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This is a beautiful, family-friendly hike with plenty of shade, and can be lengthened depending on where you park.

19 hours ago

Many lizards. Part of the trail was blocked off due to construction

I started from the playground up to the observatory and it was a quick but steep trail. A lot people and wide pathways perfect for group but safe to go alone

amazing! feel the burn! view is spectacular

on San Juan Rapids Trail

1 day ago

This is our weekly trail for the last year and half or so.... it’s easy, local and gets you out. Signage is pretty bad but the app keeps you on track. Picnic tables and bathrooms available at Sacramento Bar Park.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Great ride for beginners... was my first mountain biking trail and I loved it.. gonna do this a few more times to build more confidence... went on a weekday, very few people on the trail.

1 day ago

Got to check out this trail (8 mins from home!) that i never knew existed. Brought my 5 month old bull terrier puppy on a Wednesday morning at 7am. Extremely quiet morning, had the trail mostly to ourselves other than 1 other dog/owner we passed when first starting. The wildlife was out in full force, the egrets, geese ducks, rabbits, and squirrels were every couple yards. Had an awesome time and will for sure return.

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Hiked trail this past Sunday. The fire and subsequent mudslide have devastated the trail. It will need our help to restore it.

I go here every Sunday for Mountain biking and I gotta say this is one of the best trails ever in the SoCal, nice challenging uphill with a technical downhill you can’t go wrong with this trail, in summer go early cause it gets hot real quick up there.

Super easy but fun. Plus you're by the beach so bonus! Make a day of it to make it worth your while. Also don't expect a waterfall if you go in July. Because if you do, you're an asshole and I hate you.

it's just ok. I mean if you just want to putz around. it's pretty and you can always go down to the swing at the creek.

trail running
1 day ago

A big too busy for my liking with many dogs off leads giving an added trip hazard to the runner.

Good hike that leads to a small waterfall, but a little crowded. Still worth the experience.

first time really like it

2 days ago

I have never been there, is there a certain parking spot to park?

Easy. Simple. Only did this to get our puppy used to a little distance. We did not do the .8 around the lake. We actually walked the entire Harveston area - which gives you about 3.5 miles.

what an amazing experience. will be my go to when I want a quick nature fix

2 days ago

Nice and easy. This trail can be continued around the backside and you can complete a loop. Used to be that you could go down the back and connect to the trails heading west and come out near Glendora Country Club. Now, most of the area on the backside of the hill is being leveled for more luxury homes. Super!

Very pretty!

great trail for a run, beautifully tucked down below houses up on the Hills so you feel like you are in the wilderness but you are still near civilization

awesome hike! I started at 645am. made it up in just under 2 hours. I went on a Monday morning, and had the rock to myself for 20 minutes before someone else came up. Going down I passed tons of people, so definitely get there early if you don't want to wait. The whole thing took 3 1/2 hours, and was definitely a workout. Can't wait to do it again! I brought 3L of water, and drank about 2.5

3 days ago

The hike is actual two hikes in one. The hike to the trail up the fire road is wide and easy. There are shady groves along the way in case you need rest on hot day. When you get to the mouth of Eaton Canyon that's where the fun starts. You will cross the the creek a number of time as you wind up the canyon. You have to do some rock climbing because you will have to go over outcroppings of boulders. Once you reach the falls, it will be worth it. If you have shaky balance I would strongly recommend hiking poles. Also exercise patients as you will encounter folks coming in and out of the canyon. Over all the hike is great for the first time hiker, casual hiker, or hikers with some trails and miles under their belt.

I've been wanting to hike this trail for some time now and over this past weekend I finally did! It was a great hike. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather and scenery. My mother-in-law joined me and at her short stature she had some difficulty climbing some of the rocks on the trail, but it wasn't at all too difficult. The subtle incline (due to frequent switchbacks) made for almost a leisurely hike. It was a busy trail, but everyone was so pleasant. This trail will be added to my "Will Hike Often" list.

My best friend and I have hiked this trail twice. We are both decently active but this was my first time hiking since I was a kid so I’d consider myself a beginner. It’s $3 for 4 hours I think. We go counterclockwise which is about 2.5-3 miles uphill at first. It’s a pretty hard trail for beginners. We take a lot of 3 minute breaks on some benches provided and it ends up taking us two hours. We bring a backpack and fill it with 4-5 water bottles because there’s no shade and no water. We’ve gone both times in 90F weather, although the second time we went the clouds covered the sun and made it a lot more enjoyable. Decent views too! This is a good work out if you go counterclockwise. I weigh 130 and she weighs 150 so we burn about 650-750 calories each doing it. Bring sunscreen!

3 days ago

If you think this is a hiking trail you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s a small hill that you can run up and around. It has two dog parks at the foot, and steps that you can run up and down. Gorgeous views of San Francisco and Oakland across the bay. A path stretches out from coyote point to redwood shores. (Possibly further, but I’ve never done it)

One of my favorite places to go, but NOT a hiking trail in the least.

This is the best trail to get in front of the Hollywood Sign!! You can also go to the observatory once you are up in the trail. The hardest part is finding parking and then you are off. No bathrooms on the way. I went during the heat of the day, I took my liter water bottle. It took me 2 hours total while I stopped for lots of pictures. If you bring your dog, don’t forget WATER for them!! I saw so many people with large dogs, husky’s in 90 degree weather.... one collapsed... it’s hot on their feet too and they can suffer heat stroke!! Anyways sorry about my dog rant, there is a nice breeze and the beginning starts out with lots of shade and then it opens into a dirt road for truck access.
You will see horses on the trail if you are lucky; I also saw a man and his goat. There are trash bins in the area which was nice. The Bronson park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset so keep that in mind. My recommendation is to go early in the morning and bring a small car for parking. I would also wear a hat that has flaps on the back and sides for those that have sensitive skin, sunscreen and bring a little nap sack so you are hands free.

My favorite North San Diego County trail. You can make this as long as you want as there are multiple trails spread throughout Daley Ranch with some very challenging trails to more easy trails. As the warmer months are fast approaching, make sure to bring hydration as it can get very hot. Also, the earlier the better for your hikes. If you follow the full perimeter of Daley Ranch, you can make it a 13 mile trek. Love it!

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