8 days ago

This was probably the most intense hike I've been on, so far. As this place is known for it's offroading, we did it on foot. Oh boy, we should've listened. The constant ups and downs along with steep inclines, declines, loose rocks, and loose sands made the hike torturous and not enjoyable at all. I mean why would it? It's meant for vehicles! It took us about 5 hours round trip. We started late because we didn't want to hike in the sun. But then I realized... It's dark. How am I suppose to see the creek or the Devil's Hole? We didn't see any holes. But we weren't quitters and what we started, we must finish. I am giving this a 5/5 because off roading here would be really fun. If you're gonna hike here, I suggest you don't. Not worth.