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Leona Heights, California Map

Great scenery and stout elevations changes. cool shade on hot days.

Very beautiful area once you cross over the ridge into the East side of the trail. Tons of redwoods and ferns, very shaded, and much less traffic. I would highly recommend this loop.

Beautiful views. Such a great escape from the city.

Good off-leash for dogs for most of the way except the very beginning, where the stable is. Echo previous reviewer that I would rate this as moderate, not hard. Some elevation but with breaks in between. Also has multiple choice points in route to either make your loop longer or shorter.

Good hike. Dog friendly. I was able to take my dog off leash almost the entire trail. There is half a mile of the trail where dogs need to be on leash. Some sections are shared with horses and bikes, good dog handling is advised for the safety of your dog and other users. 50-60% under shade. Some steep-rocky sections, good shoes are recommended. I will rate this trail as moderate rather than hard. Trail with moderate traffic, during the 3 hours we met about of 25 groups, almost all of them with dogs (off-leash), and we met 3 horses. This trail has hardly any view points. No phone service (AT&T) for the first 30% of the hike.

First things first, I have Verizon and there is ZERO cell service in this area. If you're coming in on Redwood Road from Highway 13, the intersection of Skyline Blvd is the last place you'll have service. I'll let you decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I agree with Matts' suggestion of starting from the Big Bear Staging area. Cross the street and you're immediately on the Golden Spike Trail and was a nice way to start the hike.

As you start on the trail from the Big Bear Staging Area, you'll hit a fork in the trail to go left or right on the Golden Spike Trail. I went right. This portion of the trail is narrow approximately three feet wide, just wide enough for one person. It is very quiet, has lots of shade. However, proceed with caution, as there is a steep drop-off along the trail edge as well as some over grown vegetation that cover small parts of this trail.

After about a mile on this trail, you'll hit another fork in the trail, to head to the West Ridge Trail (left) or Bridle Trail (Right). I went left and when I got to the West Ridge Trail, I continued left to go up the mountain. The next 0.6 mile to the intersection of Toyon Trail you’ll gain about almost 400’ in elevation so make sure you take your time. West Ridge Trail is approximately 15 feet wide, and is mostly bedrock/sand/dirt and is a mountain biking/equestrian trail with a 50/50 mixture of shade and open area.

From the intersection of Toyon Trail and West Ridge to Redwood Peak is easy going and moderate.

Total time from Big Bear Staging Area to Redwood Peak (3.5 miles) along the route was 1hr and 15 minutes. Going back down the same way was 45 minutes. During the entire hike, I only ran into three people, which was a nice get away from all the noise of people from many of the hikes in the east bay regional parks. I'm definitely going to come back when I have more time to explore all the trails of this park.

The starting point for this trail is at Piedmont Stables, but I don't think this is an ideal staging area for the typical hiker. I parked a little further down the road at Big Bear Staging area, which is close to the Redwood Gate. One advantage of starting at this staging area is that it is conveniently located along Redwood Road, so there is no seasonal entry fee and you don't have to wait until ~8:30am for the gate to open like you do at the nearby Redwood Gate. Simply park along Redwood Road at Big Bear Staging Area, cross the street and you're on Golden Spike Trail. For what it's worth, there is also a trail that connects this staging area to the Macdonald Gate, providing access to Anthony Chabot Regional Park too.

With the completion of this trail, I've officially hiked all of the trails in Redwood Regional Park that are currently listed on All Trails. With that being said, this trail was probably the hardest as it has the most elevation gain and is nearly 8 miles long. The climb from French Trail up to West Ridge via Redwood Peak Trail is rocky and somewhat technical, so I think the difficulty rating is closer to hard than it is moderate. This one isn't for beginners. On the plus side, the trail is mostly shaded, so the Redwood canopy keeps you cool even in the summertime.

There is a small connector trail between Golden Spike and West Ridge that is not shown on the All Trails map layer. You will see it on the other map layers. All Trails needs to update their map. I took a picture of it on my track. You really can't miss it.

This trail offers a variety of terrain and foliage. French Trail is by far my favorite in the park. It takes you through the heart of the Redwood forest. The deeper you go into the forest, the fewer people you will see. It's the perfect place to clear your mind and get away from all the distractions of the world.

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