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Great for sunrise hiking! Wonderful views of the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. No shade but has some picnic tables to recap and recover. Thanks AllTrails!

It was me and my gfs first time doing this trail and it was after sunset. We were going up and it started getting dark. I brought my head lamp so no biggie. We started hearing strange noises just thinking it was just a little wildlife no big deal. We noticed nobody around anymore. It was really dark at this point about 9:00 PM. Then we decided to head back after a couple miles. We both started feeling very strange. A very weird vibe came over us as if something bad was going on around us. We’re runners, so we started to high tail it out of there. The strange vibes were getting stronger. A very disturbing and sick feeling. So we finally get back to the car and talked about how we won’t be coming back there at least at night again. Later on when we get home, I randomly decided to research the park and sure enough I found something horrifying. 2 years ago 2 young girls were found shot and brutally bludgeoned to death by gang members just a few hundred yards within the entrance of the park. Such a tragedy. We now know what that feeling was. So we most likely won’t be returning. There’s plenty of other options out there. I warn anyone going there to carry some sort of protection especially if you’re a night hiker/runner like us.

Lovely day today!

Great moderate hike to bring out of town guests. However, if out of shape, it may be difficult. It’s up hill at beginning and end.

9 days ago

One of my favorite hikes! A lot of technical trails, rocky, hiking shoes a must. I took this on up to Cahuenga Peak, then to the back of the Hollywood Sign. If you like hikes that'll keep you on your toes, you'll love this one.

best hike ever

14 days ago

To call this concrete walkway a trail or this walk a hike is a blow off the water lie.

This is NOT a trail, but a concrete walk build around a human made lake.

Often times, depending on time and day, it is over crowded. Not uncommon to run into groups of three or four people walking next to each other taking the whole path and blocking others. you have to ether ask them to move or go around them. Complete disregard for others. Not surprising, people often do that on the bike path around the park, why not here?

The best thing about this walk is to watch the ducks swans. But at the same time it can be upsetting. I have seen plenty of people feeding them even though there are signs that clearly state not to do it. It affects their migration habits and it is illegal. But people do it anyway. I suppose some people think signs and laws do not apply to them.

Perhaps my review is a bit more “negative” than others, but I crew up in the Valley and have frequented this park and many others and I have seen this park go from bad to worst. More and more people and people using it few good parks we have in the Valley in very selfish ways. At the same time I am not one to sugar coat things. Yes, it’s a pretty place with some beautiful animals, but it does have it’s downfalls.

Unless it’s raining, do not expect to spend some nice quite time. If you want some alone time and quite time, just you and nature, this is not the place for you.

this was a real easy walk more than a hike but the fence around the lake took some of the ambience out of play but still a fun time

Nice hike great view...

Pretty nice hike and it’s far enough removed from the city that you get a small taste of escape.

A there and back again trail. No shade, great views, perfect for runners and mountain bikers, though the latter should look out for cracks in the road here and there.

Nice and steady trail throughout. great views of greater Los Angeles. Parking can be a hassle though.

Great hike and once at the top you get the enjoy the pond with a view of all Los Angeles.

Very fun hike if you are in the area. It's quite popular, and the people are very friendly and social -- you will make new friends here! The main trails are wide dirt tracks, very easy to follow, but there are also a number of single tracks crisscrossing the park if you want to be more adventurous. The pond at the top of the hill is a fun little surprise, and a shady spot to rest while you take in the views of the cit y.

Nice hike bit steep if you aren't used to hiking. Probably not for kids.

Water refill station at Dantes view about halfway up

Great views. Would be great at sunset or early morning.

horseback riding
25 days ago

re: the wording "future Los Angeles River Bike Path" is incorrect. That is an equestrian trail and bicycles are not allowed in any manner, way or form - riding, pushing, carrying: NO BIKES ALLOWED. Please fix your map.

A nice and easy walk overlooking Highland Park. The pond was exceptional, and as advertised, turtles swam in the water. Great hike for beginners.

Hiked this trail in late June, starting around 11:30 am. It was hot but there was a breeze, bring plenty of water. During the week there weren’t too many people hiking so it didn’t feel overly crowded. There are plenty of places for scenic look outs. I hiked to the top and got behind the Hollywood Sign and also hiked to get in front of it as well.

Great for social walk. Great run for beginners. About 1.3 miles around the lake.

Great hike. For beginners it will be challenging. Uphill mostly. Might be challenging for small kids. Great hike for moderate hikers. Great practice for backpacking.

This is good for a quick “clear your mind” hike. Solid views and a nice forested portion. Not a tough workout but you’ll break a sweat. Fairly busy, with homes in view for most of the trail. Lots of detours so using the AllTrails GPS is very helpful!

This trail is just pure awesome and action packed. After trekking all around the hills admiring the beautiful landscapes and purple sage flowers we finally started our upward ascent towards the cave! It's a LEGIT cave that you can actually climb up through (no need to have rock climbing experience - just need to grab and scramble a bit). I felt like I was in some secret batman cave a bit and and there was actually a bat or two that flew out the cave. My friend and I climbed up through the cave at a pretty decent high and find a nice area to relax and chill out before our descent back to the bottom.

Pro Tip - After you leave the cave I would highly recommend taking the fire road back to the Victory Trailhead parking lot. This reminds me, when arriving at the trailhead make sure to have $3 cash so can pay for your parking spot.

UPDATE (2/20/18) : I just re-did this hike again with a close group of friends and extended it to Castle Peak! This is a must if you really want to make this a fully adventurous trail. After you explore the cave, you must climb out of the cave and go all the way to the top of the ridge. This portion is steep and also a good uphill workout that is doable. Once you reach the top, you will see in the distance two rocky peaks. The second one in the distance is Castle Peak. This trek is more isolated and rugged so make sure to watch your step. You will do some fun rock scrambling and will get incredible 360 views. Once at Castle Peak, there is a pathway down that will lead back to the trail. Take the pathway back in the direction of the caves and you will hit the parking lot trailhead.

- @justroc @just.trek

1 month ago

Nice short trail perfect for the evening before sunset. It's fully exposed, but well maintained even after the fire. Beautiful views of the Getty & into Santa Monica. Hike around rush hour to enjoy a laugh at the shmucks sitting in traffic!

1 month ago

Easy, pleasant neighborhood hike.

bee rock is a fun hike but can be hard to climb if you dint take the trail.

The lower portion of the hike is on paved paths and the upper portion is on wide fire roads. There is a bit of climbing, but not too challenging due to how short the hike is. Cool views from the Observatory, as always.

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