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Mostly dirt or gravel road, shade most of the way.

11 days ago

I was really excited to do this loop. Long with lots of elevation gain. A perfect training hike for the Grand Canyon rim to rim hike I am doing in a month. The problem is that the connector trail is closed. Maybe reopening after summer. So after 13.5 miles I had to turn around and go back (I was hiking clockwise). Bummer. I enjoyed the first half of the hike.

Burms, Burms, Burms! Be ready to commit though. There is a big climb to the top and a big climb out.

This trail has no lookout points or a spot to have picnic at the top . It’s just a hike if you are looking to get done with a hike . Full shaded by the trees thou . High inclination for first 1 mile ! And then moderate inclination . Coming down is steep.

25 days ago

The map needs updating here. There’s a fancy new parking lot and as a result some of the trails have been closed or rerouted. But it’s still a fantastic place to go for short or longer hikes alike.

Great trail for the more advanced beginner. Was a lot of fun!

Great trail if you’re more than A beginner not quite experienced. Loads of fun!!!

Very moderate hike with easy directions, nothing in the road. Excellent day hike.

The flow trail section is only about 3 miles, but one of the funnest trails I've ever done. Not very challenging, just fast and flowy.

First 1/3 is up hill and hard sand road not easy. The rest of trials are good.

Decent hike but the beginning was a slow constant incline for the first 2 miles. I went counterclockwise on the loop and I'm glad I did! I'm happy theres a lot of parking. Glad to see the new park!

Great hike. Lots of shade and beautiful redwoods.

1 month ago

Awesome hike! This was my first time hiking in this area, so the loop gave me a taste of all the different parks. Each one had its own personality. Portola was my favorite as it had this ancient forest smell to it, if that’s even a thing. And you’re rustling along on a bed of leaves throughout the park. I’d love to go back there. I would rate Big Basin 2nd and Castle Rock 3rd based on this hike. To speak to the parking comments, I discovered that there is parking along the road for the trailhead, but it’s dawn to dusk only. So parking is convenient for ppl who are knocking this one out in a day. But if you’re backpacking over 2 or 3 days, then you’ll need to park about 1/2 mile up the road at the lot where 9 & 35 intersect. It looks like you can take Skyline to the Sea from the parking lot to get to the trailhead to start this hike. I took the advice of the other reviewers and did the trail counter clockwise. I get why the original poster mapped it out clockwise because they don’t call it the “sea to skyline” trail, so you’re going with the grain of the foot traffic for that stretch. But this loop isn’t really about that trail. The biggest thing I liked about going counter clockwise is that it was more ideal for my water and sun exposure situation. You want to get the stretch to Slate Creek out of the way early so you’re not getting cooked out in the sun coming back up it in the afternoon. Except for a couple spots in Big Basin you’re going to be shaded by the forest canopy for the rest of the hike. I didn’t even worry about sunscreen for this reason. I pack pretty light, so I brought a full camel back and a throw away drink for the start. The drink I hand carried got me to the Slate Creek campsite, where I was able to dispose of it. Then my camel back lasted me from there to the Waterman Gap campsite at the 22.5 mile mark. There’s drinking water there, but the spigot and basin under it were both swarming with bees. So I put my camel back under it and filled it quickly and was able to avoid getting stung. I started around 6:30 and didn’t see anyone along the trail until I got near the Slate Creek camp site at the 6 mile mark. Then I didn’t see any other hikers for another 11 miles when I got onto the skyline to the sea trail. And even that traffic thinned out long before I got to Waterman Gap as people set out early for that hike too. My phone died with about 4 miles to go, so I wasn’t able to record the whole loop.

Nice shady trail with beautiful trees and flowers. Good for hot days when you value the shade.

1 month ago

Dusty trail and steep, hiking poles recommended.

Definitely a good workout for beginners. parking lot is small, need to be there early in the morning on weekends. View is okay.

Nice wide trail with some dusty sections. Mainly under the tree canopy with a few view points. The sweet peas were blooming on the Alma trail which made a pretty sight. The redwoods were magnificent.

nice ride. first time

Amazing mini-thru-hike. Campsites have running potable water, Jay Camp HQ has all the amenities and fully stocked (beers!). The third day was by far the best part of the trail through beautiful redwood groves and the highlight Berry Creek Falls. Can't wait to do it again, next time with my kids. Mosquitos were pretty brutal (July) when standing/sitting still, so bring plenty of repellent!

How could a walk through the majestic redwoods be anything but a 5-star experience?! Could the signage have been better? Yes. But, have you ever seen great signage at a state or national park? We did the classic Skyline to the Sea hike over 3 days and 2 nights, starting at Castle Rock parking lot and ending at Waddell Beach. My wife and I both drove separate cars since there isn’t a public transit option, or a reliable taxi/Uber option from either location. After dropping off a car at Waddell we drove to Castle Rock to start the trip. Day one we hiked to Waterman Gap. The signage was pretty poor and confusing at times so think about downloading a GPS guide (we paid for All Trails pro) that works offline and talk to people on the trail if you have questions. From there we went to Jay Camp at the Big Basin headquarters. Both sites had bathrooms and potable water. The walk from Jay to Waddell Beach was incredible! So hard to put into words. Trekking through giant redwoods for hours, mostly under the shade, so much green! There were some fallen trees along the way but it was all manageable. The final 1.5 miles to Waddell Beach felt longer than it was because we were tired and the trail borders the edge of a rocky hillside. But coming around the corner to see the ocean and feel that cool breeze is worth every step. I’d highly recommend this hike to anyone with some backpacking experience. In total we probably did about 30-32 miles, but like I said the hike is easy to moderate, and the campsites have amenities to make things easier. Can’t wait to go explore the Santa Cruz Mountains again!

Start off climbing and it’s a steady climb but not grueling. Shaded throughout and wide trails. Turn off to continue climbing another 1400ft to total 2400ft of climbing to Bear Creek Summit (no view), on way back pretty much down hill with few hills and patches of sun. Overall a decent hike but not if you want views of the area. Nicely shaded throughout no place to stop and picnic or grab water so come prepared. Arrive early before 8:00 on weekends to get parking. The lot is relatively small with restroom facilities.

Berm city.

Great trail for running. I started on the Saratoga Gap trail and circled around. Some areas have tail grass and some parts are too rocky. But there was plenty of parking. No bathrooms or water.

It’s a gravel path for part of the way, and then changes to a dirt path. It’s a well maintained, wide trail. There are big tire treks, so some utility vehicles pass through. If you go right at the fork to start the loop, somewhere near the summit you get a nice vista view, but that’s about it. If you go left at the fork, remember to turn around, or you’ll see nothing but trees. This trail is for exercise, with lots of tree cover from the sun. Ah, and there’s a bridge.

2 months ago

Plenty of tree cover, wide trail paths.

2 months ago

Plenty of tree cover, wide trail paths.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Amazing!! A little muddy still but overall Great!!!

Epic ride. Trail was in great shape. Not too muddy and not crowded at all!

My son and I did this trail May 9-11, 2019 and had a fantastic adventure! The creeks we’re running strong, the trails were in great shape and the landscape was beautiful. I would have given it a 5-star rating but the road noise while on the trail and at Waterman Gap Campground has to be taken in to account. I’ll for sure do this trail again!

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