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Los Angeles, California Map

kicks my butt every time but it's a quick steep workout

this was a tough hike straight up and slippery rocks but worth it for the view at the top and it's a short hike just under a mile

Really cool hike! One moment you feel like your in the wilderness (ignoring the perfectly manicured trail) and then you look off in the distance for a spectacular view of downtown LA, or the Hollywood sign, or the Griffith observatory. Truly a unique experience we'll never forget.

Very nice trail, easy to walk and nice view of city.

5 days ago

I'm not a fan of fire road "trails," but at least there was room for my friend and me to walk side by side. This Mineral Wells trail is the closest to the one we actually did. We started at Fern Canyon, then turned west at 5 Points to Vista Viewpoint. We followed the road around Bee Rock, then took a side trail through the Old Zoo and back to the parking lot. No coverage, so it was hot--keep that in mind. I gave five stars, because it was a good workout, nice views and I love Griffith Park. Next time, I'll record.

Did this but I started near the Zoo.... went up to Amir’s Garden then up towards the ridge. Took some random side trail along a smaller peak to Mt . Lee, and then on to Cahuenga... total trip 6.4 miles

Great hike.My Wife and I are in pretty good shape and got in a seriously good work out. Saw Hollywood sign from top and bottom.Both incredible views. Bring plenty of water.The water spouts along the way were not working,they look like old pipes that are probably unreliable. There are an incredible amount of intersections on this trail.There is even a 5 point intersection.I used my all trails pro gps app and just tracked ourselves and checked at various points along the way.Its a good thing I did because some trails do not reconnect with each other and you will end up in a different area of the park! No shade but amazing breeze.Plenty of free parking.

the hike was pretty easy but some of the off trails end up dead ends so you have to be careful also it's hard to get across the stream in some places and we didn't see any birds it's supposed to be a refuge but there's plenty of water and the lake is big

I love this trail.. If your looking for a challenge on hills and a hard workout THIS IS THE PLACE

Don’t believe the pictures. If you follow the highlighted trail it DOES NOT take you in front of the Hollywood sign. You get a quick side view. Otherwise, the overlooks are nice and it’s a good workout.

Steep incline to start, but a great hike if you’re looking for a workout with a view at the top. You can even hike it to the back of the Hollywood sign. We didn’t complete the loop on the way back because it was getting dark so we took the same way down. We will definitely return and complete the loop. Highly recommend.

easy enough to do for someone who may not be very fit!

I really enjoyed this hike

I would say the elevation and difficulty of the cave navigation would make this a moderate-hard trail however I went mid-day and it was quite hot when not in the shade. I'd suggest going with another human as well!

This is a great adventure.. you need to have good shoes lots of dust and water. We saw rattle snakes so no flip flops...

17 days ago

All up hill. Awesome view. There is shade!

Fantastic Trail! Went counter-clockwise...beginning is all uphill to Castle Peak. This initial ascent requires some scrambling over rocks and is a decent challenge. The rock formation at Castle Peak is really cool and the view is awesome-360 of the SF valley. The trail levels out from Castle Peak to Muntis Cave. The descent to Muntis Cave is no joke and the trail becomes difficult to find! The descent requires repelling down steep rock faces while holding onto a metal cable. It’ll be a struggle if you are not athletic. Muntis Cave is a solid payoff-I went at night and could hear bats while poking around with a flashlight. Overall this is a great trail, but not good for beginners, especially considering the somewhat technical descent to the Cave.

Shortest hike we could find to the Hollywood sign. Not a hard hike at all, but fun to walk and talk then take a few pictures at some of the lookout points on the way.

I liked nice view and very quiet, easy to find parking

We took the trail from the north entrance of TCyn (Braude Park), and didn’t how long it was. There was so much mist that we couldn’t see 20 feet in front of us. We finally reached a place to get out of the trail and thanks to a nearby sign .08 mile to hub, we were able to find our way out of the park. Lovely, but long hike. Brings lots of water, hat, and snacks.

I love the hike ,because it was hike friendly.

Going through a full sign up to find out I would need to pay for what was offered. No thanks.

21 days ago

Not so much a hike as a walk in the park. Beautiful in July, with all the lotuses blooming on the lake. Very popular and friendly, and interesting history in the area.

Never been here

Fear none but the man above. Death is on every square inch of the earth and the feeling u get in d dark we all get it. Everyone please enjoy this trail ..

Great views, indeed. If you're going to hike the full loop, I suggest starting with the Rabbit Hole, which means the left (westerly) trail after entering the gate] It's steep, relatively narrow, and has plenty of loose rock, which makes going down difficult. Easier to hike up it while you're fresh and then descend the smoother side. [It's not so easy to see the Rabbit Hole trailhead as you enter -- it's across a cement storm drain -- so I've posted a pic that points it out.] FYI: There's a bathroom about halfway around the loop.

Great for sunrise hiking! Wonderful views of the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. No shade but has some picnic tables to recap and recover. Thanks AllTrails!

28 days ago

Short and easy trail but the pay off is that you can say you went to the original Adam West Batcave!

Very cool

Also saw a bunch of little animals on the way, which was fun.

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