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very fun, with beautiful views and scenery that you would never realize exist in the desert area. the last quarter mile of Bradford Ridge section is very sketchy make sure you have proper shoes. Children not advised, take plenty of food and water as this Lube can take upwards of 7 hours to complete. Not recommended in the summer.

It’s a good hard trail that’ll keep you in tip top shape. Great panoramic views. Beautiful boulders.

AMAZING HIKE. 100x better than the side with the gate guard. Longer and more challenging. There are some spots that required crawling on all fours but doable. Less people also, and the views are amazing. Enjoy! (:

Excellent 360 view from the top. It heats up quick so best to do this hike in the AM.

Went here Oct 1. the weather was perfect. not too warm and slight breeze. trail was narrow but easy to follow. The steep downhill on the last 1/4 was hell coming back up. But the springs was worth it. Only advise i have is bring enough water, i took 3L and ran dry half way back, and MOST IMPORTANTLY be careful with your footing.

Great little trail. The rocks stacked along the trail were great because it does get a little tricky in some places.

24 days ago

I live near by and use this trail as a training hike very often. Park in the large turn out just south of the entrance to Camp Seely. the trial is in the North east corner of the meadow. there are many trails that the bike riders use in the meadow and can be a little confusing to find the trail that goes up. A very efficient trail almost steep al the way . It is not a loop.

I agree with the negative reviews, not a hike. it's an off road vehicle "hike" 90% of the time. Almost entirely in the sun. I wouldn't recommend this hike. it is moderate IMO due to incline. we used the map and honestly wish we would have gone clockwise and turned back to the camp area after meeting up with off-roading areas.

not a beginner trail, very steep. scrambling over boulders necessary. awesome views at the top

Great hike! Easy to get turned around on the way up, though unplanned diversions are really beautiful either way. Gorgeous views from the top, lightly trafficked, very peaceful out there.

it's a good lung stretcher.

We couldn’t get to it

Where to say about this trail and hot springs. Yes, people are nude. They put a new sign up at the trailhead, so don't miss that like I did. The trail is mostly sand and rock for about 1.4 miles on the delcine and up on the upside, so, apparently people hike up naked because of that first bit. I started this trail at 6 p.m. and ended at 11:15pm. Wear hiking boots, use harnesses for dogs as the trail is very narrow, hiking poles would be helpful but they aren't entirely necessary. There's a copper pipe under the pools somewhere that spits out hot, but drinkable water, so if you don't have to worry about bringing too much water though I always bring a gallon with me in case I get stuck, lol. I will say, there is a very narrow winding trail after the hill that is basically sand. I stepped too far and slipped down the side a bit, but thankfully a guy named Dan had been hiking me back and he saved me. The hot springs are jaccuzi temperature. I'd do this trail maybe a couple hours before I started so I still had sunlight to see the springs without a headlamp. I had a great time.

First half is easy dirt road shared with off road vehicles. Second half includes a decent climb followed by forest cover. You do have to use the app while hiking this trail. It is unmarked and has some confusing turns.

This trail should be deleted. All private property signs. Driveways. All trails should remove

Nice little hiking trail. Lots of birds and interesting squirrels that talk a lot. Oh and butterflies! There’s also yellow jackets lurking about so be on the lookout.

amazing experience

1 month ago

This hike is as advertised. Great out and back trail that at times is hard to follow. There is definitely some bouldering skills necessary as you reach the summit. Took me longer than I anticipated mostly because the trails are not always well marked. It would not be a good hike for beginners but I enjoyed the challenge. Not much shade so an early morning or late afternoon may be best. Bring plenty of water and something to put in the box at the summit.

We loved this hike. The view of the top is an excellent and unexpected view of Victor Valley. Make sure you bring something to add to the geocache at the top. There was some good stuff up there when we went. We looked for climbing routes and we did a little bouldering on the way back. The trail was a little tough to follow some times but it made it an adventure.

off road driving
1 month ago

You’ll need 4x4 and some good clearance. There are multiple ways to take to get to devils hole. But it’s really a steep and rough trail for the most part

The Dogwood Camping Loop is a short trail that winds partially through the Dogwood campground then through a scenic wooded hillside climb. The upward climb can be a bit challenging for those who are just starting their fitness journey but it’s a great way to get the heart pumping.

Great trail with some fun scrambling at the end. Too bad the power of Christ compelled some dipshit to spray paint a gobbledygook bible passage on a boulder at the peak.

2 months ago

This was probably the most intense hike I've been on, so far. As this place is known for it's offroading, we did it on foot. Oh boy, we should've listened. The constant ups and downs along with steep inclines, declines, loose rocks, and loose sands made the hike torturous and not enjoyable at all. I mean why would it? It's meant for vehicles! It took us about 5 hours round trip. We started late because we didn't want to hike in the sun. But then I realized... It's dark. How am I suppose to see the creek or the Devil's Hole? We didn't see any holes. But we weren't quitters and what we started, we must finish. I am giving this a 5/5 because off roading here would be really fun. If you're gonna hike here, I suggest you don't. Not worth.

2 months ago

It’s actually a nice hike, not likely to meet anyone and accessible from the north shore campground. Started at 6:30pm came back at 1130pm hike to the hole was pretty simple, not much to see at the end though.
But the hike was nice and felt surprisingly isolated for being close to camp. The stars at night was a pretty decent, faint signs of the milky way so that was cool.
This would be more closer to a hard hike, due to all the harsh inclines especially going back up the mountain.
Worth it for seeing the two rare toads at the end!!!
Careful the entire trail has an immense amount of loose rocks

Very fun trail with awesome views!

Time: 10:45am at beginning of trailhead
Followed AllTrails map.
Temperature: 80s.

If you stick to the All trail map, the mileage is pretty accurate. Very little shade on this hike. Path is narrow in a lot of areas so be careful.
If you stop at the location specified in the map, there’s a shaded open area with rocks to sit and lay on next to the river/ stream which was green from the algae but still nice and serene.
There were quite a few dirt bikes at the beginning before the trailhead which kicked up a lot of dirt. They don’t tend to slow down so watch out. Apparently it’s a thing here. The majority of hiking trail does not allow motorized vehicles.

A couple of reviewers mentioned a waterfall on this trail. You need to detour off the trail down a pretty steep hill to go to Aztec Falls. This was about 1/3 of the way in so look out for it if that’s what you want to do.

Tip: bring extra water if weather is hot
Bring poles if you go down to Aztec falls. It will help.

No parking and huge potholes- couldn’t find the trail :(

Went here on a Friday afternoon, no one else was at Aztec falls, was beautiful and surreal. Very steep hike down to the falls; I basically sat down and scooted whole way down, and climbing up was a bit hard, had to find rocks and branches to pull up on. The falls were very worth it! While hiking on trail by bridge heard a noise, looked down to see a huge rattle snake less than a foot from me! We also saw other small snakea crossing the trail! Easily got to Splinters cabin parking area in Nissian Maxima! Beautiful, would highly recommend! Defiantly check out the waterfall, was the highlight of the hike! Very special when no one else is there! Was weary about some of the reviews stating that there was trash all over by the falls. There were a few cans but that's about it, still very beautiful. One of the best hikes in the area! Very much worth it.

I grew up hiking on this trail and still love it. The 360 views from the top are definitely worth the trek.

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