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This is a great campground to have smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It was a great experience and there is a ton of adventure to be had.

Love this place. Very quiet and peaceful...no one in sight! Beautiful! No water and didn’t find the falls this time, but will be back to explore. Fairly easy...slightly moderate on way back.

This is not a hiking trail !
This is a beautiful walking trail that rises above lake Elsinore. Running and bicycling with kids and strollers friendly.
Any one can do this trail. It has mile markers and portable toilets along the jetty . It is a dirt path with almost no hills or incline. There is a natural wildlife habitat on both sides of the path. IncludingHundreds of rabbits , lizards and only a few snakes. You can walk right up to the waters edge. On most days you will see about 100 people throughout the whole day Sun up to sundown ,if not more including the ladies of “leave no woman behind “ active Community Facebook group. If You never walk or hike before this is a great place to start.

2 months ago

Tad bit of water at the falls. Not enough to rinse my hands. Seen lots of lizards .heard a growl from a large critter.

Nice and easy. Took our brand new Dogo pup on her first trail. lol what a time! lol. fun times.

3 months ago

I took my seven month old daughter here for a short hike and we sadly didn’t see any waterfall, just moist rocks. (4/10/18) lots of lizards and some pretty blooming wild flowers and greenery.

I could manage climbing up and down all the rocks while front carrying my baby in a soft Baby Ktan and I had a small daypack on.

Disappointed in the graffiti. Surprising I didn’t see much trash.

We had a nice hike in sunny 75 degree weather.

It was a bit crowded near the falls due to a large group of rock climbers who set up right at the falls location. They were friendly, but still, we didn’t have much room to explore near the “falls”.

I think the drive up to the trail was exceptional, lots of places to turnout and checkout the view of Lake Elsinore.

No pass needed to park at the trailhead.

Nice an easy

Super fun hike, way there is cake but the way back can be a little more strenuous in my opinion. Not too difficult though, a lot to explore.

Beautiful sights: esp check out the rabbits in the rocks near the entrance to path. Also saw horseshoe prints and horse dung, so seems horses also come here. Great surface for running, walking, biking. Fun day!

Nice trail with lots of wild flowers.

Great hike. Hiked it this morning.

on Ortega Falls

rock climbing
4 months ago

Great for rock climbing.

There is no water right now. The trail has been marked with orange tape tied to trees, so it is a little better marked. It is extremely rocky, difficult picking at times, but pretty short. It is so sad to see all the large tagging on the rocks. It definitely detracts from the beauty of the area.

Super easy. Ran to the end and back and it was 7 Miles. Quiet and peaceful

loved it , I've been back 3 times trying different trails ,each one is exciting

5 months ago

is there any water there right now?
I went a few weeks ago n it was dry

rock climbing
5 months ago

3 different anchor sites to top rope from, just make sure to bring a 120 + foot rope, it’s a little higher then it looks

I would rate this on the more difficult side of moderate (length you should actually figure there and back, which I tracked at about 7 miles, plus elevation gain at some points are super steep, with super narrow trail). Trail was overgrown in many areas, and also incredibly (dangerously) narrow in some areas with what would be a very steep tumble only a trip/stumble away. Luckily not a crowded trail or I would have had to turn back, since navigating that trail with two leashed dogs + competing foot traffic would have been a no-go. Definitely could be marked more frequently/clearly. The only trail markers were all the way at fisherman's camp, which didn't even point us in the direction of the falls, so we had to turn back. A couple sections of the trail (crossing over some rocks) it would have been nice to have markers indicating where the trail reconnects after the crossing. We made it to fisherman's camp (someone stopped me on the way back asking how they get there, as it was their second attempt at trying to find it), but then unfortunately couldn't determine which way to go for the falls. I would rate this on the more difficult side of moderate.
After the first 1/4 mile or so the trail is mostly shaded; good for escaping the sun. There are some good vantage points for nice views, but mostly a very quiet hike where it would be easy to zone out and clear your mind if it weren't for having to so closely monitor your footing.

Also, at the trailhead it is posted that a pass is required to enter and must be displayed on your vehicle left at the lot.

I would go again if only to try to get all the way to the falls.

The pictures and other people’s reviews are somewhat deceiving. The Fisherman’s Camp Trail vía Tenaja Falls splits about a hundred feet from the trail head. Fisherman’s Camp is to the left and the falls are to the right. The trail that is 4.5 miles is the one headed to Fisherman’s Camp and while the river runs along this trail, you will not find any falls.

The trail is lightly traveled. You will find about a mile in that the trail splits into a lower and higher trail. You can choose to hike either trail because they both join up later in the hike. There are a lot of overgrown bushes and grass. So expect to move these out of the way. Which is why i gave it a 3 star rating. However, the views are amazing.

Quiet and peaceful. Interesting to be walking above a lake on one side and an animal habitat on the other. Saw no animals on the animal habit side. It is a huge basin of trees and scrub. Went to three mile mark. (Many distance markers on trail.) Next time want to go to the very end of the trail.

Hiked this 12/21/2017 as a loop starting at the Fisherman’s Camp trail head ending at the Tanaja Falls trail and hiking the road back to start.

No water at the campsite but a lot of standing water down the trail but lots of solitude. It’s well marked but narrow. Very beautiful and quiet. Will definitely be a go to overnight trip spring/ summer.

Super easy, relaxing nature walk. My small dog loved it

I walked my dog along the shore for nearly two hours. It's a great trail with a lot of open space and bird wildlife. There's no shade so be prepared! There are outhouse toilets on the trail.

This was our first time at this trail and we loved it! We hiked about two and a half miles in before turning around due to a few tired pups. :) The trail is pretty narrow (think single-file) with some ups and down, sometimes along cliff faces so be very careful with dogs and little ones; we clipped our dogs to us using their harnesses just to be safe. There wasn’t any running water today, just a few pooled areas that looked pretty icky, so crossing the riverbed was easy going despite there being a lot of rocks. However, there were a few river crossings just in the 2+ miles we hiked, two of which seem like they’d be pretty difficult to cross when the water levels are high and/or fast moving so be aware of that if you hike here after rain or snowmelt. Overall, this was a great hike with beautiful views...we’ll definitely be back! :)

8 months ago

Dry day, just some moisture at the Falls.

By "easy" it means the trail is short but it's definitely not wheelchair accessible. Rocky and quite steep (though short) parts of the trail.

Unfortunately thr beauty has been defaced by a lot of (bad) graffiti.

Easy hiking but fun , lots of people , kids pets , bikes . And beautiful view .

It was a fun, easy trail but be careful on the rocks. Even though they weren't wet when I went they were still very smooth and slippery. I also saw a rattlesnake so watch where you step!

on El Cariso Nature Trail

10 months ago

Great hike for those with munchkins

11 months ago

Water has officially dried up

11 months ago

Fun little hike. Although isn't marked very well so be careful and try not to get lost.

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