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Loved this hike. Beautiful ocean views, nicely marked trails and not too packed. I went on a sunday and there weren't many people. Lots of horseback riding groups and horse manure on the trails. Not much shade, so bring sunscreen, sunglasses and water!

Es un Lugar hermoso y divertido nosotros subimos por el camino incorrecto y esta muy peligroso por que subimos la Montaña y esta todo muy resbaloso gracias a dios todas llegamos bien es mejor empezar por chumas y empezar por la Jolla y salir a Reymiller

18 days ago

Just finished up the Backbone - linking together sections over the last few months. One of the best ways to experience Coastal Southern California.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fast fire road. Nothing special, but has access to many other MTB and hiking trails. Excellent for beginner riders and hikers. When starting from the Potrero side, you'll have a couple hundred foot climb at the end.

Beautiful and fun

Beautiful views. Lots of different trails to take. Few things though, it has absolutely no shade so I recommend going early in the morning or on a cloudy day. Also the creek was absolutely dry. And if you take your dog, beware of ticks. Found a few on my dog, one during the hike and one after during her bath.

Loop is closed. Assuming walk-in campground is part of closure too? I looked all over for it. Took Ray Miller 2.7 mile trail to the fire road. Never found LaJolla walk-in camp.

Nice trail for mountain biking and hiking in the summer. Shady, but watch for snakes. Best route is to go toward Newbury Park from PCH. Dogs not allowed.

on Sycamore Canyon

3 months ago

Photos included here are NOT of this trail - this out and back trail does not include views of the ocean, those were taken from the overlook trail that is beside this trail. This is an ocean-level walk through the canyon, which looks nice but is not scenic. I don’t recommend this trail so much for hikers or runners, it is primarily mountain bikers, and there are a lot of them. Really just a long flat walk. I would skip it and opt for the hills around you.

mountain biking
3 months ago

My husband and I bike have always loved biking through here, we now take our son in a single bike trailer and it’s great! The picnic area in the beginning is gone now unfortunately, but there is another bench much farther in off the main trail

trail running
4 months ago

Started this on the opposite end at the Sycamore Canyon trailhead off the PCH. Beautiful canyon run on a fire access road. However a few miles in the dirt road turns to asphalt for the rest of the trail (or if you’re going along the route described it’d start asphalt then switch to dirt.

4 months ago

My hiking friends and I broke this up in 5 sections, going east to west. Section 1: Will Rogers to Deadhorse Trail,
Section 2: Deadhorse Trail to Malibu Canyon, Section 3:Malibu Canyon to Newton Canyon, Section 4: Newton Canyon to Mishe Mokwa Trailhead, Section 5: Mishe Mokwa to Ray Miller Trailhead. This is a beautiful hike with views of the Pacific on each section. We took a few side trips that shouldn't be missed, Hondo Canyon being one of them. The rock formations at Casto Crest was another favorite spot filled with caves and lots of exploring opportunities. We had multiple people in our group so we were able to shuttle back and forth with all the cars we had. I've heard that you can also arrange an Uber or Lyft car to get you back to your car. But I'd make sure you have cell phone service before you depend on this. This was one of the best times I've had on the trail. The last 16 miles (which turned into 17 due to a missed trail sign) was by far the most difficult. That could always be turned into 2 sections though. However you do this trail, just make sure you do it in Winter. There's many exposed trails, and with the warm Jan/Feb weather we had, it gave us a glimpse of what truly hot weather would be like. This is definitely a cool to mild weather hike. I also suggest an east to west direction so you are always looking at the Pacific, and if you time it right, you're last hike on The Ray Miller Trail will give you gorgeous sunset opportunities.

Big Sycamore Canyon: completed a 15.2 mile hike at 951ft, along with the Rancho Sierra Vista, Fireline Trail, and Guadalasco Trail, etc. Easy inclines: a good day hike for beginners. Great for building endurance. Nice and cool weather, at 74 degrees, in January 2018. Be mindful of mt. bikers, please. No dogs. A power bar(s) & 1.5L of water would be fine.

Definitely not “easy”. Was gorgeous though. Great trail.

Love this trail, easy day hike.

This hike was way harder than expected! We went back on August 6th, and it was a gorgeous day, but man, what a hike! The trail was very much overgrown at the time, as a few people mentioned - much better for horseback riding than a pied! As it was, all the mustard that had been growing was dried out to stiff reeds and much of the trail was spent pushing through this. Wearing shorts was brutal. Blazing sun made most of this hike very hot - don't skimp on water. We had our pup with us and took many breaks to make sure she was alright. Despite being only 4.2 miles, this trail was quite the challenge, however it was really really gorgeous and when we FINALLY finished, we felt euphoric, with the sun dropping low on the horizon. I'm curious if we went the opposite direction if it would have been easier...(?) we went clockwise but passed several people going the other direction. I would do this hike again if I was up for a great challenge. ALSO! We saw a HUGE rattler. Bigger than I've ever seen before - and black! So keep alert :)


9 months ago

I loved hiking with my friend today on this trail, not bored at all ,time just flew bye ! ,it's our third time in the last couple years we've done this trail ,we started at 8:30 in the morning so we wouldn't have the heat on us and it was perfect ,we were done at 11 with a cool breeze through the Canyon the whole hike. I don't know where the 15 miles comes from it's more like 8 1/2 miles from the parking lot where the bathrooms are in Newbury Park to the parking lot at the entrance of Sycamore Canyon.

10 months ago

Very boring. Just a flat dirt road, nothing to see. Mainly made for mountain bikers.

Had a lot of fun hiking this trail. It was a total of 15.52 miles from the car and back. Very easy just sometimes it got a little boring with the same views (the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) but overall I would hike again if I was looking to burn a lot of calories with a more easier hike (we burned 2715 in calories)

10 months ago

La Jolla Canyon trail closed on the left section of the hike from the trailhead due to storm damage.

10 months ago

Badly overgrown, bring a machete. La Jolla Canyon trail is closed due to storm damage so you can't even do the first 1.1 miles of this hike. You would have to access it from the Mugu Peak Trailhead instead.

Pretty dry this time of the year. I was the only one there.

Beautiful vistas overlooking he ocean and canyons (aptly named). Ample room for the horse trailer and water available for after the ride. Cool breezes and vibrant variety of indigenous plants. Saw parrots and a number of birds I haven't seen before. Keep an eye out for the signs, as we blew passed one and landed up in a neighborhood. We will be back for sure.

Hiked 2 times with Veterans and volunteers. Beautiful scenery. Nice resting areas with shade.

Nice trail...if you are on a horse. Completely overgrown with vegetation throughout a majority of the trail. The trail is also very narrow and there is horse poop everywhere. Scenery is decent. Interval in elevations makes for a decent work out/trail run.

Parts of the trail are badly overgrown with invasive weeds, especially mustard. The native wildflowers were beautiful when the weeds were not a distraction.

There is no waterfall and the hike was not as easy as it sounds like, more like a moderate hike. The only thing I enjoyed was the ocean view but to get up there was challenging.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Backbone Trail is an awesome escape to have so close to the city.

The video below shows our overnight journey from Will Rogers to Musch Camp in Topanga Canyon.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pulled up with my excited pup only to be greeted by the sign "NO DOGS ON TRAILS"

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