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The trail itself isn't anything spectacular but does include a nice kick ass incline at the end! What is special about this trail is the park itself. It is beautifully maintained and perfect for picnics with the kids! Take a nice quick hike then let the kids play in the nicely shaded playground! Be sure to check out the ranger station as they have tons of cool animals and exhibits!

Located directly across the street from the el cap trailhead this is a hidden gem! Perfect hike for kiddos! Beautiful lake views!

it was an easy hike. Saw a homeless hanging around the trail. very quiet trail..make sure to hike with a dog or friend.

Great place to work out. I’ve only run into 1 person. And the view is so pretty. I can workout t my comfort level and push myself without any concern. Plenty of shade and signs to stay on trails! I enjoy this place very much!!!

Great trail for my husband and I and our 1 year old dog. Loved the view of the lake! Most of the trail was easy but there was a couple inclines that affected my breathing. This was our first hike in a long time and really enjoyed it. We are in our mid 60s and would recommend to others.

It was a nice little out and back. We ran it on the way back which kicked it up a few notches. There are a few decent inclines, and nice views where you can see all of lakeside. We also found a cute pit bike track towards the top. It is nice to have a good little trail like that nearby so travel time is no issue, and being in the midst of so much housing I would feel safe doing it on my own but can still get the feel of being out in nature.

This is one of my new nearby favorites. It isn't too long but if you go all the way to the top you're sure to feel the burn. The camping area where you start looks like a great place to picnic as well, I'd like to make a day trip out of it some time. There are great lookout points, and a cool forest area; plenty to see. I've gone twice now and it hasn't been too crowded either time, you can hear the traffic from the road though that is my only complaint, and parking is $3.

Great hike!! Was easy enough to take two dogs and a toddler. There was some parts about halfway that were a little rocky and steep.

$2 per person fee
No dogs allowed
Very pretty view 98%
Easy with just a little elevation in parts.
Only 5 miles according to my Fitbit

3 months ago

always a beautiful place to go on a clear day.

3 months ago

Nice easy trail. Best to go in the morning, as it can get warm. Even if the temperature reading is not high, the sun feels hotter b/c of the altitude gain compared to San Diego.
I gave it 3 stars b/c there is nothing remarkable about this trail, it's just a leisurely walk on flat pavement.

3 months ago

Went there today. Nice walk! Love seeing all the birds.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Id rate this trail as easy although there were short sections that were steep and rocky. But those sections are too short to make this trail above and easy rating.

It was a Quiet but came across 30 people and 5 dogs. It was busy. Trail is mostly cleared and all of it can be ridden. Short vertical section on the west side. This is NOT lake Jennings. The map is clear what is what if you take the time to study it.

nice hike. a little rain today.

Nice view of Lake Jennings! More difficult than rated with several gains in elevation. Lots of rocks, sandy washouts on trail. Hiking poles would have been helpful. Only saw one other human!

4 months ago

nice hike

Great views. I was the only on the trail - super peaceful.

Moderate inclines and descents, plenty of shady places. The trail was mostly sand with more rocky terrain as you gain altitude. Very nice view of the lake.

So beautiful

Did the trail with my 8 year old son. Hard for me on the way up since im a fatboy but easy for my son. Opposite coming back down. His lil legs got tired. Saw a 3-4 foot rattle snake sunning itself on the trail. Glad I was in front because my son didn't notice it. Good lesson for him to learn to pay attention.

10 months ago

Flat terrain with lots of squirrels, birds, skateboarders, a tennis court, outside gym etc. Lots of fast food nearby. I've been visiting Lindo Lake since 1988.

I've hiked at Oakoasis a few times, it's not busy and has a great view of San Vicente reservoir. I found an ammo box near viewpoint - geocaching and a purple rock from Santee Rocks Facebook.

I hiked this with 2 kids and a dog and it was pretty fun. It does get hot though so bring a hat!

11 months ago

I live a few minutes from here and love walking the road to the camp ground. It's nice and relaxing. Great views of the lake and mountains in the distance! :)

Hiked to the top of the steep peak here and it was great! The rangers here are incredibly nice and offered me and my friends water since they didn't see our camelbaks. Love it and would do it over and over if I could handle the steep hill everyday.

Nice short hike. Pretty views of the lake

The trail is an easy walk of about an hour. The duration of your hike will mainly depend on how often you stop to capture the breathtaking landscape and the many wildflowers.

The trail mainly leads through shrubs. Along the way you constantly hear the bees humming. There is always a shaded section that lets you cool down. Still gets toasty, bring water.

Around halfway point is a short stretch where the trail goes up and especially down pretty steep. Shortly after you'll find yourself paving your way through a meadow, the trail almost disappears.

Tip: if you go to the spot where we started, that's the trail head with parking and restroom. It's right off of the main road. Not sure what the spot is that AllTrail has.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Lovely trail, although I was worried about the signs stipulating that there was a possibility of encountering mountain lions. The trail is pretty high up along the mountainside so when you get to the promise land (view of the lake) you've got some decent, elevated, breathtaking views.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Got some exercise and a few caches.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Short walk to stretch. Some shenanigans going on as usual in the parking lot.

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