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More like a 6.5 mile hike. Lots of uphill at the beginning and end. Travelled counter clockwise which I suggest as there are a lot of loose rocks at the beginning. Happy hiking!

Good first hike in Laguna. Nice views.

We hiked here this morning and had an enjoyable time. We got started at 8 am and it was already bright and hot and felt like a summer day. The sign at the parking gate says they open at 8, but maybe since there was a line of cars waiting they opened up early at 7:45.

Parking is $3 but some losers vandalized/burglarized the kiosk so the rangers didn't have us pay, we just had to sign in. The helpful, energetic, knowledgeable female ranger working at the Nix nature center asked us how long of a hike that we wanted to do and mapped it out for us and gave us a lot of helpful info. that was appreciated. Great 1st impression.

We did Little Sycamore to Serrano Ridge to Camarillo Canyon to Stagecoach South back to the center and then we went under the 133 to see Barbara's Lake. The trail started off with incline but it wasn't too overwhelming. It is rather flat on Serrano Ridge and then some up and down the rest of the way. There are some nice views and greener and more colorful than we expected. The ranger told us that the lake is the only natural lake in Orange County...pretty cool!

The trails are well-marked and with the map it is easy to get around. There are people hiking/running and mountain biking but it never feels crowded. We did about 6 miles and it was a good workout that took about 2.5 hours.

Nice trail, some sections wide some single track. decent views of Irvine at the top.

This is a beautiful trail. Would recommend!

We were visiting the area and had a couple of hours to do this hike. There are some steep rocky inclines but the views along the way and especially along the top were worth it! Wear good shoes and bring water.

Lots of cool birds for my friend. Not very much shade for me.

Part of this trial is more difficult than moderate! Especially if you are out of shape! Start South to make harder part right off the bat. Easier on the back end. Pretty trial. Narrow in the beginning as you go up hill.

Enjoyable hike to start the new year. Plenty of up and down areas but nothing crazy.

This would be a great route to run.

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5 months ago

Cute open space with a lot of fire road. There is some sections of single track with about 30% of rocky technical parts. Not much shade but great trail overall. Much of it is maintained. I enjoy this little loop.

I really liked it, extreme heat and all. My wife did not.

Beautiful views - pretty steep at certain points, so wear appropriate footwear. Bring water!

Harder than it looks. Roughly a 2:45min hike elapsed time of 3:30. The. back 2 mikes go on forever!

Steep climb through the canyon, worth the views along the way and at the top. The interpretive center is nice and they have good bathrooms. Several picnic tables near the parking area would make for a great post-hike picnic. Pay machines are not always working, recommend bringing cash to pay

Monday, March 20, 2017

fun trail! especially when you do the serrano ridge to stagecoach trail


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Good trails, nice mix of sand and rock. Easy on the legs

I did 7.5 miles and it was a very good workout. Mary's Trail to Little Sycamore Canyon to Serrano Ridge Trail. Went under the 73 to Upper Laurel Canyon Trail to stagecoach south trail. The final mile or so back up the hill is a good burn.

Great experience! Saw a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake cross the trail.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The route I took was more like 3 miles.

Pros: Good trail for chatting with friends while hiking. A nice view at Serrano Ridge.

Cons: Parking is $3 and lot gets packed. No dogs allowed :(

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spectacular views and an many trails to explore. Lots of ups and downs and very exposed so bring lots of sunscreen and water.

Great hike. We did the 8 mile loop. Would consider the 8 mile hike moderate. There are some strenuous pitches. Beautiful views. Limited ocean views - it was a clear day and we could see Newport Harbor. We could also see Catalina Island.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

This is a great hike that starts at the Nix Center in Laguna Canyon at Little Sycamore Canyon. Go through the wilderness center and follow the Little Sycamore Trail up to the top of the ridge. From there you make a left at the Serrano Ridge Trail [trailhead 29] and follow that until Trailhead 28 called Camarillo Canyon Rd. Hike all the way down through some cool meadows and what seems to be a really crazy looking mountain bike run. You'll think you're near the end but nope, make a left at the swinging gate and you'll see trailhead 44, Stagecoach So. Trail. This will take you back up some switchbacks, make your legs burn, and then drop ya off right at the parking lot from where you started. Definitely try to make this an early one as it gets hot out there. We enjoy this hike a lot because of all the local plantlike that you encounter, especially in the spring. Plus, it shows you some of the last remaining wilderness right in the heart of OC.

Great hike.. Best to go early if you plan on completing the entire loop during the summer months. Unfortunately, due to the drought Barbaras Lake is just a stagnate body of water.

Ran into couple snakes but still... It was a great area to just hike and take deep breaths

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Great place for a scenic hike or slow walk. It gets really cold in winter so bring a jacket or wear long sleeves.

really fun trail. tuff climb right out of the box, leading some really fun down hill single track. Suggest you run it backwards through Silverado Canyon up over the top but have two nice downhill single tracks I'm walking up hill single track. Actual distance about 7.5 miles

Monday, October 07, 2013

Hit this area a second day straight. Another scorcher 93*. Yesterday I did the south loop 4.8 miles, today I started up the trail I decended and finished on (Little Sycamore) and decided to try the moderate North loop which is 4.7 miles. The trail UP this time on Little Sycamore is a brisk climb but was up it in 20 mins without running. Hit the top and turned right to go north on the Serrano Riodge fireroad, then right onto West Canyon and then south onto "North Stagecoach". Both the last trails were merely fireroads. Stagecoach does cross under the 133 for a litle bit and then back uder again to the parkinglot. Just a good climb at first, then rolling paths all the way down as it decends to eventual flats for the last mile to mile and a half. Actually a little boring but made for a smooth brisk walk. The sign said 2.5 hour hike and I made it without any running at all in 1hr20mins but without stopping. A nice quick afternnon workout, but not much in the way of adventure.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Great afternoon workout. 4.8 mile loop starting towards the south on Stagecoach trail (heading upjill on fun switchbacks and then down). At the bottom of Stagecoach you connect to "Camarillo Canyon. (now this starts off looking like a boring fireroad, but as it progresses it starts to narrow and climb and becomes some very fun switchbacks- you'll be huffing and puffing at the top). At the top, merge right onto the Serrano Ridge" fireroad and follow that north as it climbs and dips 9kind of a boring trail as for excitement, but the entire length of it hass spectacular views of the valleys on both sides).. At the end fo the top fireroad it hooks east- there you will find the connector trail " Little Sycamore" that heads down to the parkinglot. At this merge is an excellent photo op down to the NIX ranger center and parkinglot. This ius a fun final decent and a nice narrow winding trail back to civilization.

It was very hot (2pm start @ 93*. I finished it in 1:35 hrs/mins on a brisk walk) Lots of fluid because there is hardly any shade.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Was a nice trail with mild incline. An awful lot of big cat scat all over but no sightings. Heard some rattlers but again, no sightings. The end of the trail going down to the parking was pretty steep and fun. Not real long but a good starter or start back up trail.

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