The Switchbacks are now open!

We started the day bright and early at 2am to not only escape the sun as much as possible, but also to hit the mountain before the snow had become too slushy.

We had come into the day prepared for anything, knowing the uncertainty of the switchbacks and conditions of the chute (which had been reported to be somewhat dangerous coming down). Lucky for us, the switchbacks were in great condition and our group of 10 summited and descended via the switchbacks!

There were several patches of ice that still remained heading up the switchbacks, maybe 4 at most, but ALL could be easily navigated with micro spikes and Trekking Poles. To my memory, these were at the cables, and also heading up to trailcrest. I will say that if you summit later in the day, these patches will become quite slushy and could potentially lead to some nervous crossings, but we had 5-6 newbies to any sort of climbing like this and they all successfully crossed without any issue.

That being said, it looked like the chute was slushy enough that people had to propel themselves down the mountain opposed to the usual report of it being too icy and people sliding out of control.. I would just caution that as the rocks become exposed, you run the risk of sliding into something that may not have been exposed that morning. Still, I didn’t see or hear of any issues coming off the mountain today.

Be safe, have fun, and pick up your wag bag please!