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Livermore, California Map

This was a well groomed trail, with some great narrows of rocks and hills. Full sun, however there are small groves offering shade at reasonable distances. Not a hard trail, but you can push and make it one if you choose! Saw a couple mountain bikers, and a park ranger. Otherwise pretty much had it to myself, 4-5:30 on a weekday.

Mostly a great trail, steep enough to feel like a workout, with great views and wildlife. For summer, an early start is best, as there is only a little shade.

Great hike for the family. You can swim in the lake, fish, play volley ball, and go canoeing. They have a a great fire pit over lookingK the lake. Along with cabins you can rent, and camping grounds. Over all it’s a great place to spend the day and a very family friendly.

very good loop with fresh breeze and lake view

20 days ago

Very nice view

It’s good practice hike for high elevation gains, we did around 4500ft gain. Recommend carrying 2-3L of water in the summer, there is no clean water source on the trail.

1 month ago

What a hidden east bay gem! All these years I’ve lived in the Bay Area and never found this park, what a shame. On a Friday afternoon (“Free Friday’s” for the east bay parks 85th anniversary, a pleasant surprise) this place was really empty. A handful of campers, and absolutely nobody else on the trails. There is basically zero shad on this trail so plan accordingly. It was about 85F when I was there so hot but not unbearable. Some great views of the lake, the parts of the trail away from the lake were less interesting. But still pretty golden brown hills.

1 month ago

If you like a challenge and lots of ups and down this is the trail for you. It’s great for trail run but beware there not much water source. If you’re looking for scenery this trail is not for you. It does have its own beauty but not much to see. I don’t recommend summer due to its pretty dry, hot, and exposed. From end to end it’s 29 miles or so. I recommend if you don’t want to hike back and repeat to a total of 60 miles park your car on one end and Uber to the other. A backpacker said it’s a 45 minute drive.

We came on a warm day and the hills kicked my butt! Wonderful views, and very lightly trafficked. There are a lot of cows and some of them wander onto the path - we just kept our distance. I would say moderate is accurate. Definitely recommend this hike!

A great workout with semi steep up & downs. Great views of Wente golf course & Lake Del Valle.

Great views. Ponds. Cattle. Squirrels. Flowers. Other hikers. Dogs. Rocks and amazing trees. Cattle may seem intimidating but just keep walking, they are used to us ;) Great meditation spot on one of the rocks.

1 month ago

Starts off very open and populated. Goes on to become a somewhat challenging, narrow winding pathway up and down hills along the cliffs overlooking the lake. Nice breeze from the water. Beautiful views.

1 month ago

Most of the trail is closed, we had to walk through the neighborhood. It ended up being 4 miles.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good with the little ones with nice view. Wish it was a longer loop.

1 month ago

This trail starts right off with some good uphill grades for the first couple miles on what is more or less a fire road, then you give up about 500 of ft of elevation to reach the Creek, and once you cross that the trail turns into a narrow foot trail and you make another 1400 foot climb to reach the top of the ridge. We had rain on our hike which made it pretty slippery, but was still manageable. Overall a good hike for those who want to get some real elevation gain in their trek, probably just average from a scenic perspective. We used this as a local warm up hike with our full packs for some Sierra hikes coming up (Whitney).

This is a great trail and is close enough to the Bay Area to make it accessible without driving all the way to the Sierras. We took a Boy Scout troop over the Memorial Day weekend and completed the trail west to east. Plenty of water in streams and cisterns this early in the year and were able to cut down on weight by hauling less water. One word of caution, weather reports for the wilderness area tend to be for lower elevations. We encountered far more severe weather on our last night at Maggie's Half Acre than was predicted by NWS forecast. If the report at lower elevations is for rain, prepare for a storm at the summit.

Definitely the best way to get any elevation change on these trails. As usual, better than setting on the couch.

It’s a trail, something to do before breakfast. Don’t drive more than 20 miles to get here. If you are close do it. Much much better when the hills are green.

I have not hiked this trail, so I don’t want to downgrade the stars. After calling the reservation line, they advised that dogs are not allowed in the backpacking area. This wasn’t clear from their website.

Not a lot of shade, but quiet and peaceful with some interesting things to see. Options for lots of little side excursions if you have the time and energy.

mother's day hike

2 months ago

Easy walk. Best done on a cool cloudy day since no shade. Crowded later in the morning on weekends

I hiked this trail on a business trip end of March. Plenty of free parking. You start by going through a dog park. There are some industrial bits at the beginning, followed by a very steep hill dotted with friendly cows. Definitely an interesting experience. The view at the top was rewarding with a big, picturesque tree and overlook of the lake. I walked down to the lake area but it’s fenced off. The hills were very pretty but the trail was busy - not very private or the most relaxing place to get away. Either way I was thankful to get out for a few hours and stretch my legs and feel the sun. California hills never disappoint.

This was a really nice hike. a couple of inclines but not bad. Beautiful scenery. You'll want to start early to beat the heat since it's starting to warm up a bit now. Took our kids and they loved it!

Easy trail nice walk for kids n families

2 months ago

This trail is brutal!!! Mostly inclined and steep. At this time the “falls” are non-existent so don’t go chasing them. Instead, enjoy the rolling green hills and wildflowers are pretty awesome. Go before summer. This will be a terrible summer hike IMO. Apple watch clocked closer to 14 miles. Wish I’d gone a few weeks earlier. Some parts are narrow with lots of poison oak.

Chased by 200 cows ... do not go please. Else go with Gun.

Did this trail on April 14.. early spring..Brilliant hard trail with cumulative elevation change of 3000 feet ..be careful of poison oak poison ivy which are there after you cross the first hill and the creek ( The creek had enough water flowing and on the ascend onto the second hill too Many about 3-4 feet tall wear clothes appropriately so that you do not get poison ivy on you.. Murrieta falls the fall by itself is not that big some water early spring but late in summer maybe a trickle. We started at 8:30 am reached the falls by 12:30 pm ..Left there around 1:15 pm.. Reached back the parking lot by 5:30 pm

One of the hardest and most rewarding day hikes I've ever done. Left from Del Valle at 8am and returned to the car in the parking lot at 4:15, clocking 13.2 miles per my Apple watch. That included the scramble down to the base of the falls.The wild flowers were still out in force, and there was just enough cloud cover in the AM to make the Big Burn bearable. I stopped for a 10 minute rest break right where the trail crosses the stream at the Gulch, and had a 20 minute lunch break at the falls. Did the return without any serious pauses because the heat was building and I wanted to be into the shadier part (from Del Valle to Boyd, roughly) as fast as possible. General notes: 1) I can't imagine doing this hike much later in the season. I went through over a gallon of water through the day, 2/3 of that on the return, and I had some light cloud cover for nearly the first half. 2) The uphill is tough. The downhill is tough. Shade is generally sparse. But it's AMAZINGLY beautiful so gear down on the climbs, relax and appreciate the flats and shade, and go carefully on the downhill or risk a fall/slide. The payoff is awesome. 3) The hike down to the base of the falls would be extremely treacherous in the wet. I wouldn't chance it if it looks muddy, as it's steep and rocky and would be very, very slippery. 4) there is a TON of poison oak between Del Valle and just before Schlieper Rock, which is only really a problem along the Big Burn because the trail is very narrow and almost overgrown. Other places the path was plenty wide and it's easy to avoid. If you're allergic, wear long pants/shirt because it's nearly unavoidable along that path.

As most people have said, start early. I started at 0745 on a Friday morning. I was the only one in the lot and started in the fog and 48 degrees but that did not last. By the time I was back to the lot at 0930 there where 16 cars in it and the sun was in full effect. The temp had risen to 60 degrees which sounds cool but with the sun and a decent pace you will be sweating. I suggest starting the trail through the gate near the house so you are not staring at the sun on your accent. Yeah there are cows but they all appear to be vegetarians.

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