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Long Beach, California Map
1 day ago

It’s an overall good trail for a quick run although there are many detours you have to make to go back to were you started, there is some trash here and there but it’s a good small trail to talk a short walk , I would recommend to go with a family member, friend, or to take your dogs for a quick walk, but do not leave them without a leash!

One of my favorite rides. water front leads right to the Rio Hondo trail

Don’t come here. Not so safe. Lots of young homeless people. Lots of trash.

I love this trail! It was the first bit of hiking I have ever done ever in life, and it was pretty easy! I did this hike with my 2.5 year old. She and I did 2.5 miles walking. There was a point towards the end where I threw her on my shoulders because she was beat, but it was easy and we had fun!

This is my first time at this park. The paved trail was a nice 2.5 mile walk. We forget to start the app until about 3/4 mile in. My biggest complaint is the bathroom. OMGsh, how gross. There was throw up in the sinks, poop all over the one stall, at least 1inch of water all over the floor. There is a lot of traffic noise at part of the park as well. But overall this was a nice walk.

mountain biking
22 days ago

My very own back yard track to build speed and get conditions keep the cardio up and going. It was looking super nice and clean along the way very blossomed kept in great condition trail for runners and joggers too.

nature trips
no shade
23 days ago

This 2.4 mile walk around the wetlands is full of birds, turtles, squirrels and lizards. Lots of greenery. We was there on a cloudy morning day which made for a perfect experience. There are a few transients roaming around the area and trash in some locations. Other than that I would recommend this for the whole family and the dogs.

road biking
23 days ago

Definitely harder to go faster when your riding against the wind but everyone figures out they’re speed to enjoy this ride through Long Beach gotta love it !

no shade
24 days ago

If you're walking your dog along the Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path, make sure to stop at Rosie's Dog Beach. I took my dog to Rosie's dog beach in Long Beach, CA. The beach is really great - wide, flat and clean (other than some seaweed and small tar balls). Facilities are good (showers, toilets). Getting to/from the beach from the western beach cities is a pain. There is a lot of bridge construction and the usual heavy traffic to/from the port. Overall, the beach is so nice and my dog had such a great time it's worth going on occasion.

Beautiful : ) Lots of little creatures

one of my fav'z after a day hiking Bolsa Chica Reserve maybe do some kayaking today leeway sailing...day old pizza for breakfast waiting on the sunrise ! #vantrampn

Great coastal bike path. This path is worth doing again and again.

love this hike❤

1 month ago

Just want to mention that this place is great for women hiking alone, it is a nature preserve in the city, that sits next to a freeway, so you won't have to worry about mountain lions or snakes. There are always nice people and families here, no creepy guys.

Easy walk. My kids love it!

Wonderful starter trail especially for young kids. Now my oldest daughter wants to go hiking again with more animals. The nice ones!

2 months ago

Beautiful place lots of flowers & lovely turtles ....had an awesome time walking those 2 miles :)

I did not enjoy this walk. The area made me uncomfortable, I was worried someone would break into my car. I don’t feel comfortable bringing my son here. I’m not going back.

Yep, a well maintained forest trail in East Long Beach with birds, turtles, rabbits, squirrels and cranes. Serene and quiet at 7:30 AM on Saturday. Not so much by 8:00 AM. A worthy trail for your morning walk. I will be back.

Full of wonder smells and song birds. Tall greenery and so many types of trees! Silk worms, butterflies, turtles, geese, and lizards. Wheel hair accessible. I loved it. No headphones needed. $6 to park

easy hikes for all ages . different trails .some long n short

Very relaxing hike! Flat with no elevation.

Rabbits, squirrels, lizards, and many different birds. It is a nature hike that won’t disappoint. Lots of shade and beautiful flowers


Busy trail with lots of kids but beautiful.

no shade
3 months ago

definitely not a hike lol but a nice brisk jog with my 16 lb maltipoo

Thousands of butterflies migrating North today. This trail is an East-West trail. What do the butterflies know that I don’t? This trail consists of connect parks with concrete park paths and street sidewalks with two bridges and a lake. There is a multi-station advanced challenge course on the path within Heartwell Park. Easy parking. Local appeal.

Always love walking on the beach here but please pick up your trash!!

Best 8 minute hike there is. Path & grounds maintained. Easy parking.

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