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6 days ago

My friends and I met at 8am in an overcast and very foggy morning. We were attacked by a swarm of very aggressive black mosquitoes in the parking lot, by the trail head. I immediately used Deep Woods insect repellent towelettes but it was not enough. They covered our clothing, backpack, hair, and bit my friends and I through our clothing and anywhere my wipe didn't swipe. We ran out to PCH where another friend kept a bottle of repellent spray in the car, and we covered each other. We then hiked past the trail head to higher ground as fast as we could. As we got above the fog, we left the swarm. The trail is a steady smooth climb all the way up 2.7 miles, offering spectacular views. The fog below rewarded our efforts with great photos! I would do it again, just be armed and prepared next time!

9 days ago

This was my first time hiking this trail, the initial climb is intense but well worth it, once you get to the top and the trail levels out it’s amazing and great for photos

14 days ago

Steep incline but definitely worth the workout! Gorgeous ocean views.

Beautiful cliff views

Nice, easy hike with ocean views. My 7 year old was able to do the trail with no problems.

15 days ago

Hot, steep, and exposed, but beautiful! If you’re hoping to escape the typical Malibu crowds and get a solid workout in, this is a great place to hike. You can pop over to the beach after and jump in the water to cool down. Just know that it’s not casual.

Great hike overall. Nice view and workout. Went up with a 20 lb plus pack. I would categorize it as moderate to borderline difficult with that. Bring a map. Found some lost hikers and if you don't know what to look for, you might get lost. BRING BUG REPELLENT. I was destroyed by the mosquitos. Literally around 100 bites on my body. Mainly from beyond the loop a bit, down the valley. Wear loose pants, and bring a rain jacket to protect upper and lower body. Protect... yourself... have fun.

mountain biking
23 days ago

Ive been going to the canyon since late 80's. It's a real popular place.

23 days ago

Unfortunately chased out by mosquitos this morning around 8:45am. People were warning us before we even started in the parking lot. Nearly everyone was warning us on their way down. You don't have enough hands or lotion or swatters to keep them off you. We headed south to hike at Sycamore but it was the same story. Another time. Temperature was nice.

I had to leave after about 15 minutes. In that time, I got roughly 12 mosquito bites. Every time I looked down there was a mosquito either on my arm or leg. I’m sure it’s a cool hike with sweet views but I couldn’t handle it.. I ended up driving to Circle X Ranch and did the Grotto trail.

Went on this hike yesterday, under overcast skies most of the way. Easy hike but ran into mosquitos about 2/3’s up the trail. Bring your bug spray! Nice views but no wildflowers this time of year.

Mosquitos!!!! I have welts all over my body. We had to turn back. I got bit at least 10 times within 5 min. Tried to go on but the bites flared up and I was miserable. But it’s beautiful here. I’m sure it’s an awesome trail

This is a very special walk! Yes, you walk around a nice bird sanctuary lagoon, but the treasure is you can walk right onto one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world, Malibu's Surfrider Beach next to the Malibu Pier!!! In addition at low tide only, you can walk to the right on the public beach zone and view the famous Malibu Colony Community. The paid parking lot is small, however there are many free parking spaces on the coast highway adjacent to the Malibu Lagoon State Park. It is a flat and easy to walk, but bring sandals if you want to walk the half mile walk on the sandy beach to the Malibu Pier. Don't miss this small but beautiful state park!!!

1 month ago

Steep climb but well worth it! The trail is exposed and no water available on trail so go prepared.

trail running
1 month ago

Great workout! Quite steep going uphill and going left at the T intersection. Bring lots of water and bug repellant. I was swating mosquitos the whole time. Still got bit 27 times!
The only reason I don’t give it a 5 star is there’s no facilities at the trailhead and parking is really limited. Fortunately most people don’t stay that long. Also, it’s quite popular on weekend mornings so the trail can get pretty crowded.
The view at the peak is spectacular!

I would rate moderate. Bring this app with gps with you as it’s easy to go off course. It’s not labeled well at all the forks in the path, saw we were off course on the gps and had to back track a few times. Parts are narrow with lots of brush but also has well kept parts and a bench by the lake for a break. Also saw a rattle snake so be careful. Entrance to trail head is confusing.

Tuff trail the elevation is a teal thing

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! We ran into no other hikers either the entire hike. Its a hidden gem of Malibu.

Such a lovely introduction into my first day of camping at Point Mugu! Even with the clouds blanketing a majority of this hike, the trail itself (at least the visible pieces) were beautiful and what I could make out below from above was also stunning. I didn't loop it as the final decline looked steep and was thick with clouds. Definitely again!

End of July hike; while the creek beds were bone dry, a good majority of Serrano was buggy and green with poison oak. I wasn't wearing any repellant (I know...) and I still made it out alive with most of my flesh in tact. Serrano makes for a really beautiful hike so long as you're not spending most of it trying to run away from biting bugs. If you like green, it might be hard to appreciate the part of the trail that becomes Old Boney - especially in dry grass fields that seem to stretch for miles. I think Old Boney was probably my favorite though, mostly because there were less zealous biting bugs, bu that doesn't change how awesome this trail really was. The climb up was challenging, but there's such awesome desert-y flora on the way. I'd do this again! But with more water, bug repellant, and a mallet for the persistent bugs who won't die.

So my girlfriend and I hiked this one today. We hike at least twice a week between 4-8 miles each hike. This one was definitely not an easy one.
To add to it we kinda took a wrong route before around the campsite and up some little trail of about 2 miles. Wasted energy and end of July heat was so amazing. Lol.
Overall it’s a great hike with beautiful reward at the end. The pond had water btw. It’s a bit of incline for the first 2.5 miles and totally worth it. Not for beginners though. We loved the solidarity cause no one is hiking this trail. We were the only one there. Probably cause it hard with no waterfall reward at the end. Would do it again.

1 month ago

Spectacular views. Hike is rigorous due to the steepness going up. Return hike is all down hill. I recommend hiking shoes and poles would be helpful. Bring plenty of water with you.

Killer hike.

This hike was definitely not easy. It was more moderate than easy. It starts off easy but then gets harder when you start going uphill. It gives you a great workout for your thighs and glutes, though! Lots of breathtaking views. We saw a small snake so be cautious! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a challenge. I rated 4 stars but I don’t think I’ll be going again. Also, directions will lead you to an entrance of the trail but if you continue driving a bit further down, then it will lead you to a dead end where you can park and there’s another entrance to the trail. Have fun!

Strenuous but relatively short climb (1 mile from PCH trailhead to flagpole.) great views. However, the mosquitoes are fierce, especially early - we started ~7am to avoid heat and even used DEET but still came away with lots of bug bites. So it’s a toss-up in the summer....heat vs bites. Consider going when sun has hit hill and fewer mosquitos are out, may help.

Nice place to hike. Scenic trail is single track and a bit steep in parts, but definitely do-able for most. Overlook trail to top is mostly fire road. Pay to park is $12 all day or $3 an hour at pay machine.

on Mugu Peak Trail

1 month ago

Fun hike, many mosquitoes though.

Trails on trails. Good view for the majority of hike

You can hike this trail a couple of different ways. At the trailhead you’ll start up a moderately steep incline. Eventually you’ll come to a fork. If you hike this loop counter clockwise, it snakes back and forth up the incline gradually. If you want a real challenge, hike the loop CLOCKWISE. It’s much more rewarding to basically crawl vertically to the top of the point. Once at the top, stop and stay a while. We hiked down continuing clockwise, which was gorgeous as well. Talk about views. Take plenty of water.

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