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Nice trail. Shade for about 50% of time

Great hike. Steep ups and downs, great workout. Very well marked. Beautiful views. Well traveled path. Watch out for snakes... there was a rattler in the grass on the side of the path that I nearly stepped on.
50 minutes

1 month ago

Nice hike (loop) from Alhambra Creek station. Partially shaded, wide trails leading up to the lagoons at the top of the trail with clear views across the bay on a clear day. This is a fair weather hike.

Great hike! Beautiful! A little harder than expected, some pretty steep parts but few people and beautiful views are worth it! Great for dogs.

Easy flat 5 hrs long loop around the Briones reservoir. Few nice lookouts from El Sobrante ridge. Be aware of lots of ticks on this trail hiding on tall grasses. Best for early morning before sun heats up the area

Nice long hike - 5.5 hours. I hiked in the rain today to test out my gear for an upcoming trek. Canopies, views, meadows and a little water fall. Truly amazing. I agree with others that this is a moderate hike vs hard. Highly recommended.

A long but not difficult hike around a massive and beautiful reservoir. nice variety of terrain.

5 months ago

Very muddy. Saw 25+ cows.

Great hike with varied terrain, just enough to push you but not too much to break you. The early peaks (just after the initial elevation) can be VERY windy. Hold on to your hats!

Fantastic views almost constantly from start to finish. A hidden gem. We hiked it at a leisurely/breaking for photographs pace in 3 hours.

First long trail in a while. Finished the 13.5 mile trek in 5.5 hours without much difficulty. This is a lengthy trail but I wouldn't consider this hard, as the roads and trails were well maintained.
Some portions of route do not allow dogs, even on a leash, and we did come across a police officer who asked for our EBMUD permit.

I’ve done this hike the last 2 weekends. Today was a bit windy but the views are beautiful.

excellent trail... challenging enough to make us work some but not so difficult as to be not enjoy overall distance and Beauty. phenomenal views worth the effort.
it is a long Hike and even being fit as well as an avid walker, took us 5.5 hours..... between the views, our own chatting and with others, pictures, snacks and stretching, be. prepared to give the time.
Inclines are there, as are snakes and the trail police so be wary. Don't go without Permit, which I bought and downloaded as we drove to trailhead from Berkeley.
dogs are allowed on parts of these trails but not all, so don't be fooled. lots of horse poop on trial so step carefully and we even finally saw an actual horse.

The terrain on this hike is actually moderate, but I’m guessing it was labeled as hard because of how long the loop is. It was nice to look out over the reservoir and I enjoyed the rolling hills, but I did get bored after a while especially while passing the quarry with a bunch of heavy machinery or whatever is going on there. It is currently January and some sections of the Oursan trail are quite muddy right now. Overall, s good work out but not the best of what the bay area has to offer.

You cannot follow this trail as described. At Hampton trail the loop dead ends. I jumped a fence and continued on the path for another mile but came across a second fence with a serious no trespassing sign. Had to turn back.

Great workout!! a small part of the loop is a private property. Bear Creek trail requires a permit. make sure you’ve acquired one before you go. This was a birthday hike for me today, November 23rd!!

Nice little hike along the creek. There is a gravel trail/road that is west of the creek and runs alongside the other trail. Make sure to get on the trail and not on the road at the beginning because you can't jump over the creek and will be in the sun the entire time if not. Nice views of Diablo and not crowded at all. Would be tough after any rain.

A few hills, some great views. What’s not to like?

10 months ago

steep ups & downs. allow 1 hour. bring water & water for dog

Saturday, August 19, 2017

So many different trails you can take, we ended up doing a 6.5 mile hike, rather than the 2.4... My GF had control of the map.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nice combination of creek side hike, open space and views of Mt Diablo

North side is a little muddy but nice walk.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Tricky to tell but pretty tough hike. Saw some common but fun wildlife including a couple small snakes and cute mole. Wouldn't necessarily do again even though near to my house, there are other more exciting hikes nearby

The hike was great all around not to much and not to less of a hike. The views are beautiful and green. Lots of cows around and are friendly to pass ...(they stayed laying down on the path as I passed them) This hike is great for running it once it drys up completely.

Cons; lots of cow poop, the weather was great but some areas had really muddy uphill and some areas were hard to see the actual path.

Summer is going to be great for this hike I can't wait to do it again.

I love the trail but its NOT near Riverkern,Ca!! Its in Martinez,Ca! this is my first time using this app. I hope other trails are more accurate...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Not very challenging but Beautiful views. great for dogs. Make sure you check for ticks after! Found a few on my pup

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To do the entire trail you have to obtain a permit from EBMUD. Their office is by San Pablo reservoir and the permit is inexpensive and it's good for a couple of years. I've done this hike a few times and I've only seen a few people, all women, on the backside of the trail away from Bear Creek Rd. I rated it difficult only because of length. Not many people are prepared to do a hike this long. I've never had anyone else go along with me. There is all kinds of wildlife especially waterfowl and birds and the usual deer, coyotes, foxes and I've had a bobcat jump off a side hill about 20' in front of me as well. It would be best to take a friend along because of it remoteness and I've seen signs of mountain lions also. Take plenty of water, a permit and enjoy the hike. For safety there is a sign in board in the lower end of the lake when you go EBMUD property. This is a great fall through spring hike.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Briones is a great place to hike. It gets more traffic now than it ever has. Keep you eyes open. There are a few single tracks that are off the map that you'll enjoy! It was my go to and my training grounds for a decade. Miss it now that I live out of the area...and MT Diablo as well.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I started at the Alhambra Creek Trail. It was mostly shaded. At the end I turned left and followed the Spengler Trail. From Spengler Trail I climbed up onto the Diablo View Trail. This part I had a good view of Mt. Diablo. From there I descended to the parking lot. The loop was short and easy. It took me less than an hour to complete.

Very nice trail with good views up top. Nice hills to give you some good legwork but not overdo it. Great place to take your dog.

I visited this park during the Labor Day weekend: The hills are golden but summer heat was fading, and some wildflowers were still blooming. The panoramic views on the top were fantastic. It was a total enjoyable hike. I started at the Bear Creek parking lot. I took the Old Briones Road and turn left on Black Oak Trail. I continued on the Black Oak Trail and keeps ascending to the Mott Peak Peak Trail. Then I took the Briones Road and back to the parking lot. The first half was a fair amount of climbing but second half was a gradual descent. Total distance was 4.9 miles with elevation of 863 feet.

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