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I have a question. I’m planning to do this trail for Labor Day and taking my pet. Do they allow dogs in the taxi?

How hot would it be for Labor Day?

Beautiful hike. About 2” of snow on most of the trail after the log crossing as you pass the Fern Lake trail.

7 months ago

Unearthly and a must visit Eastern Sierra spot.

I'd give it 6 stars if I could. This is the kind of hike where you stop every 20 steps to take a photo. It's not difficult because the trail is pretty flat. We walked clockwise because I wanted to photograph North Peak and Mt. Conness in morning light and the best views of them are on the west half of the loop. The east side of Saddlebag Lake is much less rocky though and much easier to walk on for our pup. All in all, one of my favorite trails ever.

Easy trail to see unique features. Pretty around sunset.

Overall one of the best hikes we've ever done. Something new to see with every turn. Great views of Mount Conness, beautiful lakes, and snow-covered mountains. A few snow and river crossings in early September 2017. Minimal effort for maximum reward.

Interesting little trail quick to do. Try it during golden hour. Flat and friendly for all. Probably even handy cap accessible for an out and back of the first half if you have a good chair.

I did this hike aug 6 2017. It's a beautiful hike and the weather was great. Be prepared to get wet crossing some of the streams. There isn't a ferry by Saddlebag lake. This app was a big help with finding the trail.

Beautiful hike with amazing views. We started at Yost Lake/Fern Lake trailhead and returned at June Lake. About 2000 feet elevation gain to get there so be prepared. No one else on the trail but us.

9 months ago

It was a nice short walk with great views of Mono Lake and the Tufa. The sand sits in the heat of the sun all day so beware of that if taking a dog. There's not any shade.

10 months ago

This is definitely an informative walk rather than a hike, but cool to see nonetheless.

We hiked the Twenty Lakes Basin Loop two days ago. We appeared to be the first people to attempt this hike this year, because 75% of the trail is still covered in snow and there were no other tracks. The hike was incredibly beautiful, but you absolutely need GPS and a trail map because so much of the trail is buried. We used the AllTrails app to keep ourselves near the trail when it was covered. We brought snowshoes, but we did not need them. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, because this hike is long and there is no shade. The boat is not running because Saddlebag Lake is still covered in ice, so plan on hiking from the parking lot. The first part of the hike (along Saddlebag Lake) is the toughest, because it is all loose shale or snow on a 30 degree slope. Once you get to the other side of Saddlebag Lake, the hike gets easier. We hiked back on the west side of Saddlebag Lake, which is much easier (and very different if you prefer loops to out and back trails), but also much longer. This hike was a challenge because of all of the snow, but it was amazing nonetheless.

Big Elevation gain to the lake. Nice trail with great views of the surrounding mountains and almost no traffic. Lake had not a single hiker when I arrived. Waterfall and log bridge is awesome.

10 months ago

Interpretive trail along Lee Vining Creek, beautiful riparian forest. Great Fall color opportunities.

Fun and not too long hike below a beautiful vista. A lot of uphill, but plenty of spots where you can stop, rest and snap a few pictures.

The perfect way to view the special nature of mono lake!

Steep at the beginning but well worth the trek!! Dog loved the snow!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nice boat ride/taxi across the lake.
Dog friendly.
Spring flowers in late Summer.
We are planning a return trip in 2017. Photos from 2009:

Monday, April 24, 2017

You really get to experience the previous depth of Mono prior to the LA water district draining some of the water. I would suggest learning about tufa formation at the visitors center (5 miles up the road) and then seeing the tufas. Walking along these wonderful formations and thinking about how they formed under water makes you appreciate the experience even more! The walk is like a sandy beach, but more sturdy ground. The trail is a complete loop from the parking lot. Fee is $3.00 and I would suggest paying at the visitors center so you can have something to display in your car's dash or you can use a valid national parks pass.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This was a great hike for someone not used to high elevation. I live at 600 feet elevation and since this was pretty flat I had no trouble. And it's gorgeous!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Strange and beautiful. Stopped and did this loop way, way back. 5 stars just because it's the only place I've ever seen like it. we use to come through quite a bit on motorcycle rides.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"If you have just 1 day in the Lee Vining area, I highly recommend to go on this hike", - said one review I've read, and I most whole-heartedly agree.

The trail is very easy - it's almost level, so if you are feeling ok at high elevation, it will feel like a walk in a city park. The views, though, are so gorgeous, that no city part can match!

The loop is actually 8 miles, not 16, if you start from the Saddlebag Resort parking. And you can cut the trail in half by taking a ferry from there across the Saddlebag lake.

More photos of this incredible hike here: Twenty Lakes Basin (Lee Vining)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tough to find the trail in spots but gorgeous overall!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Great trail.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

One of the most Unique place I have had the privilege of seeing, Great place to spend a few hours!!!

on Bennettville

Friday, August 05, 2016

Nice short hike, but make sure you have the bug spray handy. Lots of mosquitos at the ruins (buildings). The mine site and waterfall were also interesting. Didnt go to the lakes beyond the structures, but a fellow hiker said they were very pretty w/ minimal effort compared to other lake destinations in the area. Hopefully, will be back soon to check them out. 7.65

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I've done this trail a few times. It's pretty much full uphill, but the waterfall halfway up and the lake at the top make it worth it. I e always gone in the summer months and that lake sure feels good when you make it there.

I started between Gull and Silver lakes. There is parking at the trailhead. You have to watch for the signs and the road takes you a short distance through the woods to the trailhead.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fabulous views. A site to see and explore.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

It was really nice didn't know the trail was this long.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Started along the June Lake Loop Trail, and given that mom is pregnant and dad was wearing a toddler on his back we only made it partially up the VERY steep trail, but you are quickly rewarded with breathtaking views of June and Gull Lakes. Can't wait to do the whole June/Yost/Fern trail loop next year.

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