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Beautiful trail, lots to see even on a cloudy day! Split 5 litres of water between 2 fit adults, so don’t forget the H20 and ty to get on the trail early!

9 days ago

Beautiful trail with lots of great places to stop and admire nature! I would rate it a "medium" instead of "easy" since it's mostly uphill/downhill. We will definitely be hiking here again!

A steady but steep incline up to 360 views from the summit, awesome hike and workout!

No shade. Go early morning or cool days. Can't give review of full trail. My dog overheated even in his cooling vest and stopping for water in shade. I def wanna return and see the views without him.

Bring snacks and lunch. Beautiful views and canopying trails at times. Green and majestic vistas. Recommend hiking shoes for climb or decent. Amazing and challenging. Wear sunscreen.

challenging uphill climb, rewarding vistas, and cool breeze from the ocean. amazing.

Amazing trail. Hike to mt Ellen highest point. Beware rattlers.

This is one of my favorite trails in LA since there are so many ways to experience it with it's different off shoots. You can take this lush trail to Balance Rock, Tri-Peaks, Inspiration Point, and to Sandstone Peak which is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains! The hike is a decent workout and is very doable with gradual elevation.

This trail has it's own trailhead but I usually access this trail from the Sandstone Peak trailhead.

- @justroc @just.trek

The perfect day hike. Gorgeous views and nothing overly strenuous. It was a big overcast which obstructed some of the views but made for a great hiking climate. I arrived at the trailhead around 9am and there was plenty of parking and less people on the trail than when I was finishing up around noon. I took my Labrador and he was loving the entire hike, so I’d say this trail is great for active medium+ sized dogs. This is one I’d do again!

This six-mile loop is easy/moderate, and has beautiful views throughout. There is no cell signal once you’re in the mountains, so don’t rely on GPS to get you all the way to the Mishe Mokwa Trail parking area. Also, there are no bathrooms or water nearby, so plan accordingly.

1 month ago

My group hiked this on 6/14. We began the trail from a turnout on a the highway instead of the circle x ranch entrance. We began around 12:30am and we made it to the grotto around 2:00am, the hike back was pretty fast. We made it back to our cars around 3:30am. This route added 1mile each way to the trail. SkyHighHikingGroup. We get together and hike at night. For all the busy bodys and late night owls. We are based in Los Angeles. Great hike, good workout. There was water in the grotto, hike was easy but the return did make most of us break a sweat. Recommend.

Very scenic, quiet and peaceful hike. It was about 6.5 miles. That includes walking to Split Rock, walking to Inspiration Point and Sandstone Peak.
The trail to Split Rock is awesome. Amazing views, great many flowers and trees and greenery. We took our time. Stopped for lots of pictures. The amazing Balance Rock is something to just stare at. AMAZING! once you get to Split Rock the hike because a little bit tough since it has gradual incline as you loop around to Inspiration Point and Sandstone Peak. From Sandstone Peak back to the car is not the most pleasant only because there is a lot of rocks on the trail. But if your a hiker, that’s part of the hike.
We went on Saturday got there @8am. Perfect time. Lots of parking and very very few people on our trail. Most people just go to Sandstone Peak and back so this trail is longer but definitely worth the serenity. We had lots of overcast. We would watch the mountains in front of us appear and disappear. Got some sprinkles and walking into the fog was awesome. One of my favorite hikes. Few bottles of water is enough for me but if hot definitely would talked more plus hat! Enjoy. Be safe. Clean up after yourself.

The back side is well shaded recommend doing that half during the peak of that. We started mid day and went the backside to the front and it was not too hot by the time we were in the sun again.

Great hike! Took my friend and I 3 hours to complete with breaks here and there. The mountains look amazing!!! Lots of rocks and flies! Only saw three people during our hike. Water and snack are a must ...

great trail. beautiful scenery. side trail to balancing rock--easy to get off course on way back, but rest of trail really well marked and maintained. hot by mid morning in June

Very cool hike with some amazing views inland over the Santa Monica Mountains, Channel Islands and South Bay. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to trail run or take it slow all the way. I went to Balance Rock - if you do this trail you have to check it out. You’ll see a little sign shortly after taking a right onto Mishe Mokwa, a couple hundred yards from Split Rock. I finished the hike in 4.5 hrs. It’s roughly 7 miles if you do Balance Rock. My group took our sweet time. You can do this in 3 hrs if you’re a little more focused on the task at hand. Bring at least 2 liters of water if you do this during the summer months. I had to ration out .5 liters because my crew wasn’t entirely prepared - no biggie but easily avoidable. Proper hiking boots are definitely recommended. Sunscreen and hats as well.

1 month ago

Just finished up the Backbone - linking together sections over the last few months. One of the best ways to experience Coastal Southern California.

Ok i went today and got there at 1:30pm and finished at 5:30pm. I took my Osprey bag pack with a full 2.5 liter water pouch. I also brought two addition water bottles. It wasn’t enough for two adults and a dog. It felt like 10 miles instead of 6. My German Shepard struggled the last two miles of the loop trail. The trail to Split Rock was great and moderate but later it became strenuous!!!!! My poor dog protested until the end. I recommend to do half the trail because the last 2.5 miles is annoyingly rocky! Be sure to bring proper hiking shoes, hats, and sun screen... most importantly water!!!!! Must stress water. At least 2 liters per person. Be prepared to be exhausted and tanned!

1 month ago

Great hike. But it didn’t feel like an easy one. There’s lots of climbing towards the end to get to the grotto

Vistas for days! It truly is one of the most beautiful hikes of those that are accessible to LA area. I hike to Sandstone Peak first and get the elevation gain ascent out of the way right off - this is the only moderately challenging portion in my opinion. Great hike that truly feels “away from it all.” No traffic or highway views/noise like some other LA hikes.

1 month ago

great hike with great views.

2 months ago

Beautiful views the whole time! I would rate this loop as “strenuous”. Bring lots of water and spf. There are also some very rocky downhillls. Ocean views are glorious! Have fun!!

It was challenging for our pooch but over all the trail was great and spectacular view ... the formation of the rocks were picture perfect and would love to come back more often!!! Next time best to bring extra water esp when the weather is warm... luckily hikers were kind enough to share to us their water... after seeing us had to carry our voluptuous med sized dogs :-) pack some lunches .. great idea to stop for a picnic... there are some tables when u reach halfway. Pay attention where you park... there are 2 parking lots and we could not find our car

Good view. Can get really hot in sunny days

Great family hike!

Ok- this is a beautiful landscape to hike in, and I am glad I did it...however, a couple things of note: the map at the trail designated this as strenuous, not moderate, and it is 6 miles—
There are LOTS of paths that are like river beds without water, and almost no flat ground to walk on for the last 2 miles downhill of the hike. There are several places where you have to actually climb up and through boulders to continue on.
Sandstone Peak is not an actual path...it is actually an incline of rocks, sandstone, and a few large steps...at the top, it was gorgeous, but not for anyone afraid of heights...or falling...there are no guard rails, paths, etc. Again, I am glad I went, but small kids would have struggles, and it was tough!!

2 months ago

nice trail didnt finish it though I was the only one hiking it this morning so I decided to cut it short . will definitely hike it again and finish it for sure ..

Really amazing trail. Many for the in-depth information posted here and the ribbons/yellow paint markers along the way!

Great hiking trails for family and your paw babies.

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