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nice hike but, very steep on places.

I love this trail I will come back to finish the trail

29 days ago

Nice loop with not so hard huffing to do. The walk by the lake was nice - that is where you will find a couple of restrooms and benches to look over the water. This trail is a lot easier than the Squirrel Gulch hike. Nothing real steep and the views are stunning. Some wildlife including the same doe I spotted last month.

Not great!

A nice wide trail all the way around. I saw raptors, baby snakes, a deer, ground squirrels, and mallards in one of the ponds.

Like others have said, this trail has it's steep parts. I found Squirrel Gulch to be the most heart pounding. The rest of the trails even out pretty much, but be wary, it does have some steep parts past Squirrel Gulch Trail. This loop gave me a good workout, and I will be back to try it again to see how my fitness gains/losses go this summer.

While most of the human activity is in the water down below, I did see a fair amount of mt bikers and other hikers. But, I had the trail mainly to myself and I enjoyed the scenery very much. The top of the hills to the west still had a little green on them.

There is some shade throughout, so you aren't walking in the sun the whole time. Thankfully I was able to stand in shade and let a nice breeze cool me down. Take plenty of water as I did not see anything potable on the trails. Since it is warming up, I highly suggest doing this very early in the morning, as it gets hot quickly.

There was no phone signal, so I was unable to do a alltrails recording.

nice trail

2 months ago

Beautiful in April!! Loved it.

on Ohlone Wilderness Trail

2 months ago

I backpacked the trail from Mission Peak to Del Valle in three days/two nights, with overnights at Sunol Backpacking Camp (Sky Camp is absolutely magical) and Maggie’s Half Acre (site #1 is the most secluded). I went in late March and already it was a bit warmer than preferred, but I saw some great wildflowers and the hills were green from winter rains. I had no problem finding water to filter at this time of year. Sunol is not the prettiest park, but Ohlone Wilderness and Del Valle are absolute delights. I would recommend hiking from west to east to avoid hiking uphill in Del Valle — going downhill was brutal on my knees but I think the exertion on a hot day with full pack would have been worse! This trail is a great physical challenge and adventure given its proximity to the Bay Area — I even took BART/Lyft to the Mission Peak trailhead!

3 months ago

This was my longest hike since I took up the hobby 2 years ago. I've actually never done a marathon, and this was a marathon with a 7500 ft climb, which is pretty insane. But I like a challenge, so wth.

Most people will backpack the Ohlone Wilderness Trail and everyone I passed out in the backcountry was doing just that. That would be my suggestion to people who don't think they can do the hike in one day. I'm not a backpacker, so I just went for it, with an option to bail at the 20 mile mark when I reached Sunol.

I got an early start from Del Valle around 6:30 because I wanted to have the sun at my back for as long as possible. I didn't see any other people until about 8 miles in where I passed 4 backpackers. By the time I hit Rose Peak I was feeling it and can understand why it's suggested to camp out overnight at nearby Maggie's Half Acre.

But what comes up, must come down, and after Rose Peak, it's pretty much all downhill until you reach Sunol. There is a gulch you drop down into briefly, but it's not too bad. Along the way, I was greeted with beautiful orange poppies and assorted wildflowers. It was mid-April, so everything was blooming.

I was hoping to fill up on water in Sunol, but the fountains along the trail weren't working. I probably should have searched around some more at the Sunol park headquarters, because I ran out of water about half-way up the back side of Mission Peak and there isn't any running water until you reach the Stanford Ave. staging area. So that was unfortunate and slowed me down near the end. I was hoping to finish in under 9 hours, but ran over a little.

All in all, what a workout! I weighed in when I got home and lost 4 lbs during the hike. I would recommend doing it east to west and not the opposite because I didn't get too much sun on my face this way. It was a cool April day, so I wore a hoodie the whole time (especially at elevation). I wanted to get this hike in before it got hot and it worked out great! Plus as others have said, you want to get the hard part out of the way first. Believe it or not, Mission Peak is the easier part of the hike.


Great hike in the Bay Area. Can be challenging at times, especially with the heat in the summertime, but an incredible hike in the spring and fall, and if it’s been a dry wintertime (can get very muddy after a rain) great balance of exposed ridges, shaded oak groves, beautiful view on Rose Peak, with some ups and downs guaranteed to work your legs. A phenomenal training hike for the Sierra Nevada

Wow that starts off steep! But it’s a great trail. Very muddy this time of year.

Hiked from Sunol Wilderness to Del Valle as a day hike in preparation for summer hiking season on JMT and Colorado Trail. It's one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area with great views, solitude and rolling unspoiled East Bay hills all the way through. Trail was in a beautiful condition. I was afraid of the mud, but there were none. The weather was perfect, too. I met just one other person in the entire day. I carried a full 30 lb backpack and finished in 11 hours and 15 min. The trail sure is hard - very hard. It's not only 20 miles long, but with a huge, relentless elevation change, about 6,500 ft up and down. Even after I reached the Rose Peak, the "descent" into Del Valle packed enough uphills to set my tired muscles on fire every step of the way. Descent down the "Big Burn" is nothing to sneeze at as well. Overall, a great 20-miler, for training or fun, if you are looking for that sort of thing.

4 months ago

hiked it with few friends in the fall with a lot of birds around.

4 months ago

Great trail but watch the weather, we went up at the end of March and found ourselves in sow and hail storms and woke up under 2” of snow. Weather would change every 30 minutes from shining sun to torrential rain and everything in between. That said, waking from Stuart’s camp to then peak in forging snow with not another person in sight was magical. Don’t underestimate the route, especially if wearing a full pack for three days

5 months ago

Partly cloudy but perfect MLK day hike. Many trail options. Well maintained with benches on hilltops to take a break and enjoy the scenery.
If you make it all the way you the lakeside, be prepared to hoof it back in a steady uphill climb back to the trial head. It’s worth it. Bring water.

Awesome fun and beautiful spot

6 months ago

Ridgeline was a fun a trail to hike, there were plenty of hills and some benches along the way to sit and gaze at the scenic view. Unfortunately while I did enjoy the view the whole area was clearly showing the effects of the drought as a majority of the lake was gone and the rolling green hills had become yellow. Although that might sound disappointing there are some cows along the trail to aw at and the hills are still just as high.

Beautiful but very steep in parts

Great views, but very very steep in spots. My parents had trouble.

6 months ago

Excellent views of east bay. Make sure to hit Rose peak and Murietta falls.

7 months ago

Lots of side trail options. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Dogs are allowed off leash except in developed parts of the trail (which is only a tiny section along the lake)

Nice hike - a Livermore gem.

9 months ago

I Like How For One My Dog Was Allowed Here, Even Though There Was A Small Fee Of $2 In Order For Him To Enter Along With Me . There Are Other Trails . They’re Open To Everything Relating To Go Out On The Water, Boats, Canoes, Nd Others I Don’t Know The Name Of . I Only Walked The Ridgeline Trail&I’m Satisfied With It. I Felt It The Next Day

Can I use my kayak there?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

If you rely on service for the map, prepare accordingly

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Had an awesome time... beautiful hike, quite challenging - challenging enough that I found myself constantly setting goals instead of letting my mind drift. Broken up into two days, sunol to Maggie's 10 miles, 4000 ft ~6hrs. Day 2 down to the falls and finished at del valle... despite leaving from rose peak, still found a way to climb approx 2500 ft in the hike down. If you're hiking in the heat make sure to bring and treat water. Went through 4liters on the first day
Video recapping from sunol to del valle - may 2017, temps ~85-95 degrees

Monday, May 29, 2017

Family friendly. Parking lot doesn't give it justice. Definitely want to take bikes

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Small and easy trail, good for kids as well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Amazing gem in our Bay Area back yard! Lots of good Geocaching along the way and can't wait to return.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Went here with my recently adopted dog on a spring Monday, with hopes of not running into other dogs and avoiding her triggers. We ran into about three dogs, not bad. But also ran into LOTS of cows. Found out she likes steak. Other than that, the main area was closed due to flooding, so we hiked along the perimeter. Overall it was quite nice. More of an amble than a hike. The rolling hills reminded me of England.

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