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Easily on off my favorite trails to date. From the very beginning the trail offers a beautiful scenery of the ocean and beautifully designed houses that inspire me on what I would want someday. The trails have varying ranges of difficulty and also different types of scenery. When you start off you're on a hill where you can peer down into the valley on one side or towards the ocean on the other. As you travel you the trail transitions from rocky passage, to woodland passage. Afterwards you come to following a river until you finally come to open meadows. Honestly one of the best hikes I've been on and very good is for those looking to go on an adventurous date.

17 days ago

Quick and easy— or add to the loop for more miles.

24 days ago

Good view, good exercise. Love it. Highly recommend.

Great views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Orange County mountains to the east. Santiago peak. Fun hike.

1 month ago

Great views, but double-back instead of looping on Pacific.

This trail really has a lot to offer and it can be as easy or moderate as you choose depending on the path. Lots of parking, signs. The main west trail is wide and has inclines in both directions. We went out today in hopes to hike to car wreck trail but a quickly spreading wildfire stopped us. Hopefully it won’t ruin this beautiful trail and park or homes!! We will definitely be back

This is a nice walk, not a hike. Wide trail but a steep drop on one side so keep kids close. Houses on one side and the canyon with ocean views on the other.

Watch out for the targeting doves they will poop on you !!!!!

1 month ago

It's a decent walk but wouldn't consider much of a hike. On one side you have a beautiful view of the canyon and ocean but on the other side are houses. Also the fairy houses are no longer on this trail. Once you reach the end of this path it ends on a street but take a right and continue up the hill to the first street you can make a right on. you will see a nice little area to rest but continue further to Sea View park where you can see a large panorama view of the ocean. Please note there are NO bathrooms on this path. Plenty of foot traffic but not to busy when we went. It's was a nice outing fun for a one time but probably won't do this one again.

1 month ago

We parked on Ridgeview and started at the trailhead on Highlands. The first 3/4 of the trail is uphill and can be a little rough for those who are just getting in to hiking or are a little out of shape. I know I caught myself needing to catch a breather! The rest of the trail is easy and it is wide to accommodate walking and cycling in both directions. The trail ended at pacific island drive. We turned right and continued up to Talavera Dr turned right and continued a little way to a park that had a few benches where we ate lunch and enjoyed the ocean view. We then continued up Talavera Dr to Seaview Park where we followed the dirt path to its end and were met with a full panoramic ocean view. If you are heading to the Aliso Summit Trail to see the fairy villages.... they are no longer there. As of August 2017 the fairies went back to Ireland lol!

Enjoyable, easy walk with great views.

2 months ago

Great hiking trail from Aliso Summit Trail all the way downhill where you can take Valido Trail just shortly before the final stretch up the Peak if you want to go down to the beach.

Doggie bags were provided near the trail entrance but unfortunately many inconsiderate dog owners are simply too lazy to pick after their pooch.

Great panoramic views all the way in many places ocean can be seen. Not too many people and no bikes which is a plus for hikers.

Really easy for the 1st 2 miles or so on a wide path except for the last 1/2 mile is a bit of an incline and Valido Trail down to the beach area is narrow and steep but not too bad.

About 1.5 hrs one way down on a leisurely pace.

Great trail, great views, easy trail!

2 months ago

This is a beautiful hike in Laguna Niguel. It’s not hard at all. The scenery is just gorgeous. Most of the hike you do have homes that run along the trail but they are beautiful.

Great trial for kids and dogs. Lots of dogs there too so make sure your gets along with the others.

Nice trail. Great views of Laguna and Wood Canyons. Also great payoff view from Top of the World.

Good for running. Flat terrain, gorgeous view of the ocean, no rocks. Plus, I don’t really like people watching me run and it wasn’t too busy.

3 months ago

Perfect for getting into reality with a toddler and a stroller. Mellow, beautiful, relaxing. Kiddo loves the bunnies and duckies at dusk. Coming back for the cave...

This is a great place for bringing family to do leisurely walks or biking. Beautiful views, especially as sunset approaches. Paved road located in center of this valley for biking/jogging/walking with houses scattered all along the tops of the hills. More of a weekend location to take the kids for leisurely fun than for hiking.

What a great trail! Great views!

Great variety of difficulty. Car Wreck is legit hard.

Started at Top of the World Entrance

West Ridge Trail > Wood Creek > Wood Creek Trail >Wood Canyon > Nature Loop > Dripping Cave > Car Wreck Trail > West Ridge

The loops on Wood Creek are great to get off the main road and under tree cover. The hike back up to Top of the World (and Car Wreck Trail) is steep with a decent incline and rocks.

4 months ago

We started the hike at Ridgeview & Highland (free street parking = positive). The first 1.5 miles or so stays right next to the houses (definite negative). We then had to walk on Pacific Island Dr. when the trail ended and go south to Talavera Dr. to reconnect to another trail that took us south to the summit vista of the Pacific. The view and the trail for the last mile or so is away from the houses and scenic (positive). The trail is not a loop so the trip back to where we parked included the same boring 1.5 miles (negative).

RT was 6.5 miles for us and just under 2.5 hrs.
FYI... the trail was rather busy and there were many dog owners with their dogs off leash which doesn't bother me but might bother some people. All the people we encountered were polite.

Trailhead closed, so started in the middle walking on the sidewalk & thru neighborhood toward the summit, then back to car and onto the ‘closed’ section. Went almost to original entrance & unclear why it was closed. Not from the area so kinda fun to see the houses on one side and the valley on the other. Glad we did it, don’t need to do it again.

Awesome near dusk. Lots of deer and great for all ages of our kiddos .

5 months ago

If you are looking for a nature trail, it’s not the best place to go, as you can mostly see residential areas and hear the hustle and bustle from the 5 freeway. But, if you live nearby and are looking for an easy/moderate hike to a decent ocean view, I would recommend it.

Great moderately difficult, well maintained, walking and biking trails. We have been coming here for many years now to hike, whenever in the area. We always see many varieties of wildlife and plants. Often seeing hawks, hummingbirds, coyote, deer.

Lovely hike at sunset

It takes 1.5 walking in a concrete road to actually get in the trail. Lots of mountain bikes.

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