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Straightforward loop, with the Old Zoo as an interesting note about halfway through. Difficulty comes in length and long ups and long descents.

Go early and bring a hat because there are some unshaded parts.

Also do the part up the hills to the Old Zoo first, because the half near the highway is long and flat, and the hike up is both more tiring and more fun.

Great long hike though, I recommend it!

Super easy hike. I usually jog there from my apt since I live nearby. The caves are really to look at. Plus, it is the original BATCAVE

2 months ago

Short and easy trail but the pay off is that you can say you went to the original Adam West Batcave!

Very cool

Also saw a bunch of little animals on the way, which was fun.

This is a great trail if you like some challenge. It is very narrow at points. Lots of nature, mostly shaded.

2 months ago

Easy and short. Caves are semi cool, and you can see the Hollywood sign after you pass the caves. Good place to bring out of towners who can’t handle much incline or long treks

Super easy nice warm up

3 months ago

I wouldnt say this hike is 7 miles long. we parked in the parking lot right in front of the old park. it takes under 5 minutes to get too and 20 minutes to look through. there is a look out point up on the hill,which is a lot of fun to get too.

Really nicely groomed trail for the most part; shady in lots of spots too which was lovely. A couple of tiny stream crossings, and not at all crowded. No hassles with parking and the All Trails map worked perfectly. We ended up going almost 6 miles.

3 months ago

Easy to follow, wide track trail starting at the pony rides/miniature train station. Most of the climb is moderate, till you get to the short but steep single track to the summit. There are lots of signs, and the trails are well maintained. Not the best views of DTLA, Silver Lake, and Burbank, but worth it if you're close.

3 months ago

I'm laying here after hiking and I don't know if it's the sun or just taking the more challenging parts of trail but I'm tired... lol This is a nice hike. What I like about it is that it is challenging enough to hike/run without being disappointed that there were no ocean views because of the haze. There is no shade so be sure to stay hydrated or hike closer to sunset. This trail is dog-friendly so be on the lookout since some people some don't pick up after their dogs.

The fire road trail is wide and paved in a way that is versatile enough to hike/bike ride and have your dog off-leash. On this particular day it was kind of hazy so I didn't get the clearest views of the ocean but I read that in a clear day you can see to Catalina. Always be aware that not only are there lizards and snakes but also dog poop to watch for. Also know that some of the mountain bikers come down hill quickly so be alert.

This was my first time but I found out about it because I wanted a trail that was close enough that I could take the dog with he visits. I like that there is a parking lot but also adequate street parking. Respect the neighborhood and when you visit we shouldn't have to worry about permits when the lot is full.

With nice views, a versatile trail and being another gem on the west side I can say that I would recommend this trail for those looking for a little bit of a challenge. Stay hydrated.

3 months ago


Nice trail. I was happy I could take my dog. There are a lot of forks in the road so the map on this app is needed.

on Bronson Caves

3 months ago

Super easy! If you’re a beginner on hiking this is a good place to start. Easy mellow very chill, early mornings are best, super empty so you feel like you’re there alone. Good for dogs and kids, awesome pics on a clear sunny day.

The best hike I've ever been so far. Amazing mountain views from the 1st minute.
Be aware - not a lot shade! Better to come in the morning.

Lots of wildflowers April/May, the ridge is the best part the rest is pretty crowded.

Love love love this trail

wide trail. mod to heavy traffic. dog friendly. kid friendly

5 months ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

5 months ago

Great easy hike with 3 1/2 year old grandson, loved the Batman caves. Playground at parking lot entrance which was nice.

Don’t bother. Once you arrive, you have to make a small hike uphill to get to the trailhead. Everything is well marked, except there is no mention of this trail. Also, once you get half mile in, there are no dog signs posted. Such a waste of my day.

5 months ago

Amazing views. beautiful hike. My new spot

6 months ago

6 months ago

The north side of Topanga Park is great, but these caves are trash, covered in bad graffiti, garbage and beer cans everywhere, not kid friendly.

7 months ago

Short, but sweet. Came early and parked in the first lot to the right. Free parking. Ton of people walking/hiking with their dogs. The trail is off to the right, but if you miss it and keep going straight there is a map and it’ll direct you back. There is one entrance into the cave, but three exit points! Pretty cool.

This an 8.26 mike hike, not a 7 mike hike. It also gets confusing when you get to the zoo area because you have to cross the parking lot and the grassy lawn to get the the crosswalk in order to get to the other part of the hike, which is where most of the horses go. We loved the first part but once you follow the side of the road then behind the Autry, it get boring.

I really enjoyed this trail — once I found it. I missed the first left turn (because I wasn’t looking at the trail map), and I ended up going on a short hike behind some of houses. That isn’t this trail. So I’d advise, if it’s your first time there, use the map. The trail has a few places where it Ys, and I appreciated this app in those moments. That said, it’s a beautiful area with incredible views, and my dog and I had a grand time. We will be back.

Also: Make sure to keep your dog on a leash. They seem pretty serious about tickets. One visitor told me a ranger recently hid in the bushes and gave his friend a ticket. Sneaky.

loved it..super close to my besties

First off, the address on this app is wrong and took you to a train stop 8 min away. Just type in “old zoo” info your phone.

This place is lowkey ratchet. I walked past it and didn't even realize, got lost trying to go up the upper zoo trail and found my way back. Even regulars say that they still get messed up trying to remember where it is, even though it's literally right next to the parking lot.

I thought it would have super cool graffiti, as I am a big fan of street art, but this was just poor quality vandalism. I thought it was a slap in the face to see that people had tagged the trees, rocks, and the signs that could point you in the right direction/tell you about the history of the zoo.

The old zoo itself was super dilapidated in a not cool way (can you say old ANIMAL PRISON). It also smelled terrible and I even saw a bottle of piss. Then there were these hoodlums blasting metal in the picnic area and hidden in pockets on the hills smoking weed and drinking beers, which they probably littered. I would probably come here if I was a goth kid in middle school trying to find a place outside my parents house to drink keystone ice and smoke cigs. Also, there's coyotes roaming around so that was also sketch.

TLDR: you will leave this place wanting to make sure you put on hand sanitizer and wanting to dart out promptly before dusk. And the hike itself was underwhelming.

8 months ago

Way too many horses and the trail is covered in horse $hit.

The single track trail to the actual cave is rather overgrown and strewn with litter. As you get closer to the cave there's a lot of graffiti and other simply creepy things (like a chain hanging from a tree shaped into a noose!?). There's also a ton of trash. Such a shame as these caves, if left alone and protected, would certainly be an amazing little treat. The single track itself is also challenging in parts and as others have suggested, wear long pants (or find another trail all together).

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