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6 days ago

park employee misdirected us to equestrian end of parking lot. trail start at entrance to paved lot and is initially unmarked.

once the trail starts the trail marks are clear. bighorn sheep feed on golf course. breeze at the ridge is refreshing.

This is an easy hike as rated, mostly flat. not the type of hiking I enjoy personally. appreciated seeing the Big horn sheep, beautiful animals. we respected them, took a photo and moved on.

7 days ago

Very nice hike many different paths can be taking.

Nice walking trails some elevation light traffic even terrain beautiful views

A very well maintained trail. The climb is awesome but first you have to trek through a sandy-scree river bed. It’s a nice warmup. As you ascend, one can’t help but notice the surrounding peaks and then matching their height. The desert flora was amazing as the sun rose. The climb is long and steady with a few flat spots. We finally reached a look-out perch that offers a grand view of what you just suffered through. Freakin awesome! Continue on around the bend as the trail drops down. You’ll see the oasis in the distance. After one last climb you’ll arrive at the palm tree Shang-gri-laaa! Only to discover it’s a mess of burnt Palm tree fronds and nowhere to chill. I hope it’s on the trail maintenance agenda. For now, the lookout is the spot. Leave early or prepare for traffic. Bring plenty of water and snacks. And don’t forget your hat!

My favorite hike in this area , steep narrow , and an oasis at the top bring a lot of water . btw. you have about 1.1/2 mile through the desert to reach the start so watch for the trail markers

24 days ago

Cove to Lake Trail (my two daughters and I did it as Lake to Cove) is a very easy ‘walking’ trail with a couple steeper climbs. My daughters are not avid hikers but they enjoyed the surroundings. Unfortunately we didn’t see any wildlife, keeping an eye peeled for Big Horns but we loved the desert mountains.

Just hiked this today (December 22). This was my 3rd time on this trail. Today’s weather was purrrrfect! Surprisingly fragrant at this time of the year! The views of the mountains heading in are SPECTACULAR! I love greenery of the golf course amidst all the brown mountains and WOW, once you reach Lake, what a beautiful sight! Took a nice little break to enjoy the calm water and watch the white swans. Super easy heading to lake...a bit more challenging with minimal inclines on the way back. Took about 2-1/2 hrs. Worth every minute!

26 days ago

I came here on a vacation from the L.A. area. I echo most of what the others have said... The land and rock formations on this trail were magnificent! It just felt weird to end up at a swanky golf course and then an apparent man-made lake at the end. The lake area did make for a nice breather and tranquil snack time, though. It was also a bonus to have clean bathrooms there. And one last thing: anyone know the story on all of the rusty cans and broken glass at the beginning? Need to research that for sure!! Overall, worth the time - got the heart pumping and lungs got some good fresh air.

Nice overlook at the end, 1.5 hrs total.

Good trail, we saw 2 big horn sheep on the golf course, not afraid of humans.

2 months ago

Enjoyed this hike! Did not see any animals.
Wish we had packed a lunch for when we reached the lake.

2 months ago

I would call this “ walking “ than “ hiking “. It was very easy trail. There is another hike from the Lake Side called “Morrow Trail” , not sure what’s difference in these two? The lake was peaceful, interesting to see very green golf course on the side of trail to look down.

Re-did this hike with two friends Oct 31, 2018. Weather was perfect with breeze. Very strenuous for inexperienced hikers. We all ran out of water from our backpack bladders carrying 2 liter each. Luckily we had a couple of water bottles as supplements. I suggest also taking something to help with rehydrate with nutrients as there's much sweating in this hike. This hike shows 8.3 miles up and back, but both times I've hiked it, mine and my buddy's distance counter showed 12 + miles. The views are spectacular and the Salton Sea can be seen to the east. To the west Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage can be seen. The elevation change is about 2360 ft so it was a good cardio. It would be worthwhile to pack food to eat along the way to re-energize. We were disappointed when we saw two men coming up the trail as we were returning from the palms. Each only had one plastic bottle of water. They hadn't even made it halfway. I offered bottles of water, but they said no thanks. Hmm. Hope they did well in their hike. Taking extra water is essential on this hike. The trail is pretty visible. The Grove can't be seen until your about a 3rd of mile from it.

Great timing this morning, saw sun rise over mountains just as arrived at high point. Lovely views of Salton Sea.

Great hike with great views all around! About 4 hours round trip.

Great hike. Saw some Long Horned Sheep last time I did it. Read some reviews of another Cove Trail and people complained of the heat. Duh. I don’t do these trails in the summer. Only from like November through March. Maybe early April. And I do them early early in the morning.

My only dislike of this trail is how long it actually takes to get to the fun/pretty part. But that’s all the trails in The Cove. This one is definitely my favorite Cove trail. Great views. Great exercise.

6 months ago

Hiked this yesterday 6/26 - started at 4 from the parking lot, 109*. If you're doing this any time after 10a, bring a LOT of water. You gotta earn this one... Lots of uneven terrain once you start heading up, the length/vertical isn't bad, but the terrain makes it harder than advertised. With breaks, 4 hours, 9.5 miles, 2400 vertical parking lot and back. A little disappointed that the trail doesn't actually summit - you end up going around the back side and then back down to the Oasis, which right now is dry. Other then that, definitely a decent hike if you're looking for a good test.

this hike, man. that ascent don't quit. i think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and i definitely spent most of the return trip mentally lambasting everything from the obvious liars who "enjoyed" this hike to the hubris of whoever decided this path should be trod by humanity in the first place, to whoever decided to print my water bottle with the label "1000 mL" instead of "1 L". like, ? way to just reject, out of hand, the entire reason for inventing the metric system?

THAT SAID, i bet this walk would be really beautiful in early spring/winter. some great views, interesting geology. saw one jackrabbit. very few birds. all other life forms (aka, lizards) were scarce and, when glimpsed, looked about as slow-roasted as i felt.

if you're gonna do this hike in summer, leave early and bring a lot of water! I started ~30 min after sunrise and was halfway to becoming beef jerky by the time i got back to the parking lot.

the oasis was great! and probably the ~.5 miles before it were easily the most diversely beautiful in terms of flora, fauna, and landscape. good spot to catch some shade and a snack. also, cell reception was wonderfully reliable throughout hike up until the oasis itself, where it was spotty.

This is a great hike! Views are great. It has some steep climbs but it’s a good workout!

I loved the variety of this trail. Inclines were not difficult but the soft sand was a little rough for my knee (old injury). Pleasant views but didn't see any sheep, which I was kind of bummed about. I'd do this hike again!

10 months ago

I don't know where in the world we were at. This trail head is the start of many other trails, and it is a hunt trying to find this one..... Although the GPS from All Trails said we were on the right path, nothing in this description noted bouldering. Where ever we were we ended up scrambling over many boulders, although it was fun and we continued without question..... it seemed the further we went the more challenging the scrambling got as the boulders became huge huge walls of rock. We accepted our fate and lunched at a nice secluded spot with a cave.... We always have a good time, but not sure if we were on the right path.....

Really interesting trail. I liked the ridge walking and scenery. I didn’t love the approx mike of deep-ish beach sand walking. If that was more hard pan this would be 5 star review.

10 months ago

Out and back from the parking lot to the Lake about 7 miles. Took me 3 hours total. Light foot traffic and an easy to moderate marked trail. First mile is flat and after that its up and down (not too steep) with nice views. Pretty sandy footing thought out the trail. No shade at all so be prepared and safe with enough water and sunscreen. Long enough for a good workout.

10 months ago

Nice easy hike. Took 3.5 hours chit chatting with a friend the whole way up and down. I would rate it as moderate to easy for an average, somehow in shape, middle age person.

Love it!

10 months ago

The hike was from the end of Eisenhower Drive South end of LA Quinta Cove to the Palms Grove and back.
The day was near perfect with a light breeze and a few clouds in the low 70's.
Saw a couple of dogs at the beginning of the trail, but none were seen during most of the out and back.
There is no water source anywhere along the walks so all take more than enough water for each person. A snack or lunch isn't necessary, but a good idea as it is a calorie burner.
My Fitbit Blaze showed the hike to be 13 miles out and back. Didn't deviate from the trail. It also showed altitude change of 237 flights of stairs (2,370 ft roughly. It took about 5 hrs and 17 minutes to go out and back.

It was rather slow as I was carrying a good sized backpack with a water bladder in it. Oh yeah, take TP just in case of the need to evacuate.

The views were spectacular given it was somewhat hazy to the east. The Salton See can be seen along with even
Rancho Mirage or Cat City to the west. The trail is mostly composed of loose Rock and some gravel.
For rock enthusiasts the different rocks with an array of colors is a delight.

Saw a few bird in the hike but unfortunately no Big Horn sheep, which I know have been seen before near the trails.

The Oasis is pretty nestled in a gully near the base of a hill southwest of the trail and seems guarded by old dead palms. The Palms were thick with downed palm frahms and walking through was hazardous. There does seem to be a trail to the left, but I didn't take it to see where it led or dead ended. After 2 hrs 40 minutes to get there I rested a bit, ate something and headed back. Only saw one person hiking out as I approached. It was nice and quiet. Cell phone service was good on the ridge above the Grove.
Hiking back about 2 plus miles away from the parking area I ran out of water. Next time will fill the water bladder to top. That's why I said take more than enough water.

This was my longest hike in many years and was pretty tired getting to my ride. If your an avid hiker willing to go more than 5-6 miles it's a must do. Any less excited about the distance and elevation change you can still have a beautiful hike going half way.

A lot of up and down hiking. Great destination at Lake Cahuilla. Today's hike it was very windy. Take enough water and lip balm. Great views. Liked it

Beautiful views, only passed about 3 people. Took us 3 hours.

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