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1 day ago

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scenic driving
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I love this spot. It's great for running, walking, or biking. I wouldn't necessarily call it "hiking" because it's a flat surface the entire length. It's 3 miles total. 1.5 miles from the start to the end and 1.5 miles back. I tracked this trail on my fitbit and you only get 3 miles total if you go ALL the way to the end. (This includes running on dirt not concrete). It's the perfect spot for an outdoor run because you get sun and you don't need to worry about any cars nearby. You also get a great view of some mountains. Thanks Hansen Dam.

Great walk around the Reservoir. Got there at 7. Plenty of parking. Drive up 5 minutes for some great views of the Hollywood sigh from Lake Hollywood Park.

17 days ago

One of my favorite LA Hikes. On a clear day you can see all of Los Angeles. Get there before 8am and you can park at the Observatory for free. Happy Hikings!

Nice way to see just how big Griffith Park is.

I forget how beautiful LA is from up here! This is a popular trail and I saw quite a few strollers. I started off from Vermont and hiked to Mt Hollywood. You have to cross the parking lot of the observatory to continue on to the Mt Hollywood trail. Will take my girls on his hike next.

There is a mountaineers side route near the top that’s fun but the loose sand makes it hard.

the panoramic views on this hike were awesome and all the people were very friendly Bobcats and coyotes so be careful

A good loop for anyone looking for a paved, flat path. The views are interesting even though most are through a 10 foot chain link fence. Views from the bridge at 1.3 mile mark show the city on one side and the Lake with the HOLLYWOOD sign on the other. Partly shaded, but can be warm with midday sun. Lots of street parking. No dogs. Port-a-potties available.

1 month ago

One of my favorites. Not crowded during the week. There is always parking.

1 month ago

Great views from the Reservoir!

Great quick hike to stay in shape. The views are great!

1 month ago

It was a nice walk around the lake, great for a different side of Hollywood! However, the 10 foot fence between the path and the lake is a bit of a drawback. I'd recommend this most for a bike ride with kids--shirt, flat, and paved.

it's one of those do it all trails there's paved Road and there's different degrees of hiking all the trails are very well-marked impossible to get lost and some trails are easier than others but they all meet up at the same place and when you get to the top the view is amazing you can see the entire Valley from there

1 month ago

Super easy walk. Mostly paved. Great place for kids to ride a bike or skateboard since it is flat and wide. Nice place to bring visitors who want to see the Hollywood signs without having to do one of the harder trails.

It's a difficult hike but you get a full workout.

This is more of a jogging trail.

The coolest thing about this trail.......BUNNIES! I do this run at daybreak and have counted up to 51 bunnies!

good, easy hike. walked by horses and enjoyed the loop. only complaint is $12 parking.

Nice easy hike for beginners or with kids. Partly shaded which is welcome on hot sunny days. Good training hike option for seniors.

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