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trail running
23 days ago

Great after work run, mostly shaded but with some good vantage points over the Bay on the way up. The summit isn’t overwhelming but on a clear day you’d be able to see the Pacific but the remaining 364 days of the year you’ll at least be able to enjoy a cloud inversion over the coast.

First 2km and the final 2km before the summit are the most difficult.

The loop posted as-is is definitely not 22 miles. I think it would come in around 10/11 miles, so not sure what happened there. However, it goes through some beautiful and less trafficked areas and there a plenty of options to extend the loop, specifically into Upper Stevens Creek. On further investigation, I realized that the mileage reported is for TWO loops. So one loop is 11 miles.

My first official hike happened here the first week I move to CA...aka...first week of June. It was challenging, but that's because I was/am inexperienced. My friends were experienced and even they enjoyed it and found some challenges. It has beautiful views and it was an amazing adventure that I would definitely repeat.

2 months ago

The old Spanish trail becomes non-dog friendly about half way down the right side of the loop, had to turn back. Lots of mountain bikes going pretty fast on alpine road which made hiking with a dog on the narrow trails less than ideal. A couple of nice vistas.

Good amount of shade and sun- a climate for everyone! Nice steady incline up and careful footing on the way back down. Did it wearing a baby, and gave me a nice challenge while staying upright.

3 months ago

An amazing trail, but not recommended for new hikers based on the elevation gain. Make sure you hike all the way up and take a left on Montebello Road to get to the rocky area. Enjoy :)

Very good hike heights, love it

The Black Mountain peak was closed - thank you Mr and Mrs Lions - but it was still a great outdoors to take Rhus Ridge to Black Mountain Trail to Rogue Valley Trail all the way to San Antonio and back. About 12 miles out and back with small amount of elevation change leading to under 20 minute pace (and walk by Deer Hollow Park). Start early.

River + amazing views + farm animals = great adventure

As long as you don"t bother about loud motorcyclists and the fact that the trail is all the way near HWY 9 OR 35 you can enjoy the 4.7 miles loop.

I’ve walked this just after sunrise and just before sunset.
AM it is best to go clockwise, PM best anti-clockwise.

Excellent hike, to the top of Black Mountain about 12 miles..steep at some points, very good workout to get ur endurance up...well worth it to reach the top, the view is amazing.

I'm visiting from WA, and decided to check out this trail today.

Trail is super well-maintained, and there are pretty cool views of Silicon Valley and Black Mountain (and some surrounding ridges) along the way. The end of Black Mountain Trail (a radio tower) doesn't have amazing views, but it's a great hike overall. The hike itself starts out a bit steep, but becomes a gradual climb and is quite steady in its climb until the very end, where it's steep again.

Made it to the top in about 1:45. I didn't drive there (took a Lyft), but the parking lot was completely full by the time I descended.

Lovely views. Road noise can be
Loud at times

Really scenic, very beautiful and not too hard to hike (tho some parts get a little steep).

Make sure to note that the park closes 30 minutes after sunset, and the rangers will begin to give tickets after this.

Minus one star for $10 parking fees. But other than that, an easy and lightly trafficked hike.
We did hostel trail to creek trail looping up toyon hill and back to hostel trail.

on Coal Creek Trail

7 months ago

Great hike..nice views...if you have a dog-comb them for ticks afterwards..not too many, but be cautious..

new years day hike

7 months ago

Hiked up 12/31/17. Parking lot is small. Pleasantly cool around 4pm. Steady incline for the entire 0.9 mile. Views are nice but blocked by trees. Mary Davey Loop trail at the top is a nice mostly level 0.6 mile warm down loop.

great walk but at the end we saw the sign saying no dogs! so maybe remove the dog friendly tag.

7 months ago

A little steep. not a lot to see. might be better views if walking further.

We started at the creek trail (not hostel) that goes along the creek where I saw families with kids playing the water. This part of the trail has a lot of shade and beautiful trees. The elevation gains steadily at beginning and then really picks up. Once at the top, there are signs to head to Black Mountain, also the trail section with no shade. We continued up and past the sign until we found the Hostel Trail (this took us a while as we were confused as to whether we were headed to Black Mountain instead, however there are definite signs for hostel trail once at the cross road). It was mostly downhill from there and we pretty much ran most of the trail till bottom. We also saw beautiful views of the valley in distance. This trail gave us a great workout!

This is not a really hard trail. Trails from hidden village to Black Mountain are marked as moderate and easy in AllTrails.com. Only a few parts of the trail is steep and the remaining is moderate. There are several local runners train on this trail. I and my friend finish in 3 hour and 15 minutes without running. If the weather is clean, you can see SF from the trail near to summit.

Did this hike 9-24-17. The path is mostly shaded with oaks, fragrant bays, and a few Madrones. The trail gains the elevation, but is evenly graded, with few steps or rocky areas. The views are great in sections along the trail, of the South Bay, and even SF and Oakland in the distance. The view at the very top was not as great as I was hoping for.

Parking was limited, I was lucky someone was leaving when I got there. No water and no bathrooms, so be prepared.

I did counterclockwise with having a little detour to enjoy Stevens Creek Natural Trail. Indian Creek Trail has steep gradient and was challenging with almost no shade. But view from black mountain was great. There were not many shade through the loop except Stevens Creek Natural Trail. Recommend to hike in the morning and finish before noon if temperatures exceed 90F.

Great hike, if you are looking for a workout. Nice views of the valley, the trail is a combination of shaded and exposed to sun. Parking lot is small, and does not have water fountains or bathrooms, better bring your own water.
Can be completed in one afternoon: back and forth took me 3:30 (I am moderately fit).

Trail is well maintained and is steadily paced, but views along the way and at the top aren't amazing. It was a great workout but I probably wouldn't do it again.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Aim for 2.5-3 hours to hike up and 1.5-2 hours to come back down. That means start early morning because it can get pretty hot. It's strenuous, it's not crowded and it's worth it. First and last mile are the ones to save energy for.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A nice route if you feel like a stiff climb. The first mile and last mile are especially fun. And all uphill, so if you get aggressive and push too hard, you can just turn around and coast back down.

Monday, August 07, 2017

A rigorous workout with more than 2500 feet elev gain awaits those attempting to scale Black Mountain from Rhus Ridge trail head. On top of being a steady climb, the last mile or so is particularly strenuous.

Detailed Blog: http://shompens.com/canvas/1488496843373

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