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Nice easy hike, pretty views from the point.

Really enjoyed the flora and the incredible vistas and the waterfalls that are abundant all the way up!

Power through the punishing ascent at the beginning. It’s worth it! This has stunning florae the whole way that made me feel like I was in the Pacific Northwest. There’s also tons of manzanita (and really old, grown in manzanita). There are some switchbacks about 3/4 of the way in that took me longer than I’d care to admit to complete, but the falls itself are worth the climb.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been featured on Westworld or something. It has a foreboding, imposing look and has to be seen to be believed. If you are scared of heights, be forewarned that the top of the falls may creep you out a bit.

Great view of El Capitan

Nice short little, easy hike- the ending is fairly amazing, getting to see the fissures and the dropoff at taft point make the hike!

Hiked to the falls, and the loop you see on the map above it counter clockwise. If you do that it's about 18 miles total and doubles your elevation gain. Also as of writing this the trail on the southern side of that loop was washed out and disappeared, so make sure you either you know how to navigate. Needless to say if you throw in that loop this trail is challenges and the 10 decent is brutal on the joints.

Did this hike yesterday. It was an awesome hike. If you are looking for a hike in Yosemite that is nice and not to crowded with people I would definitely recommend this one.

dope trail did it may 5th only saw 3 other souls in this 12.5 mi R/T hike. follow the markers to not get lost. the frozen lake at the end was amazing and freaking gorgeous most def do this again in the hotter days. didn't see any wild life but oh well loved this hike!

Looking for a big Yosemite hike but can’t get permits for Half Dome? CLOUDS REST might be your solution. I’ve hiked this one 5 times. Plan for 7-8 hour trip (3-3 1/2 up and maybe about 15 min less on the way down). We usually stay at the top for 45 min or so to eat lunch, relax and take in the views. Best time to do it would be July-October. If this seems like too big of a trip, but you still want to do a backcountry hike in Yosemite, consider NORTH DOME. It’s about 5 miles shorter. I actually prefer the views despite being at a lower elevation.

A great trail with some steep sections. Like most trails in Yosemite, there is some elevation on this one. Moderate is a good description. Wear broke in boots/shoes. This is a nice starting point to link to some other sights such as Taft Point, Glacier Point, and Panorama. This hike and the connecting trails up top are some of the least crowded in the park. Nice water features and secluded camping along the way. The upper section Chilnualna Creek is also full of eager wild trout, so pack a fly rod ;-)

It's not that moderate. If you have not hiked for a while you'll be in for a treat.

Fun short hike

This is a fairly tough hike and a good amount of it is exposed to the sun, so hydrate beforehand and bring plenty of water with you. I went in April, and there were plenty of places along the way to refill my water bottles for filtering, but I imagine that it is very dry in the summer without the opportunity to refill water. Snacks are also a must, as you will expend a fair amount of energy.

It took me just over 5 hours round trip (with some stops to rest, refill water, and of course to take in the views, which are breathtaking - besides the waterfall views, there are also amazing views of the Wawona valley and Wawona Dome).

This trail was not crowded at all when I went in April, which was a nice change from the day before when I was hiking a Yosemite Valley trail. On this trail, I encountered perhaps 12-15 other hikers.

The wading pool mentioned in the description was not accessible when I went, as there was a lot of extra powerful water steams flowing outwards from the falls due to the spring snowmelt and recent rain. As mentioned in the description, there really is no point where one can see the entire waterfall - however, the hike is still totally worth it just for the views of the valley below, and of course the views of the waterfall are still impressive.

great not really steep hike apart from couple of sections, gorgeous waterfalls, sceneries and forest - highly recommend!

Gorgeous waterfalls! Must do trail!

1 month ago

Great view with nice waterfalls

Tuff hike with lots of gear. but beautiful sights.

Great trip to the top, still some snow

Really easy, shorter hike. Hiked in October and were the only ones on the trail!

Did this in July 2013. Beware of afternoon thunderstorms. Went up about 8am. We started back down about 1100 am with wispy clouds rolling in. Quickly became threatening. Raced down to reach our car as storms began.

So worth the work. Awesome views at the top. Narrow pass at the top but doable..

3 months ago

Steep climbs and powerful views!

This is an amazingly wonderful hike. Has great views and a fairly easy/moderate skill level. Shady trees in most spots.

3 months ago

Amazing view

One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. I’m terrified of heights so the last bit was rough but worth it.

Great hike! Nice to avoid the crowds of The Valley and still enjoy the amazing views that Yosemite has to offer.

If you doing a day hike and traveling light, it’s pretty easy. That being said, make sure you bring enough water, we had a family ask us to pump them water because they only had a couple of small bottles between the five of them.

We camped in and it was pretty steep with our gear. But overall definitely an amazing hike.

Out and back in 7hrs. Started off Tioga road, Sunrise Trail head. Hike is actually around 16 miles there and back. Great hike, incredible views from top. Some nice scenery throughout the hike.

4 months ago

Falls were beautiful. Nice weather. No snow. A must do!

The best secret in the park shhhh

5 months ago

By far the greatest hike my girlfriend and I have ever been on. We went on the last weekend that the Tioga Pass was open, no one was on the trailhead. We too the lower lake route. The first mile is the hardest, gaining elevation really fast. We took a few breaks when needed. The rest was fine. I recommend going the end of October/start of November if you want the best view. There was some snow from a recent rain, rivers & waterfalls frozen. I plan on doing this hike again next year.

This hike so hard, but It was so worth it!

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