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Don’t miss the view up past the lake! So tranquil. Lovely fall colors with the aspen grove were why we came back today.

Great trail

Did this as part of a loop, coming back along Duck Pass trail, Emeralds Lake trail and Coldwater George trail. Definitely felt the altitude when I set off but it got better. It was an overall steady climb up and no long strenuous sections. Started hailing and then snowing on the way down. Great views and worth the effort.


beautiful aspens, distant waterfalls, this trail has it all. In spring, Wooley Mules Ears. Trail obviously used by pack team but its fairly easy although the elevation/rocky terrain makes it moderate. Its the journey, not the destination! Take some time to visit the mine relecks, so cool!

Absolutely magnificent hike, walked up and the reward was stunning, was able to comfortably trail-run down.

Good little hike. Nice weather, no traffic on the way out, stepped on trail at 7:50am. just under 2 hrs to the lake, stopped for many pictures. on the way back took the Emerald Lake turn and finished that way. My device had me at 10.6 miles. Likes the climb out of Barney Lake...

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24 days ago

Beautiful, trail is moderate. We made it in a jeep jk, our friends were in a stock Tacoma. I would go again, it did get really cold at night.

I hiked this trail on 9/20/18. Beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the perfectly blue sky. Temperature was around 70 degrees. September is a great month to hike this area. Temperatures are perfect and there are no mosquitos!

I hiked this on a Thursday so it wasn’t very crowded. Moderate is a good rating for this trail. Several lakes and running water along the way to filter water. I had weak but usable cellular service (ATT) along several parts of the trail. A plus for those who want to send pictures to friends and family while you’re hiking. Amazing views and beautiful lakes. Definitely a must do trail.

We really enjoyed this trail. If you're not in a hurry stop at all the lakes along the way, it's well worth it. We didn't find it too strenuous but we were only packed for a day hike.

We hiked to the lake from the lake George parking. We first hiked around Barrett Lake and then around TJ lake. The trail get tricky around this lake and is hard to find at times. We followed a trail near the stream back down to Lake George to make it a loop.

Always enjoy this hike.

1 month ago

This is a great hike, but be warned it is strenuous at times with a few steep switchbacks.

Moderate is a fair rating for this trail. Decent inclines but spectacular views. Not too crowded and plenty of water around if you have a filter.

Did this hike for the 3rd time. Trail wasn't crowded. It's the first time I've done it without snow on switchbacks. It's my favorite Mammoth hike, safe for solo.

Amazing views the entire time your on this trail. Keep your head up though there are horses on this trail.

Such an amazing hike. Beat the crowds at Yosemite and venture to the Ansel Adams Wilderness- you’ll be glad you did. While we initially set out to do Ediza as a 20 mile loop trail some complications and setbacks turned this into an out and back from Agnew Meadows, past Ediza, and onto Iceberg Lake. While Ediza is pretty, and almost swimmable, the real gem is the trek through the meadows en route to Iceberg. The scenery changes dramatically and you feel you’re hiking in the alps with little streams trickling down the mountain through flower filled meadows. Even in September there was still glacier remnants on Iceberg lake, since it’s over 9k ft. Pro tip: leave EARLY! They close the road to cars after 7:30 am so you’d have to take a shuttle. We got the last parking spot at Agnew Meadows campsite at 7:00 am.

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1 month ago

it was a fun trip did it in my super duty so if i can do it you can too

Awesome hike! Hiked this trail on Monday, 8/27/18. Great weather! The views are unreal! Switch backs are a bit tough but well worth it.

Truly an amazing hike! The trail is well maintained, though gets a bit confusing while crossing the river near Ediza Lake — I found some stepping stones that did the trick. There was still some haze from the recent California wildfires, but from what I noticed it seems to blow through fairly quickly and isn’t too big of a deal. I started the hike around 7:45am and made it back to my car by 2:30pm. The views of the Minarets at Ediza Lake are breathtaking — I’m sure they’re even better earlier in the season when there is more snow. Bring a camera for this one!

1 month ago

Lovely hike! We managed our way from LA to the trailhead in one day and got down before sunrise. We started at 4:30PM (maybe a little later) and we were back down by 6:30, at the brewery by 7. There is a lot of variety on the trail, starting with some meadow views, then some time through the woods and then on top of a ridge line which brings you to the lake. We were the only ones on the trail and at the lake which gave us a feeling of peacefulness and seclusion. The lake is clear and clean and if you go just a bit past the lake you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking the stunning mountains surrounding the area. Some other reviewers mention a huge incline, but I would call it a pretty average incline for an uphill hike. Certainly was not unmanageable, and we enjoyed getting our blood pumpin'.

It was beautiful!! The switch backs were pretty intense.

Trail hiked on August 27, 2018, the projected weather for this location was said to be sunny with haze, 64-72 degrees @ 8000 feet of elevation and up. A wind and gust projection of 24 mph with zero rain. I experienced no haze, but the wind and gusts never let up.
I arrived to the parking loop at approximately 0550 hours with very few vehicles there already. I officially began recording the trek at 0615 hours. The first mile was definitely a heart pumper and warm up for me, the only reason I didn't break a sweat was because my face and hands were frozen from the cool temperature! There seemed to be endless stairs in the first mile to gain some elevation. I was far too consumed in snapping photos that I almost lost track of time and later realized i spent 40 minutes in the first mile. The 2nd mile was a nice break from endless stairs and horse droppings (in part I think the fresh droppings occasionally served a purpose in providing warmth, it was everywhere), if i would have got there any earlier I would have walked through the steam of it! At that early hour I was able to hear a creek, and caught sight of some very jaw dropping lakes- so beautiful! At around the 2.6 mile hiking down into the Barney Lake area, I was very much surprised by a Black Bear as much as I surprised it. Fortunately the bear was trained better than I was- it ran away! I froze and then proceeded to do everything backwards by snapping a photo, recording it and then yelling. I then thought it would be a smart idea as to not disrupt it again and thought tiptoeing through that area was much smarter- NOT!
Hiking into mile number 3, the terrain change was immediate. Everything became rock, unstable footing, caught poles, rolling ankles, and then I was too afraid of running into big horn sheep so I kept making myself dizzy looking everywhere at once. I felt like a bobble head! Mile 3 also consisted of just about all the switchbacks you'll encounter on this trail; the switchbacks were short, rocky and many! As you approach the pass, get ready to see a stunning sight. I personally thought it looked sexy! The different shades of blue in the water, a few white caps, the backdrop of grey and meadows. Dear God it was heaven a very sexy heaven!!!! At that moment I couldn't wait to get down to the water, but was quickly grounded by the change in terrain again, the trail becomes thin, too thin. I needed to use a chopping motion with my poles to move the shrubs, and branches out of the way! The trail literally had me cat walking it was so thin. At approximately mile marker 4.4 don't miss the mine shaft, (i think that's what it is) it's boarded, chained and locked, but I'd love the hear the story on that one! Duck lake is incredibly large, and Pika lake was just too pretty to not take off a few layers and sun bath out there. I dipped in the water and immediately regretted my decisions in life- I thought my heart stopped! I never experienced a nuisance with insects of any kind, if you fish, keep in mind there are fish in those waters! I regret not taking my fishing rod. I truly hope you give this moderate hike a chance to prove to you that even the easier ones are worth your time. This one bumped up to my favorite so far.

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1 month ago

This is one of my new favorites! I made it with a stock Chevy K1500 and 32" tires. The rocks are sharp so I'd suggest making sure you have good tires, but ground clearance requirements aren't too bad. I didn't find the last switchback to be anything overly difficult either, but I have a regular cab short bed. I might think differently if trying it with a longer wheelbase, though I suspect it's still manageable.

I did this hike out and back in under 4 hours. My Garmin registered 8 miles. Warning... if you are looking for peace and solitude don’t go on this hike. 8/20/18 Monday was too crowded and noisy. People please keep your voices down...
The first 1.5-2 miles are very dusty. The best part about this hike- getting to the Duck pass. It’s challenging and fun.

So pretty. Loved all the lakes and creeks you pass along the way. The beginning is a bit strenuous and when you hit the rocks it’s also tough. The views are worth it tho! A little smoke was coming in so we didn’t stay at Duck Lake for long. But it was nice to put our feet in the water and cool down. On the way back, stopped by the smaller lakes and took our time heading back. Started at 830am and got to the car by 3pm (includes stops for resting) Such a beautiful day and did run into people quite often on the way up and back down. It’s tiring tho. I tracked in my phone over 11miles total. Bring lots of water (or filtration) and snacks. Bugs weren’t too bad. Although something stung me on the back of my arm but was just a small welt and went away. The shaded parts were nice too.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail for the second time and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time I hiked it a year earlier. As noted in other reviews, the trail doesn't offer a lot of shade, which isn't great when hiking in August. As long as you avoid hiking in the heat of the day, though, it isn't too bad.
Once you reach Sherwin Lakes, it makes the hike worthwhile. While there was a lot more traffic this year than last, and more hikers encountered along the trail, it was still enjoyable. I believe we hiked this trail on a weekday last year, but this year it was on the weekend.
Once we arrived at the largest of the lakes, the spots where we could access the water had other people nearby. It wasn't a problem for us, but if you expect seclusion, this may not be the place to find it. I'm sure you could find seclusion at other places around the lake once you get a little further from the trail.
All in all, it's a nice trail. There are places where there is little shade, and some spots where you have to climb over a few rocks, but overall it's a decent trail.

The hike is amazing shadow lake is nice but it doesn’t compare to Ediza. The trail is flat for most of it just rocky parts of gravel and rock a some steep inclines. Once you get to Ediza u won’t be disappointed you get a beautiful view of mount Ritter and banner peak even tho for me there was smoke that day

Beautiful hike! Easy+/Moderate. Views are stunning both ways. Hit a thunder and lightening storm, rain and sleet at Duck Lake. Saw horses and dogs on the trail, everyone friendly. Several lakes along the way to have a snack or cool your feet. Many places along the route to filter water. Mosquitos not too bad.

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