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You will get lost!!!!!!!! Good til the last 30 minutes it ask us to find a nonexistent trail!!! And we got lost!!!!! N had to go off trail to call an uber to get to out car!!!

Not really a hike, but great for a walk and/or jog!

mountain biking
3 days ago

I enjoyed the majority of this hike, however if you follow THIS mapping of the trail the second to last quarter is not in my opinion kid or dog friendly. I'm not sure if most hikers and reviewers on here take this exact route because I scrolled through and only found about 3 recent reviews specifying this location and its difficulty.

If you look on the map, there's a portion teetering off the hogback trail that is not paved and marked. It seems like a shortcut through the mountain and It's barely suitable for climbing as it looks an area that just experienced a recent rock slide. I had a leashed dog with me so though he had no difficulty getting down, I did trying to make sure I wasn't going to lose him and/or eat shit. I did fall though so lol! You also get to this ladder that is about 70 feet off the ground. If you bring your dog taking this trail you will have a bad time.

That being said, the views here at night as spectacular. The gridlocked city of LA is romanced by its city lights and you'll really not experience sightseeing like so anywhere else in Southern California. If you choose to do this trail, do it clockwise going up the ladder and rock scramble first because the rest of 4 miles is on a defined road. Might be easier that way.

Also this hike is extraordinarily packed. I think I bumped into more people here at 9pm on a Tuesday than I have on any hikes I've ever taken. Makes it a good location for a safe evening hike.

10 days ago

I went there Tuesday morning around 9. There were very few people there so it's quiet and peaceful. It's very enjoyable but it's not much a workout. You can hear birds singing along the way and the view was beautiful. The parking was $6 for 2 hours. The restroom by the polo field was very clean.

Lots of people but not crowded. fun to see LA area from the top! My 6 yr old hiked the whole thing, along with my 12,14 yr old. The two year old went in the carrier.