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It was me and my gfs first time doing this trail and it was after sunset. We were going up and it started getting dark. I brought my head lamp so no biggie. We started hearing strange noises just thinking it was just a little wildlife no big deal. We noticed nobody around anymore. It was really dark at this point about 9:00 PM. Then we decided to head back after a couple miles. We both started feeling very strange. A very weird vibe came over us as if something bad was going on around us. We’re runners, so we started to high tail it out of there. The strange vibes were getting stronger. A very disturbing and sick feeling. So we finally get back to the car and talked about how we won’t be coming back there at least at night again. Later on when we get home, I randomly decided to research the park and sure enough I found something horrifying. 2 years ago 2 young girls were found shot and brutally bludgeoned to death by gang members just a few hundred yards within the entrance of the park. Such a tragedy. We now know what that feeling was. So we most likely won’t be returning. There’s plenty of other options out there. I warn anyone going there to carry some sort of protection especially if you’re a night hiker/runner like us.

Great moderate hike to bring out of town guests. However, if out of shape, it may be difficult. It’s up hill at beginning and end.

Views are the best I’ve seen around the area

RABBIT HOLE IS A NIGHTMARE. It’s extremely steep, narrow and rocky. Hardly a trail at all. However if you are trying to see the cross, that’s how you get to it. I would recommend hiking starting to the right, get to the benches right before the Rabbit Hole, and turning around.

Overall it took me 2.5 hrs to go 5.3 mi all due to the Rabbit Hole!

7 days ago

One of my favorite hikes! A lot of technical trails, rocky, hiking shoes a must. I took this on up to Cahuenga Peak, then to the back of the Hollywood Sign. If you like hikes that'll keep you on your toes, you'll love this one.

best hike ever

First time being there on 4th of July and we love it

this was more of a walk than a hike very flat and pretty much asphalt all the way around and the fence didn't help the view at all but we still had a good time

this was a real easy walk more than a hike but the fence around the lake took some of the ambience out of play but still a fun time

It’s a great alternative to staying on the exposed fire roads though still somewhat exposed but it feels like you’re so far away from everything. And you get some nice singletrack and a bit of fireroads, small section through a neighborhood in Topanga but lots of fun.

15 days ago

Best 4th of July view !

Nice hike great view...

This is a great trail if you like some challenge. It is very narrow at points. Lots of nature, mostly shaded.

I think this is the shortest trail to the Hollywood sign, but I’m not a local. I got to the trail head at 7:30 am on Wednesday, July 4th, and there was parking right in front of the gate. The trail is dirt at first, then some neighborhood streets, dirt again, and then paved road the rest of the way up to the top. There’s a sign halfway through the neighborhood saying “Restricted Entry. No hiking allowed to the Hollywood sign. Violators will be subject to arrest and $103 fine.” A local said that he goes on this trail frequently and we even saw a tour going this way on the way back. I doubt anything ever happens, but it’s at your own risk. Just follow the gps on the all trails app. I recommend going as early as we did if not earlier, because it started to get hot on our way down and the trail gets crowded. You get lots of good views of the Hollywood sign as soon as you hit the trail.

Time: 2 hours
Distance: 4.59 miles
Elevation gain: 826 feet
Total Calories: 496 Cal

Pretty nice hike and it’s far enough removed from the city that you get a small taste of escape.

A there and back again trail. No shade, great views, perfect for runners and mountain bikers, though the latter should look out for cracks in the road here and there.

Nice and steady trail throughout. great views of greater Los Angeles. Parking can be a hassle though.

Great hike and once at the top you get the enjoy the pond with a view of all Los Angeles.

Very fun hike if you are in the area. It's quite popular, and the people are very friendly and social -- you will make new friends here! The main trails are wide dirt tracks, very easy to follow, but there are also a number of single tracks crisscrossing the park if you want to be more adventurous. The pond at the top of the hill is a fun little surprise, and a shady spot to rest while you take in the views of the cit y.

this is a tough hike it's short but it's steep I don't recommend for beginners and coming back is even worse because the rocks have dust on them and even dogs were falling down but the view is nice

Nice hike bit steep if you aren't used to hiking. Probably not for kids.

Water refill station at Dantes view about halfway up

We perfected the Hollywood Hills hike! This trail starts at the Hollywood Reservoir, then up to the back of the Hollywood sign and then over to the Griffith Observatory. We choose to Uber to the starting point and from the end point since it is always crowded and very hard to find a parking space.


Good hike, adventurous trail. Quite a bit of metal pipes coming out the ground. Nice view of the city. Saw a deer

22 days ago

Easy and short. Caves are semi cool, and you can see the Hollywood sign after you pass the caves. Good place to bring out of towners who can’t handle much incline or long treks

Great views. Would be great at sunset or early morning.

horseback riding
23 days ago

re: the wording "future Los Angeles River Bike Path" is incorrect. That is an equestrian trail and bicycles are not allowed in any manner, way or form - riding, pushing, carrying: NO BIKES ALLOWED. Please fix your map.

Super easy very flat partially in a neighborhood nice to take your dog on a walk.

Super easy nice warm up

A nice and easy walk overlooking Highland Park. The pond was exceptional, and as advertised, turtles swam in the water. Great hike for beginners.

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