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This was my very first hike and it was spectacular! I started at 6:30 AM and quickly learned that the trail wouldn't be as easy as I had thought. The first 1.5 miles are a strenuous uphill walk. I was completely exhausted within the first 10 minutes but the reward at the end was worth it. I started at 6:30 AM and was back at the trailhead at 10:20 AM.

Lower Cathedral Lake was absolutely gorgeous. I was the only one at the lake so it was like my own retreat. I would definitely hike this trail again and I recommend this trail for beginner hikers. Just bring plenty of water. I went through 4 bottles.

20 days ago

nice hike but not super scenic on the way. The lakes are beautiful, specially the upper one. Make sure you take a good mosquito spray. I have never seen so many mosquitoes in my life !

22 days ago

During Late-July, the weather was filled with clear and smoky skies. The Ferguson fire made a big impact on the conditions. Most of the day in Tuolumne Meadows, the skies were blue until around 3pm. At the trail head, park along the road. Find yourself hiking up the transverse. The elevation is pretty high for a valley person like me. Warming upwards, the hike is nice but very popular. The climb from the trail head to lower Cathedral Lake is around 1000 feet. Climb another 200 feet to the Upper Cathedral Lake which provided another good view. Throughout the hike, find flowers and foliage that are pretty. Overall, nice hike.

Hiked on 7/24. LOTS of smoke from the Ferguson fire. Trail has a small rocky section (around mile 3.5) that may be hard for small children/adults with balance issues. Lakes totally worth the climb. BRING WATER.

Very hard at the beginning but so nice !

29 days ago

I hiked the JMT solo in 2015, but got off the trail in mile 180 (Kearsarge Pass Jct) because of ankle and knee injuries. In 2015, I resupplied twice: Reds Meadow and Muir Trail Ranch (estimated 9 days of food until Whitney Portal). I finished the last 31 miles in 2016 starting from Cottonwood Lakes to Kearsarge Pass (it’s about 72 miles including Mt. Whitney, Lake Charlotte, and Kearsarge Pass Trail). I didn’t resupply for this 7 day hike. Final thoughts about the JMT: challenging, nonetheless it was an amazing experience. Trail easy to navigate in low snow year, plenty of water sources on the trail, mozzies are relentless, beautiful views, mountains and lakes for days, and great people on the trail.

Transportation set up: I left my car in Lone spine and hitched a ride to Yose for my 2015 hike and to Horseshoe Meadows trailhead in 2016. Getting back to my car from Kearsarge Pass, I hired a shuttle service to take me back to Lone Pine. Reasonable rate.

1 month ago

Love this trail. Beautiful scenery along the trail that finally opens up to an amazing meadow, the likes of which I had never seen growing up in Vegas. I don't think we actually made it to the upper lake because we couldn't really tell where the trail continued from, but we were certainly satisfied with what we did see. The first climb at the beginning can be hard, but then it gets pretty easy.

1 month ago

We (four fit moms) covered this trail in 4.5 hours (one way) with one lunch break. It was beautiful and do-able. But wouldn’t recommend it without a strong sense of adventure and direction as the trail often disappears. This app was crucial in helping us find and stay on the trail. The trip can be two days easy with tons of down time. And if you love the quiet, wilderness and few to NO people this place is for you. We left on Friday and didn’t see anyone else til we headed back on Saturday - around Elizabeth Lake.

beautiful views

This was one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! The trip up is a bit steep at 1500-foot elevation climb, but I enjoyed the challenge! There’s a freshwater spring in the middle of the hike which makes for a perfect break point. The beautiful stream, view of the mountains, and view of the forest was incredible.
Once we got to Cathedral Lake, the views only got better! I wish I’d brought a dry change of clothes to take a dip in the picturesque lake, but there was a strong breeze so we only waded out to where the water reached our shorts. Gorgeous view of the lake and mountain. Highly recommend this hike/possible swim!

We went up to the lake lake last Friday 07.06.18
Hike was 8 miler moderate r/t.
Beautiful views, and swim at the lake was awesome. Definitely my bucket list for backpacking soon!

We went to the Upper Cathedral Lake and it was beautiful. We were told from a local that there was a ridge that we could walk on that would offer us views from 4 different lakes. Im not sure if we truly ever found the spot, but we did get some great views of lower cathedral Lake! Bring lots of bug spray and loose clothing!

1 month ago

Gorgeous views from both lakes. The hike up is fairly steep - definitely leaves you winded! But it’s a good hike and the views are fantastic. Definitely go to the Upper Lake. We liked those views best! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is the bugs. The mosquitoes are killer - I used a ton of bug spray and still got eaten alive.

Hiked this at the end of May in 2017. Great hike, but I would recommend waiting until mid summer as snow dominates and covers parts of this trail in higher elevations. If it weren't for tracks already in snow on parts of the trail, we would have been lost. Snow in late May was still 6'+ in certain sections. Lots of stream and meadow crossings due to melting snow. Bring a pair of sandals to switch into in order to keep your boots dry. We did this trail in two nights and three days. If I were to do it again, I would definitely add another night and enjoy the scenery more.

Relatively easy, accessible hike to a beautiful lake-mountain view. As of a couple of days ago, it does get a bit muddy at spots. The trail out of the woods to the lake is mostly covered in mud and water so a path seems to have emerged left of the actual trail (see my posted hike). Go all the way to the end of the posted hike for upper lake as that is where the money shot was for pics and sitting for lunch.

2 months ago

Went in late August and it was a great trail. Good hike. If I remember correctly there are some gradual uphill switchbacks, but nothing too challenging. The destination takes the cake. Camped at Upper Cathedral Lake for a little more privacy, but it’s a popular spot so you’ll be around other campers regardless. Got on the trail late. Saw a few people heading back from their day trek so the motivated can do it in one day, but I highly recommend camping there. Got very chilly at night, but the stars were brilliant (as expected in Yosemite).

amazing. not to be missed.

As per other recent reviews in May 2018, this trail is still quite snow covered. Took us way longer and was more of a trudge than we’d planned for. Just be wary it will take longer (path hard to keep to, little to no markers) and be more arduous. We visited both lakes, and preferred solitude of the upper lake.

Beautiful at the lake and following Cathedral Peak up. But going up right after Tioga rd opens is not recommended, over half the trail is covered in snow with no real trail markers. Everyone got lost going up and down and the meadow is a marsh. Wait a few weeks to go! I would have given a lower rating, but could see how this trail would be nice under normal conditions)

2 months ago

The view at the lake is every bit as incredible and "worth it" as everyone says, but be aware that if you're hiking this trail before the snow melts, it can be quite difficult. The elevation gain is intense, and much of the trail is covered in snow and not always well-marked, so be prepared to get a tad lost a few times if you don't have GPS. Bring layers, hiking poles, and leave early enough so you can spend lots of time at the lake. It's gorgeous!

This is a fantastic trail that should be considered by all that love the high sierra. I did this in July 2015 over 15 days starting south of Whitney and ending in happy isles. Days where long but not outragous. I was on my own but never felt lonely. Lots of people on the trail to talk to if you want. You can also just hie along and people will leave you alone. Finding a camp site or water wasn't hard. I tried to finish my day making it halfway up a pass. This way I could rest the night and make it over the pass for breakfast the next day. Be sure to pack lite, I mean really only bring what you need as that pack certainly gets heavy after 15 days on the trail.

Not a very hard trail for downhill but it offers a great view of the Nevada fall and the valley. It also has a small cascade which you will walk under that brings you a great experience for the summer.

trail running
3 months ago

Brilliant. Short and easy. Tip! Start from the Mariposa town entrance (near the school). You would have to duck under a wire and get into the area. Soon you’ll come upon a huge water tank. The trail starts from there. Utter bliss. Highly recommend.

This is my favorite trail so far! I hiked it 5 times alone. I liked it so much that I even hiked it twice in one month (2009). Then I went back to hike it in 2011, 2012 and 2014. It’s time to do it again! I always hiked it in 9 - 12 days. I would like to spend more time on it, like 2 weeks to relax also.

hiked this in 2012...it was meant to be a thru hike but partner got sick so we had to leave right about the half way point. I went back 2 years later and finished it. One of the crown jewels in US places to backpack.

This is the single most impactful trail I've ever experienced. The JMT, when done it its 211 mile entirety, will yield lifelong cherished memories. Its not easy, and you must do months of preparation. Its beauty is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot recommend this trail highly enough. Six stars.

Nice trail, maintained, and well marked. First section is single track. There is definitely a nice climb, in several areas. The second half is much gentler, on a access road, though you also have some climbing in this section as well. Worth our time, beautiful views and a good quick work out.

I am not a poet. Words cannot describe how humbling gods work is. Over every peak, the trail gets more beautiful.

Did this hike in 5th grade and planning on doing it again this year! It was an amazing experience and such great scenery. But extremely difficult and can be tough to follow if you do not have an experienced hiker with you.

One of the most beautiful sections of the PCT

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