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The paved route is a moderate for beginners due to the incline. The steep dirt trails work the legs and definitely get your lungs working. Would suggest a buildup to the harder routes. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to make it to the top of the ridge. All in all a very good trail with the park at the bottom to crash on afterwards

This is a very easy trail!!

3 days ago

very nice place!

Great workout. Nice views. Well maintained.

5 days ago

Be inspired to take it higher.

I've been to Temescal, Los Liones, Murphy Ranch and others in the area. I never really knew how they all connected but I always appreciated that each trail offered its own difficulty, views, history and charm. On this occasion I was looking for Rustic Canyon Loop trail and once again I found myself everywhere but where I intended to be.

I arrived at the trail and found that the parking was $12 or a sign that I believe said $3 per hour. Either use exact cash or make sure you have your card with you. Before heading up the trail I knew to expect beautiful views because the skies were clear and I was already somewhat familiar with other trails in the area. I saw horses from the park as I was heading up.

There are certain parts of the trail that are dog friendly but beyond Inspiration Point there are signs posted that warn of Mountain Lions. There are lizards all over the place and I was told that there was a rattlesnake so I was definitely on alert. The grade is a gradual climb to Inspiration Point not too difficult but it checks the box for view. You will be inspired from that point because you'll see the panoramic beauty of downtown LA, Santa Monica, the Palisades, Malibu the ocean and the grounds that make up Will Rogers State Park. It's really beautiful out there.

After leaving Inspiration Point I was inspired to go higher so after speaking to another gentleman I finally found a sign that said Rustic Canyon. I've tried to get there on different occasions but I could never find it while using my GPS. Long review short I went up another 2 miles or so. The path is pretty easy to follow and they do a great job of marking the direction so you stay the course.

I will definitely return here and make sure I have a fully charged phone and downloaded map so that that I can go deeper into the trail and see things that I haven't from the other trails that are a part of this park. I suggest this to those that want to find themselves getting lost in the view, the history and the challenge of going to different paths. Let Inspiration Point and Will Rodgers (Rogers) land inspire you to continue dreaming and climbing to reach another level in life.

This is a great place to run or hike. Today i did the trail to the flag and passed that to the pavement road and took it back towards the bench to my starting point, not sure why my recording went crazy after my start point but although i can do 25 miles it wasn't that,i think more like between 10 to 15.. either way i run this trail often and recommend people to pick up after you dogs and take the bag with you.. lol

9 days ago

Great easy trail! Some area shaded well even in hot days. I personally love it. Don’t care much about dogs poop, it’s not the street. Animal faces part of the nature! Flowers all over!

Es una ruta excellente porque puedes escojer por la tierra(muy dificil) o el cemento (mas lejos) pero ambas son un super ejercisio.

Pay to park. Cash only! Surprise

I did this as a cool down from the Hollywood sign hike. Don't really like the fences that are up, but I get it. Also was just too flat for me. This hike is good for a nice easy walk. Saw a couple deer while I was here.

Great views. 90%incline all the way to the sign. Your legs are gonna feel it for a couple days after. Great hike for fitness. Run on the way down.

25 days ago

I enjoyed my hike, it was simple and not difficult on my knees. It has great views of LA, The Getty Center and you can get a glimpse of homes in Bel Air. The hike is clear but you can see the plant life regrowing from last years fires. Oh and this location is great for sunset!!!! I'm going back to see it soon.

I started from the playground up to the observatory and it was a quick but steep trail. A lot people and wide pathways perfect for group but safe to go alone

30 days ago

A great workout hike!

Great hike & workout. Uphill the entire way; there’s an “easy” trail and a “hard” one. Great time to see wild flowers and beautiful views of the valley, Santa Monica Mountains, and far off in the distance downtown LA.

1 month ago

This amazing reservoir trail has been one of my every day Common exercising fit program’s for over 15 years now, Anytime of the day is the perfect place to meditate, walk, run, jog, or just sit back read a book, including a amazing dog play park very dog friendly,

1 month ago

Great hike take dirt road (if experienced ) straight up .. Amazing views of San Fernando. Valley and Santa Clarita Valley Along the ridge line . A lot of trails to choose from Especially once you are at the top . .

Watch out for coyotes. I have seen some several times while hiking here.

awesome brings me back to my love days

This hike starts on a steep dirt fire road. Heading east up the canyon. Once out of the canyon the hike levels out. Good views can be had of LA. The trail is very popular, we saw many people out on the trail. The Hollywood Sign was the highlight of the hike.

I’d say it was pretty good. Easy uphill almost like the concrete of Runyon but in dirt so you can actually take regular sneakers. No need for hiking boots. It was a total 4 miles up and done so it’s not so bad. When you are close to reaching the Hollywood sign taking the holkyridge trail do rent horses so expect poop smell lol. Parking was very easy to find at 4:30pm and it was not busy at all like the weekend.

Great views over south bay and downtown

Great hike for views of the los angeles area. Perfect to take family and friends to see the stunning views.

Not happy that the lake is on the opposite side of the trail which in turn gives a not so good view of the lake. Lots of traffic on two way street, with lots of cars going pretty fast... therefore I wouldn’t recommend any young impulsive children on this easy trail. Don’t want to discredit the location and beauty of being around the holly wood lake. This is just not what I was expecting. We went to franklin after which was amazing and perfect for my lil ones.

i.m run in la tuna canyon trail.i.ts beatiful route by trainer running

Very beautiful hiking for beginners, more walk than hike. Amazing view. You can see clearly Hollywood sign

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail is not fit for mountain biking, with high foot traffic on a single track and large technical sections (grade and obstacles). This trail should be a minimum black for mountain biking.

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