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Lower Forni, California Map
8 days ago

We had to park about a half mile before the trail head. The gate is closed for the winter. The trail in was pretty nice. The lake was very low and a disappointment.
Some water and Lakes are starting to freeze over so watch the weather.
For some reason my phone decided to stop recording for a period of time.
Time for a new phone!

Went the Tuesday after Labor Day, the pools are a pretty nasty, red, and stagnant. Fall colors starting to happen. The route on the map available is harder than the route we found on the way back. Only 3 miles, even with slight detour to the top of the cliffs. There is a small user trail about half mile (maybe more) after the split for grouse and twin. Use the rock cairns to your advantage, but do not be to reliant on them.

Definitely need to download the map first so you can use your GPS - the trail after Twin Lakes branches off is almost non existent. We didn’t follow the GPS closely enough and ended up on top of the nearby ridge and had to backtrack down. Labor Day weekend and plenty of cold water in the two lower pools for a nice refreshing dip.
The 2.8 miles out and back is definitely closer to 7 miles round trip.

This hike is definitely better in the early spring when the water is flowing. Even in late August the hike is very enjoyable.

The map I downloaded from this app took us to a spot that we could not cross, we back tracked and found a trail off to the left when you come out of the wooded area marked by Cairn. We found some pools and had them to ourselves below the point on this GPS, this ended up being a 7 mile hike out and back.

This was a fun hike on the way back! We started out early enough to beat the crowds and the heat. Armed with a map we downloaded from AllTrails we headed out around 6:30 am. First issue, absolutely no sign indicating which way to go for Enchanted Pools. We took the trail leading to Twin lakes Island. The trail was pretty good for the 1st 3rd of the hike after which we loss all evidence of a trail. Fortunately we had a map that gave us an idea of which direction to go.
After about 2-1/2hrs we finally made it to the pools. We were there alone and it was amazing! Well worth the struggles to get there. The way back was soooo much easier. It seems as if it took us much less 1/2 time to get back. We found more defined trails- not marked- that made the hike so much easier.
I’ve seen descriptions that talked about looking for Mother Daughter rock.... have no idea what those rocks looks like.
That will probably be a fun hike second time around. Will definitely do it again.
Recommendation for first timers! Download a map that you can reference along the way. Cell service is spotty along the way. You will get service occasionally. Of course, comfortable clothing, shoes, and water and snacks.

Couldn’t find the pools but still pretty! The trail to the enchanted pools is not labeled at the trail head for Twin Lakes & Grouse Lake trail.

4 months ago

Overall a great day hike! FYI, trail gets a lot tougher once it splits off from the Rockbound Pass trail - one section goes straight up a hill and is a bit of a butt-kicker before it flattens out. Trail disappears on bare rock for last half-mile or so, but easy to navigate up to the lake itself.

Nice, but would recommend Twin/Island or Lyons/Sylvia if you only have one day around Wrights Lake.

4 months ago


Been up to Wrights Lake a number of times, but generally headed up Twin Lakes / Island Lake trail. This time decided to go to these Lakes via Enchanted Pools. WOW what a beautiful find! After staying there to enjoy the beauty and sounds of the water falls along with a mid-morning snack, it was up and over the mountain to Twin Lakes / Island Lake. Definitely do this again, but in reverse to take advantage of the pools.

4 months ago

Our 2nd trip here today, 7-1-2018. Still amazing, water temp was cold at first then just right when you're in!

Lots of navigating on granite to the pools. So have your GPS ready, because there is not a clear trail. They are super pretty.

Beautiful, scenic, a nice amount of water still.
pools for wading in, plenty of exposed granite!
You’ll need gps to find these hidden gems!
Or you topo skills are great!
Keep going up the creek as long a you like.
Return on the same trail. We crossed over and returned on the north side, fun but plenty of backtracking and scrambling down big borders!

Is the Grouse Lake drainage passable?

First found out about this trail in 2001, when it was still relatively “secret”. A great little hike to some beautiful pools for wading and picnicking. Not sure if there are still cairns so best to use gps to follow the primitive trail to the waterfalls.

This is an epic trail, with an awesome destination. Using GPS to stay on the trail is highly recommended, as it could be easy to get lost. Very dog friendly, though be aware there are some cliffs and waterfalls so keep your dog under control. I highly recommend shorts, as there is a lot of wading that can be done. Some awesome lunch spots at the top of the enchanted pools. Little kids could enjoy hiking to the first waterfall, which is only about 1 mile in.

Very easy hike with a beautiful destination! Follow the trail map on the app, it takes you right there!

Simply amazing. If you haven’t done it, get it on your list!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We wandered around on granite slabs looking for a trail and finally got to the pools. There are a few big ones and some smaller too, but this was an exceptional year for water and I don't expect the same experience in a normal rainfall year. We set cairns to help us find our way on succeeding hikes but most of them were down when we returned a few weeks later.

Monday, September 04, 2017

9/3/2017 Hike
☆☆☆☆☆ Views
☆☆☆☆ Difficulty
☆☆ Popularity
☆☆ Trail
This trail is amazing! Follow the Twin Lakes trail and veer to the left about 20-30 minutes in. There is essentially no trail because it crosses over granite rocks. We followed the downloaded map here on All Trails and once the GPS signal went kaput, used the stacked rocks and the sound of the water to guide us. With previous posts, I was expecting to get lost and came prepared with enough water. It turned out to be a very easy hike with some elevation gain, but not very much. Probably rated as hard due to the lack of trail markers. Once we found the first pool, we followed the water up to the waterfall, well more like cascading stream on the granite slab. That climb was short but steep. There is a bigger pool up there. Water temp was just right when we went. Very worth it! We had no detours, virtually had a straight shot to the lower pools, see recorded track. Have fun!

The Trial is hard to find because it is pretty non-existent but the Pools are amazing! This Hike is Well worth it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We just did this hike yesterday and they should call it Hidden Enchanted Falls and pools! It is difficult to find because you are relying on cairns on a mostly granite trail. The cairns aren't always easy to find.
We got a little lost which turned out in our favor. We found where the first water fall started and followed it down the granite to the enchanted falls and pool. It really was fantastic! We lost the trail coming back down and had to do some scrambling across the granite. I would highly recommend taking a compass and giving yourself plenty of time!

Amazing once you find your way!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Did this hike roughly two weeks ago. The gate to the Wrights Lake Recreation Area was already closed for the season, but you can still access the trails by parking at the gate and walking in. Because of this, there were very few people on the trails. Beyond the Rockbound/Tyler trail junction I had the trail completely to myself, and did not see anyone else the entire day.
The trail itself was fairly flat for the first 2-miles, with a couple decent uphill sections in the last couple of miles.
If you make to the hike to Gertrude, I would highly advise tacking on Tyler Lake as well. There is no established trail leading up to Tyler Lake (at least I didn't see one), but it is fairly easy to find. Just be mindful on your way back down as it is fairly difficult to retrace your steps.

11 days ago

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