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Wow, it was NOT easy! my always reliable MAP MY WALK app shows it as 1.6 mile round trip, and 779' elevation change in that 0.8mile. That's pretty steep, when you are expecting easy! Views were great though.

Beautiful hike!

Really nice walk if you’re in the area and want to spend some time outside.

Beautiful hike with shade, views, and a range of terrain and scenery. Great for a short hike on a lazy day to build an appetite.

Great trail. Lightly trafficked, don’t really run into too many other people. Take lots of water. By far the best trail at Topanga State Park.

Wide open fire road that offers no challenge other than the inclination.
Almost no shade.
The rock itself is cool.

Short moderate hike only about 2 1/2 miles but the ocean views were amazing! It’s a loop trail with a nice seafood restaurant at the start/end of the hike

Lovely hike, no one on the trail and it was well maintained. Would definitely o it again. I would say it’s easy to moderate. The elevation gain is only 619ft. Steep in parts but nothing too strenuous. Beautiful views!

12 days ago

If you are not physically active you may find this hike a bit challenging just because it’s very steep. You will be okay with some in between breaks, it’s totally worth it. View is great!

nice hike it has couple small waterfalls, around 1 miles is uphill and the rest is easy

Great hike on the main trail into Sandstone Peak- gradual ascent, some minor scrambling, not too many rocks. Wonderful views across to Channel Islands from Sandstone, but a lot of scrambling and sharp rocks to get there- great for the experience, but not something to repeat often.

I have completed the trail in each direction

Definitely one of my favorites so far though not sure how often I would come since the drive in (coming from south east) is somewhat lengthy and windy. The trail is mostly easy to follow with the exception near Tri Peaks. You can never have enough sunscreen or water for this hike! Bring a hat.

Off of the Mishe Mokwa trail there is Balanced Rock trail (~ 0.8 miles in and out per map) - this is an unofficial, unkept trail and by no means would I recommend it to someone without a map because it has several false trails. However, the balanced rock is stunning up close and provides great shade for a break! Total hike, 7.6 miles, took me close to ~ 5 hours. Moderate difficulty best describes it. The views make it worth it.

BEAUTIFUL MALIBU hike that has scenic, ocean coastal views. The patches of yellow dandelion mazes while heading up the trail was gorgeous too. I came here with a buddy of mine on Saturday afternoon around 4pm and it wasn't crowded at all. The trek is 2.5 long so very doable and after your workout I highly recommend eating at the Malibu Seafood shack at the bottom.

Parking: There is plenty of parking on the side of the PCH or there is also a small paid lot at the head of the trail that is around $5.

Just 2 miles from Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park, lies this impressive slab of sandstone rock. I’ve been on quite a lot of hikes with some pretty rad rocks and I must say this particular rock formation is a new favorite as it had me quite entertained for a good amount of time. It has mini like caves that you can climb through and lots of nooks and crannies to simply explore. I came here the day after the rain and it had small water ponds in different pockets of the formation giving it a bit of a dessert oasis feel! On the bottom left side of eagle rock also lies this random tree surrounded by grass on the rock, it looked so beautiful in contrast to the sandstone rock. This area definitely looks accessible but you have to do some downward rock scrambling which got a bit complicated at one point and I decided not to take the risk for now and try another day with a friend.

A little backstory on how I got here. I actually took the Los Liones Trail (Pacific Palisades close to the beach) to the Parker Mesa overlook and from there I started the long and scenic trek towards Trippet Ranch/Eagle Rock which was about 4.5 miles inland. I think most people simply drive to the Trippet Ranch/Topanga State Park parking lot and then hike 2 miles to Eagle Rock.

I definitely want to come back here and bring a big group of friends!!

Nice hike! It had nice views, and you felt like you were getting a good workout as well! Recommend!

New to Southern California and couldn't seem to find a hike comparable to those in Oregon. However, this trail changed everything. I did the whole loop and took the detour out to Tri peaks (which i'd highly recommend). The trail is diverse and has the most amazing views almost the entire time. Loved every second of this trail and I'd HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking to get out on a good hike.

Short hike with a beautiful view of the coast line. There is pretty heavy mountain bike traffic on the main road.

I wish it would be longer but it’s still a nice stroll. Good place to get away and clear your head.

This trail has some very challenging sections in the Boney Wilderness. This is the shortest out & back: Coast to Summit but not nearly the most challenging. If you start @ Mugu Rock there is additional climbing at the beginning. Definitely not for the faint of heart....

Loved every step of this hike! Gorgeous views.

26 days ago

Excelente en un dia soleado ya que hay bastante sombra durante casi todo el camino .. solo un consejo lleven calzado apto para el terreno al llegar a la cascada pueden escalar un poco ... ahorita no hay agua pero aun asi vale la pena caminar por aqui el recorrido es muy facil ...

Options for a little longer home or shorter. A slight challenge but a beautiful view.

Did this hike on Sunday morning. The weather was just perfect! once you reach inspiration point, it's all worth it. the Fog added to to adventure. so much to see and to do! I recommend this hike early morning.
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I really enjoyed this hike, the ascent is gradual, the trail is wide enough, and the vistas are amazing.

Echoing what other folks have said: be ready for around 2 miles of elevation right at the start. Definitely wear some thing to protect your legs due to all the tall weeds and bush. In general dress for sudden temp drops in colder non summer seasons. The pond is a gentle reminder of what the years of drought have done to the ecosystem in SoCal.

Did this trail at 8am this morning and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was a moderate hike that took us about 3 hrs but that was with a couple stops to take pics and to sit and relax at the top for a snack. I forgot to set the gps until .27 miles in. My watch tracked it as 6.32 miles back to the parking lot.

Definitely go counter clockwise. Amazing hike. Would do this again. The view from sandstone peak is incredible! Actually closer to 6.4 miles.

1 month ago

I’d do it again, but it was a challenge, and there were TONS of mosquitoes.

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