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Lone Pine, California Map

Summited July 16 on a single day permit. Left at 1am and was back at the campground at 3:50pm. The trail is almost completely clear with only a few snow spots. Snow is melting really fast now. Had crampons with me but never needed them. Just did the hike with my trekking poles and heavy duty trail running shoes and had zero problems. The switchbacks were clear and I didn’t see anyone using the chute (which looked pretty dicey at this time with the amount of snow that had melted).

I am looking for a day use permit to hike Mt. Whitney. Any date between July 23 and August 15Will pay appropriately. 707-757 0020 Thank you all

We completed this hike to the summit on 7/14 and the trail still has snow in places that require scrambling up the rocks due to snow blocking the trail, but it is mostly clear. VERY IMPORTANT POINT: we saw several people crossing the snow on steep slopes using only hiking poles. Yes, this can be done and will work as long as nothing goes wrong. However, one slip or soft snow breaking loose and you will be headed down the slope with no way to arrest yourself. Hiking poles will not help in that situation. This is equivalent to free rock climbing. The ropes and protection devices are there in case you slip or loose a hold, so you won't fall. PLEASE USE AN ICE AXE on this climb, it is the only way you can arrest your slide down the mountain if the unexpected happens. Of course you need to know how to use it too, but it is a critical piece of safety equipment for this climb right now. We stayed on the switchbacks up and down, and there is one spot along the cables that is pretty tight, but the snow has melted enough now that you can stay on the inside of the cables. Beautiful and challenging hike that can be done safely if using the right equipment.

5 days ago

I did this about eight years ago. It was a blast.

Summitted 3 times after 5 attempts. The end of October is reasonably the latest climb of the season for regular hikers, after that you need snow gear and the days are too short for the round trip from Whitney Portal. Because the top is in itself an accomplishment, the roof of the 48 contiguous states, it is one of the most rewarding climbs in North America. Spending the night at base camp is well recommended to acclimatize to altitude, it is only a 3 hours walk to the top, and then a long trek back to the parking lot.

Our group hiked the mountain on July 11th. started at 2:20 am. hiked the switchbacks and summited between 10:20 am and 11:00 am. a couple of sketchy traverses across the snow but very manageable if you're careful. we had microspikes. I used them once up towards the summit but didn't use them coming down. trekking poles very helpful. If you've done any skiing, I would suggest leaving the spikes off on the non steep snow on the return. easier just to step/slide down. really great hike. views on top are amazing. got down a little after 4 pm.

If there's a group hiking mt whitney in one day on 08/25 or 08/26 and has room for an extra person, please let me know! I'm a beginner but is up for the challenge! Have not hiked anything over 8000 elevation yet. You can email me at nalymthor@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!

Left 7-12-19 @ 1:00am via old trail. Hiked up very slow 1 mph average to avoid AMS. Felt great at trail crest at 9:30, Summited at 11:30. Early morning snow is firm and perfect for crossing with micro spikes. Afternoon melt makes it very difficult to maneuver in slushy snow. Trail conditions should be perfect in a week. Bring extra socks and lots of sunscreen Brought 4.5 liters of water/electrolytes each and used it all. Taking your time going up and staying positive will make your trip so much more enjoyable overall.

Reached summit on 7/12. Started at 3:30 with a slow and easy pace. Stopped to cook a couple of meals during trip. Returned around 9:30 pm. Used micro spikes on a couple of short sections of snow at top of switchbacks just to say we did but glad we carried them for peace of mind. Used trekking poles for stability coming down and creek/water crossings but not necessary. Ice axe was a must for glissade. Slow and easy glissade down chute during late afternoon. Felt like a horse returning to the stable for the last 6 miles. A long day but worth the miles and climb.

Amazing! Just finished an overnight hike of Mt Whitney! We hiked 6.5 miles to Consultation Lake the first day. Then summited, and finished our hike the second day. The preparation paid off! hiking and running are good, but hiking above 10k feet with a fully losded pack was absolutely key (Mt Baldy is a great way to get used to elevation, your pack weight, and using those legs). The trail to Mt Whitney was nearly free of snow/ice. The 99 switchbacks are free of snow except for about 100 yards in total in three or four areas. The first bit of snow on the switchbacks is at the area with the steel cable railing. There were lots of people turning back here. Don't! take the small trail between the snow and the rock face! you will get a bit wet, but it is 100% safe! No crampons or ice axe required what so ever. Forget about glissading as the chute's snow is chopped and has rocks. I took microspikes, but those are not needed either. Wear sunscreen! And start early to beat the heat!

Reached the Summit on July 13th after starting at 2:50 AM and finished at 8:45 PM. The views were incredible and weather warm and ideal for hiking. The snow slowed us down quite a bit when we had to put on spikes and a few times we created our own trail when snow blocked the trail and we were uncertain how to proceed. The hike is very challenging and we were not experienced dealing with melting snow. My oldest son 25 years old sprained his ankle and had swelling and bad bruising and made it 8.5 miles down and was a warrior.

I found an iPhone 10 on the trail 7/12. I left it at the visitor center in Lone Pine.

Make sure your car is free of food and looks tidy in the portal parking lot, tons of bear activity.

9 days ago

11:30am left cottonwood trailhead arrived at long lake at 3:50pm. 7.0 miles.

July 10th - Started at 2:45 am and reached the summit approx 11:00 am. Spent 45 min at the top and then hiked back down getting back to the parking lot around 5pm. There are still several areas where snow is covering the trail but if you’re careful you should be fine. I went up switchbacks but there were still people going up and down the chute.

Did this hike from the Cottonwood lakes basin and up and over New Army pass on 7/7/19. Still good amount of snow on top of New Army pass and Ice axe and crampons needed. Snow on top of New Army pass but clear heading towards Cirque Peak. Great views circling around towards the Peak. Scramble down through the boulders off the Cirque Peak face to head back to the Cottonwood lakes basin.

Great trail and the view from the summit is well worth the effort! Our group left from the trailhead at 2 am and arrived at the summit just after 12:30. We were off the trail by about 8:30 pm. There is a creek crossing about a mile into the trail. We took our boots off to cross, I brought a small towel to dry our feet off with so we had dry socks for the rest of the hike. There is one large snow field just past outpost camp that we traversed with micro spikes and trekking poles with no issues. There is one section of snow near the cables that was difficult to traverse but the snow was pretty firm so we were able to climb over it, we recommend staying on the rock side of the snow pile vs the cable side. The rest of the 99 switchbacks were clear though. The final section of trail just before trail crest has snow but we passed with micro spikes with no issues. The final ascent just prior to the summit is snow covered, it was definitely soft snow by the time we traversed it but had no issues with micro spikes and trekking poles. We brought 3.5L of water each and filtered water on our way back down near outpost camp. We brought lots of ibuprofen and pedialyte mix which definitely came in handy! We also recommend giving yourself extra time with the snow, it took us longer than we planned to get back down so we were thankful we left so early and had the daylight at the end of the day. There aren’t a lot of signs along the trail so a Whitney zone map is a must. We picked up a map at the same location we got our permit. Happy Trails!

This trail is definitely easy, not moderate as stated. The Alabama Hills is a funky area of rocky terrain, and this short trail is great place to stretch your legs on a road trip. The terrain is unique and made more special by the views of Mt Whitney and the eastern Sierras behind.

off trail
13 days ago

13 days ago

Did not make it to the lake. Maybe next time. Strenuous and steep. You can get lost with the trail as you go closer to the top. My dog got very tired. Found a spot by the creek. Be prepared with mosquitoes. Left at 9am got there around 2pm. I accidentally left my sleeping bag and went back. My first time hiking at night left before dawn around 7 pm. My head light was great. It started to get dark. Made it safe to the parking. Great adventure.

Hiked from Whitney Portal to the summit and back down to the portal on 7/6. Microspikes or crampons are definitely needed. Ice axe only needed if you are going up or coming down the chute. Your boots/feet will be wet from snow and water runoff. No water (other than snow) between the trail crest and summit. Fill up at trail camp to see you through the summit.

We did up and back from Whitney Portal on July 6. Left at 3:30 am and returned at 8:30pm. Still a fair amount of snow on switchbacks and many people were turning back at the cables. This area was a little tricky as you had to go to the outside of the trail holding on to the cables to pass. On the way back, we glissaded down the chute to avoid the switchbacks(ice axes came in handy). Definitely, still needs micro spikes for several areas and extra time as some areas are slow going

14 days ago

whats the condition of this trail? I'm planning on going this Tuesday

absolutely epic by every measure. a beautifully maintained trail that never feels too steep - surrounded by rock walls and rushing water. there is one stream crossing where it's a bit tricky if you want to keep your feet dry. with poles and waterproof boots you can make it dry - but not all do. I took off my shoes (low cut) and walked it barefoot (sand). the hike was perfect for my 13 year old son. recommend a swim. cold but refreshing. some mosquitoes around but not too bad. plenty of accessible snow to practice w/ crampons and ice axe.

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