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I come here often. It takes me about an hour and a half. Nice breeze and a decent incline for half of the trail. Not much shade so prepare for that. Dog friendly. Kid friendly.

Got a little late start (10:30a) I recommend earlier or later .... little to no shade and it gets hot out there. Bring plenty of water. Lots of hikers and bikers all very friendly. Overall it's a good hike.

Flat and well maintained. There is a $7 parking fee. Cash and credit accepted.

"booty hill" as I like to call it! one of my favorite local hikes.

Hiked this to train for Yosemite Half Dome. This was an awesome training hike. Your legs get a great workout. You need at least 3 liters of water. It was a sunny but windy and cool day when we hiked and I drank about 3, so on a hot day, would have needed more. Fox tails galore on the narrow paths, so stuck to my socks and shoes.

Very nice hike. If you have knee issues, make sure you wear your braces before you start. The trail is not marked, it is a combo of all of the other trails. Will be back.

on Grand Sunol Loop

1 month ago

Had a great hike, will be returning in winter/spring to see when everything is green. Just an FYI it was $5 to get into the parking area, not sure if there are other free parking areas and the park didn't open until 0800, that put us a bit behind on time but still enjoyed the day

No shade in the area so get 'er done early. Decent views of stuff I've driven by for decades. Done with all the trails here and done with being in the area for medical stuff for my wife. Was here for 5 1/2 weeks. Back to the ocean and the redwoods...

Perfect for dogs. Great for swimming with dogs. Came on a sunny Saturday in July and there were places where there were no people along the shore and we could swim without having to worry about our dogs disturbing other people and dogs. Excellent

This was a nice short hike with just enough incline to work up a good sweat on a warm morning. Nice views of a pond and the rolling hills. Also ran into some wildlife such as cows (of course), rabbits, squirrels, and even a coyote! The coyote didn’t bother us though as it was munching on a squirrel as we passed by.

Breezy and busy on a sat. Nicer doing a trail up here early in the day. Don't expect to find much shade...

2 months ago

Great trail when we did it in the spring. a different opinion from my hiking partner that day. He didn't enjoy the climbs. Much better spring or winter hike.

Great little trail...

Beautiful place. I had to tell my girls don’t give up to get to the top of the hill. Once there it opened up and was beautiful. We saw a coyote, two eagles, tons of rabbits and squirrels. Great place to take the kids

Typical hot unshaded Livermore trail. Fine for a short trek with the kids or pets. However, the part shown in red is closed to bikes and equestrians contrary to what the map indicates. There is a wide paved trail (dotted black line) which goes to and from the water storage area at the start/end point.

Did this one before the other two trails and didn't hit the go button on the GPS at the beginning. I started left and it's at least a 1/2 mile hill and then just down the rest of the time. The big surprise for this area was a nice little pond with quite a few trees. This was the best of the 3 trails here for me but all would have been better in the spring or winter.

Winter or spring would be much better. All the trails here are fire trails or simply dirt roads. I got a call to do a honey-do and had to cut this one short after doing the other two... Surprised there were 10-15 people doing parts of the 3 trails here. All 3 are full sun hikes.

2 months ago

Best done anytime but summer. Brownout has occurred. It would be decent views if it wasn't for all the smoke from Ca fires around us. This is the mellowest of the 3 trails I did here today.

2 months ago

Only did part.... closed. My lab had a torn pad so we left.

Would've been great if it was open....
Closed for construction of some sort.
Don't bother...
Also, if it's open $7 to park.

2 months ago

Sure it would've been ok if it would have been open.... Closed for some sort of construction.... Drove 60 miles to do it.

Ok little trail but created another here that was much better... Been doing way too many bike trails lately. GPS fouled up and drug part of another attempted trail into the track of this one.

Been hiking the valley on week days for 3 weeks. Came up to Livermore and hiked the best trail I've hiked during that time. Short but a little up and down and much better than the first one I did that was onsite here in the park. Try this one first!

trail running
2 months ago

Started early to avoid the heat (the park opens at 6:00). Great run with tough uphills that turn into technical downhills. Closer to 21km according to my watch. Also some non cooperative cows and dry falls :-)

on Ridgeline Loop

2 months ago

Good hike to test out some new gear, nice views. Paid $6 for parking, forgot it was a charged location but luckily they accept card. Ran into a few park staff very friendly, will be returning.

2 months ago

Did this trail in 3 days 2 nights starting at Mission Peak and ending at Del Valle.


When? We did this hike yesterday (mid July), it was extremely hot and taxing. Very dry. Mid spring would be a better option.

Where? We started at Mission Peak which means we basically were climbing the entire way. When you start at Del Valle, the first ascent is extremely steep but you basically descend the rest of the way to MP. I would suggest starting from Del Valle.

Who? I suggest this trail to all ages over 13. This is really difficult physically and mentally at some points. Anyone younger I might assume would struggle. It says dogs are ok on a leash, but I would say not ok to bring a dog during summer. The trails, especially in the back country, are poorly maintained. There will be many stickers getting into your socks and their paws/fur.

Water? Bring an abundance or bring a stove. Although the map indicates potable water sources the three camps we stopped at to fill up did not have potable water. There was a relatively new sign on the water pipe saying it was untreated water and you must boil before drinking. Those campsites were School Camp in Sunol, Joes Horse Camp, and Maggie’s Half Acre. In addition to the misleading water sources also be advised that the water sources are not on the trail and are pretty far off. They are also down very steep hills.

Electricity and cell service? You’ll lose service once you get out of the Mission Peak area going into the trail. You won’t have any service the entire way until you hit the Del Valle trail systems. But then you’ll most likely lose service again in Del Valle itself. My suggestion would be to coordinate your pick-up location and time as precise as possible. The only electricity I was able to find was in Sunol on the backside of the Visitors Center building.

Wildlife? We encountered an abundance, especially in Sunol. Coyotes, raccoons, deer, vultures, Hawks, eagles, rabbits, rattle snakes, ground squirrels, free range cattle. Mosquitos and flies were especially abundant.

Food? Pack in and pack out. There are some places to throw trash away, so don’t worry about having to carry it for too long, you’ll eventually run into a campsite or rest stop with a trash can. But there will be absolutely no where to get food unless you get an Uber Eats to the MP trailhead. We under packed in terms of calories, therefore we were pretty sluggish at some points. So make sure you pack more calories than you usually eat in a day. We brought freeze dried meals that we bought from REI, boiled water with out propane camp stove, and enjoyed. We failed to bring a variety of other snacks however. I would also suggest bringing packets of powder Gatorade or similar, you’ll need the electrolytes.

Clothing? During mid July, I wore shorts the entire trip and was fine. My legs did get really dirty and I did get the occasional sticker but overall was ok. Next time I’ll bring pants for some of the deeper brush we went through. The nights get pretty cold even in the summer, so make sure to layer properly. We also brought lightweight hammocks, small sleeping bags, and roll up sleeping pads. Depending on where you decided to stop for the night there may or may not be trees convenient for putting up a hammock, or there may not be worthwhile ground for sleeping on.

Smoker? Don’t F’ing do it. California has enough wildfires. It’s strictly prohibited in all the parks anyway. However, we are all human and I’m sure it will be done. If that’s the case wait until you get next to a creek, water source, or in a campsite bathroom. Unless there’s a trash or a toilet, take your butt or roach with you.

I think this is all I can think of at the moment. I tried my best to record the trail as I did it, but like I mentioned the cellular signal was spotty and I was rationing battery life toward the middle of the hike. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Josh

Hot. Dusty and amazing in July Will try again on an early morning

Challenging with gorgeous scenery!

nice hike but, very steep on places.

3 months ago

Hiked to Murietta Falls this past Saturday and it was 97 degrees. Very hot and we took the Ohlone Wilderness trail all the way there and didn't realize it was 18 miles round trip. Ran out of water last 4 miles coming back. It was a very hard hike especially with the heat. We started at 8:30 am and finished at 2:30 pm. No place to filter water either so carry a lot of water.

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