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8 days ago

I am all about interesting rock formations and the rocks are definitely neat, but I imagine this trail is far more interesting to climbers and if viewed from the bottom (much like waterfalls that still flow -- always more impressive from below!). I may have to go back and attempt viewing from below or after some serious rains to see if I get lucky like one other reviewer.

And I must say, it is rather interesting to imagine the life and water that once flowed through this valley.

Perfect introduction to the Whitney Zone area for me. I have extensively backpacked north of Whitney and have purposely stayed away from this area due to popularity. This trail, however, is most definitely a path less traveled and we barely saw anyone, making it a lovely weekend.

The trail starts very mellow and the gradual climb up between two immense and beautiful geological mammoths, amongst the trees and alongside a rushing Creek. It's soft on the feet for about 2 miles then it changes to quite rocky trail.

Then the trail gets very strenuous and harder to follow up to Grass lake. From Grass to Camp Lake you're tired and feeling elevation, and it's about to get harder.

We climbed up to Meysan at the outlet (difficult, steep bouldering for about 500ft up) and found a camping spot.

Breathtaking! Fishing is plentiful. We were alone and the weather was extremely pleasant. We could comfortablely hang out in our swimsuits at 4pm.

It took 6 hours to hike the 5.2 miles up, and 4 hours to get back the next day, including a detour to Grass Lake (which is equally breathtaking!).

This is a tough hike but the reward is immense : beautiful views, solitude, fish, challenging hike, cross country experience, climbing experience.

1 month ago

Good views up to Lone Pine Peak and then back in to the valley. Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way to the lake due to snow and tired legs from a previous hike, but well worth the effort and would do it again

2 months ago

Amazing Hike! Completely worth it. Beautiful view of Lone Pine peak. Lots of snow still getting up to the lake. Not too difficult.

on Meysan Trail

2 months ago

Easy trail to follow pretty views and worth it

Short hike pretty views

Very much agree with Jon’s review below. A little uncomfortable at times. Drove a stock SR5 4x4 with Nitto Grapplers. Kept up with both buddy’s lifted FJ’s.

3 months ago

Pretty neat spot to stop and stretch your legs

Short hike. Gorgeous views. Bring water, I visited the first week of February 2018. There was a storm coming in the distance, however it was warm. The trail is a loop. From the parking I would start at the western trail as it is the shorter route to the arch. Minimal ascents and descends. The surrounding area of Alabama hills was breathtaking. Hiking options, biking options and I believe off-road options. Oh also great boulders for climbing. Definitely coming back!

Amazing place!!! Worth the visit if you are traveling around. Easy short hike, but expect a strong cold wind during the winter time. A+++

6 months ago

Easy and fun. We had a 3 and 6 year old. There are some drop offs so you have to keep an eye on your kids, but they had a blast climbing in and out of all the lava flow holes! Great for a stop to stretch your legs and maybe have a picnic.

Easy hike. The arch is very cool

Beautiful weather and first time at this location. Fell in love instantly!

Easy hike that leads to beautiful rock formations . Kid friendly . Trail has small rocks lining it making it easy to find the path.

Mellow quick jaunt. Hiked today and the views were amazing.

I would probably rate this an easy, not a moderate. I had to go to Lone Pine for work and just wanted to get it into nature after seeing the gorgeous setting. I chose this hike because of the distance and did it Vans slip ons. well worth it. Tons of boulders to climb on. It's really amazing.

Wonderfully well kept and empty trail.we used it to connect to a portion of PCT south to Kennedy meadows. Hard to find trail once you hit the summit, so keep a GPS. We lost the trail cuz we didn't go left where the trail must cross the stream at the summit. Lots of bear droppings.

Spectacular view point and easy hike, avoid the hottest parts of the day if you're here during summer. a passenger vehicle can make it on the dirt road to this hike.

They found Paul haha!!

11 months ago

Extreme workout but worth every step

Short lovely trail with magnificent views of Alabama Hills

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nice, short hike. I wouldn't recommend mid day though as it can be a bit hot but the arches are cool to see!

off road driving
Monday, July 03, 2017

Today was the second time I did this trail, and my first time leading the way. We took the side trip to see the mine. I paused the record function on the app so there's a gap in my track. I remembered to restart it as we started the drive on Cerro Gordo .
The environment changes as you move from desert to mountain to rolling hills, wooded valley, ending with a shelf section that is sure to make you a little uncomfortable.Good times , overall it's a great experience

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Great place for evening, morning and night photography to compose landscape and Milky Way photos.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Easy hike to a picturesque location

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Since a large portion of the Sierras were still in heavy snow (as of late May, 2017), this was one of the few passes we could sink our teeth into for a quick weekend overnight.
We got a pretty early start to beat the heat, and got to around 8000' before 11am. Bugs were a bit of a nuisance, but other than that, this was a very pleasant hike!
Olancha made for great elevation practice, and there are some great camping spots once you clear the pass and get closer to Summit Lake. It's also quite nice that a lot of people overlook this trail; over Memorial Day weekend, we only ran into three other groups over the course of three days.
As a few websites have mentioned, there's a really nice Wrangler camp about 1.5 miles West of Olancha Pass - where a larger creek meets Summit Lake. It has a picnic table and fire pit, and other amenities. It not entirely clear who owns it, but consensus is that it is fair use so long as you respect the area.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

super easy. tons of people climbing on the arch... bummer.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Love this short trail. Quick and easy, just follow the rock border!

Friday, April 28, 2017

I love this trail so much! I stop by here every time I am on the 395 or heading up to Mammoth. It's is all dry in the summer (which I personally love). It makes for insanely cool desert landscape and the rocks get super hot. On the way to the falls area, there is a stand with a metal box and a book inside, where you can write your name, where you are from, what date you visited, and why you visited. On the way you will find signs that tell you the history of this old volcanic site and how the Owens River used to flow through it. You can climb in and out of the falls, at your own risk of course. It's super fun and highly recommended!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

really beautiful and very easy walk.

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