Hike was 8 miler moderate r/t.
Beautiful views, and swim at the lake was awesome. Definitely my bucket list for backpacking soon!

17 days ago

this trail was amazing, bring bear spray but don't you it for inthing eles it's only for bears.
it has amazing views
this trail is moderate because it's not to hard
it has great seanary
great fishing spot's
butifule camping spot's
has a lot of switch backs and easy turns
has great

We went to the Upper Cathedral Lake and it was beautiful. We were told from a local that there was a ridge that we could walk on that would offer us views from 4 different lakes. Im not sure if we truly ever found the spot, but we did get some great views of lower cathedral Lake! Bring lots of bug spray and loose clothing!

Easy going walk via the nature trail up to mirror lake. Enjoyed all the boulders that had fallen from the cliff above (half dome).

Several doe and fawn in the meadow upon our arrival and not startled as we kept our distance and admired North Dome and Half Dome.

This was an excellent hike for our group, comprised of several children, ages 5-14 and my mother in law. The kids loved scrambling over rocks and fallen trees and especially loved crossing the lake and dipping their toes in the cool water! Couldn’t have asked for a better first hike in Yosemite!

29 days ago

Gorgeous views from both lakes. The hike up is fairly steep - definitely leaves you winded! But it’s a good hike and the views are fantastic. Definitely go to the Upper Lake. We liked those views best! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is the bugs. The mosquitoes are killer - I used a ton of bug spray and still got eaten alive.

1 month ago

Spent the night on El Cap, and at Cascade Creek. The tenkara rod and fly was worth the four additional ounces, pulling in over 15 rainbow trout. The two of us easily hitchhiked from the Big Oak Flat Trailhead to the village parking near North Pines, probably the 10th car that past us, even on a weekday.

In addition to the fishing, the trail was great. We hung out with the Sierra Mountain Kingsnake and Rubber Boa, found bear markings on trees, got startled by deer enclosing on our El Cap campsite, and shared jokes and riddles over late night fires.

This place was so fun. Easy going down but steep coming up. Keep left first at the fork right at the second fork for the loop

1 month ago

Great Hike!

Nice and easy hike. Only at one point, behind Mirror Lake, it was not so easy. Perhaps we took a wrong direction... climbing and going through cold water (only some cm deep) was more of moderate than easy difficukty. But still: wonderful hike. Suitable for children. Doable in sneakers. Loved it.

1 month ago

While too many are busy trying out their long distance leg & back strength on Half Dome I encourage the remaining to try out this beautiful trail. I passed 4 hiker’s, 2 of which were Park Rangers, along the way. The trailhead has plenty of parking spaces and bear lockers. The first several miles are super easy and fairly flat the rest are a steady climb and along the way you’ll see the back part of Half Dome off in the distance. At this beautiful lake you’ll encounter 2 or 3 overnight campers along the perimeter of the lake. Take the time to rest and enjoy the lake before heading back.

Relatively easy, accessible hike to a beautiful lake-mountain view. As of a couple of days ago, it does get a bit muddy at spots. The trail out of the woods to the lake is mostly covered in mud and water so a path seems to have emerged left of the actual trail (see my posted hike). Go all the way to the end of the posted hike for upper lake as that is where the money shot was for pics and sitting for lunch.

I think doing the whole loop is overdoing it. But there is a nice view from mirror lake which is worth doing. I did it for sunset and would recommend the same. There were a lot of mosquito, so make sure to bring long sleeves

Did this in October of last year. Nice trail, mirror lake was more like a puddle, but the walk was quiet. Just missed some bears resting on nearby rocks

1 month ago

Went in late August and it was a great trail. Good hike. If I remember correctly there are some gradual uphill switchbacks, but nothing too challenging. The destination takes the cake. Camped at Upper Cathedral Lake for a little more privacy, but it’s a popular spot so you’ll be around other campers regardless. Got on the trail late. Saw a few people heading back from their day trek so the motivated can do it in one day, but I highly recommend camping there. Got very chilly at night, but the stars were brilliant (as expected in Yosemite).

amazing. not to be missed.

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