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Busy trail with lots of people, bikes, kids, and dogs. A couple that was ahead of me allowed their large dogs to poop on the trail and didn't pick it up. Lots of dog poop on the trail. Yes, it may be in a cow pasture with all the other cow patties, but it's unsanitary to leave dog poop. One family was walking a pit bull off leash.

The trail itself is nice, but I suspect the lot of people are here because there is no charge to use the park. If you want solitude, this is not the place to come.

mountain biking
2 days ago

MTbiking today with my cousin over here 11+ miles if you do the whole loop east to west ..great and quiet, too many snakes on summer but still good ride MODERATE ...it's the closest mountain to the Valley so,Definitely coming back...

4 days ago

5-22-18 I started around 0830 and was back at my car around 1430.
This hike is very tough. I was the only one on the trail, I did not see anyone else. lots of great scenery. but the falls were dried up but i figured that going into the hike. i would recommend hiking poles to help. I took 3 liters of water and i had it finished by the last mile or so. There is a lake and after my hike it was nice to relax and dip my feet in. Overall I would recommend this hike.

5-12-18. Hiked as part of a longer hike to catch the county highpoint of Alameda. I paid the $6 parking fee, and the $2 wilderness permit and parked at the campground with permission. I feared that the hills would turn brown, but they hadn't yet. It was amazing to see all the variety of flowers. Climbed to the top of rocky ridget, and enjoyed seeing that as a reference point along the Big Burn. Schleper Rock was fun to scramble on. The falls however were all dried up, leaving only a trickle. The hills are challenge, but a fit or determined person would be fine for the hike. The Ohlone Wilderness is special.

mountain biking
22 days ago

Difficult bike ride. Beautiful views.

I went out there today with my dog and was told they will not let you hike with a dog even on a leash. I had to leave and find another trail.

it's a brutal hike but totally loved it!! I will definitely recommend !! best workout ever for the lungs, heart and legs and mind those brutal hills won't let you think

introduced to this amazing trail by my brother and uncle,and came right back for it! Several trails at this location. Not much shade,so bring a hat! it’s peaceful.

mountain biking
1 month ago

A nice 9.3 mike route starting at the Sycamore Park lot and threading 3 trails to end at the DelValle dam. A few inclines on the route makes it exciting.
Lots of wildlife, so be on the watch as you could run into them...like we almost did. Just allow them to pass and you’re all good. Well maintained trails and amenities with Rangers on patrol.
Would definitely do it again!

1 month ago

Came here for the elevation gain as part of our Mt Whitney training. The falls was a side trip and as expected, it’s nothing grand but just a nice place to take a break and eat lunch. Otherwise, this is an awesome incline hike with endless rolling hills. Trekking poles recommended but not required. The skies were blue and no clouds in sight yet the weather was perfect on this April day and there was enough wind to cool us off for the killer ascents. I brought 4 liter of water but only consumed 1.25. I’ll give it 4 stars for the terrain and 1 star for the falls.

Amazing views of the mountains and canyons.Its’s a very challenging hike with an elevation gain of 4200+ feet.Make sure to start super early .Trekking poles highly recommend.Bring plenty of water and sunblock..Although not a lot of water flowing in the falls it still looks so beautiful.Excellent teaming ground and the view is well worth it.

Went out around 430pm and had plenty of time to enjoy the views and watch the sun go down. Some amazing views of the hills and the city. I recommend going in the spring while everything is still green and vibrant.

1 month ago

This is a great hike but not for the faint of heart. There's a good deal of elevation on this. I clocked in at about 12.5 miles. Beautiful in April, green hills and wildflowers are still all over. The falls are nice and make for a great spot to enjoy lunch. Pretty strenuous hike though. The incline and decline are both about as tough. Highly recommended as long as you're comfortable with your hiking abilities.

Beware of the unfriendly Bulls :-(

1 month ago

A beautiful trail with rolling hills, a cool gulch, and plenty of switchbacks! We couldn't make it to the waterfall (turned around about a mile before), as we started late (10:30am), and it got fairly hot at the top of the Big Burn with the exposed trail. We will definitely be returning to visit the waterfall.

Our dog loved it, but make sure you carry plenty of water as it gets hot on the trail. We carried 2 litres for our dog, and she also enjoyed the dip in the gulch. There are also refill points along the trail at the campsites.

1 month ago

I did this hike on Easter Sunday (4/1) 2018 as a practice run for the full Ohlone Wilderness Trail just to see what I was up against. I was happy that the falls were still flowing even though there hadn't been any rain for a week. I had a feeling that if I went too much later in the season that they would be dry. Also, it gets so hot in Livermore in the summer, I wouldn't want to do this hike then.

I just went to the top of the falls and climbed around on the rocks. It was fun. There was a big group there taking a break. I didn't venture down to the bottom of the falls to get the full picture looking back up as I was somewhat pressed for time and wanted to finish in under four hours.

Funny thing, I was plodding along and getting closer to the falls when I thought back to researching the hike and wondered when the "big burn" was going to start. Then I realized I already went through it lol.

FYI, it is $6 to park near the trailhead, which is worth paying considering the alternative starts you considerably further away. I would suggest getting an early start to avoid the hottest part of the day and to beat the crowd. When I was leaving, the entrance was backed up with a line of cars. One thing that I like about the Del Valle entrance to OWT is that the gates open as early as 6 am (7 am in winter), so you don't have to wait until 8 am like at the Sunol entrance.

If you're considering this hike, a good measuring stick would be how easy Mission Peak is for you. This hike is like doing Mission Peak from Stanford Avenue, getting to the top, then being teleported back to the bottom and doing it a second time. So not really for beginners. Enjoy!


Went on a hike Sunday with my friends.. It was perfect. We have done this trail in the past will again. ❤

Nice workout hike

Amazing Views! It was a nice breezy walk. Today was a perfect day to go hiking at brushy. The Rocks along the hillside and wild Life was a great vibe. Will be back soon!

Wow that starts off steep! But it’s a great trail. Very muddy this time of year.

2 months ago

Challenging trail, a lot of elevation gain, which means the downhill is also very steep. Be sure you have your trekking poles, these for sure will help when you descend.
A couple of campsites along the way, a lot of birds, and wildlife.
The fall itself is tiny, I guess in summer there will be no water. The trail branched out from the main trail and descend sharply to the bottom of the fall. Do take caution when you climb up and down. Gloves will be helpful.
Good trail for climb training too!

2 months ago

Ideal local trail for a mid week early afternoon hike. Mostly flat terrain along vineyards then following a seasonal creek.
Beware of bobcats...you are sharing their habitat, though they would generally avoid human encounters. Great for beginning hikers or those wishing to enjoy a nice easy 2.3 mile loop.
Weekends can be quite crowded.

It had rained during the week with perhaps just a little rain on Saturday. I set off midday on Sunday and there was melting snow up top and Murietta Falls were looking great. I would expect the fall to be flowing for at least another couple of days without further rain.
A decent walk, certainly very challenging. If I could I’d give this 4.5* as no “there and back” walk should receive a five when many great loops exist :)

2 months ago

Excellent walk. Woodpeckers, dear, hawks, squirrels, turkeys, dogs, horses and herrings.

3 months ago

Challenging and beautiful trail! It’s was a chilly day with morning lows in the high 30’s which made for a pleasant hike. Not too crowded and everything was nice and green. Will definitely do it again!

nice trail for a sunny winter day. definite climb any way you go. well marked -open views. not a place to go if you want to hike in seclusion, but easy to get to

mountain biking
3 months ago

Check out my track if you want to do some mountain biking here.

Nice place to to hike on a cool day. Interesting wildlife. keep your little dogs close lol.

Excellent trail except the few times cows block the way. Pats district did an amazing job rehabbing this trail after the bad winter a year ago.

we loved this trail. it's a good length to do with the dog and without needing too much of a pack - just some water.

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