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If this trail was safe, i would give it the full 5 stars! This is my favorite thing to do in San Diego, but that being said, it’s now pretty trafficked and at points, can be very sketchy/dangerous. It’s amazing terrain, beautiful views when you get towards the water, but some parts of it just aren’t meant for people to be going through. If you’re not experienced or don’t have good balance, I wouldn’t tell you not to do it, just to take caution! I’ve seen kids on this trial many times but they also have a low center of gravity and can fit through the tight spaces like the slot-canyon portion. Again, amazing, but just be cautious! Keep in mind, this is not the only way to get to blacks beach. And pro tip: barefoot is easier in this trail.

Nice and easy trails, fun little hike

Beautiful trails and breathtaking views!

Easy Hike and Beautiful Views!

Super easy trail with incredible views. I enjoyed all of the markers describing the native plant life.

Limited parking is available in the upper lot at the trailhead if you want to avoid a long walk up from the south lot. We arrived early on a weekday before our flight, and it wasn't overly crowded. Trail itself is easy with gorgeous views of the coastline and cliffs. You are exposed most of the time so sunscreen and hat is ideal.

Great layout but the dry climate over the past few years has forced all of this once beautiful flowered reserve into hibernation. A few cactus blooms were evident but the rest of the coastal vegetation is mostly dry green or dead brown. The long beach strut concludes at a climbable rock formation extending into the sea, the hill climb up is a good short walk with some new erosion barriers and steps, and the ocean views get better and better at each level. Torrey Pines despite the current sad hiatus of beautiful plant growth remains one of America and California’s most stunning sites.

Short but sweet. Good for an evening outing. Leads right to the picturesque beach.

So beautiful. Well worth it. It was our first hike we’ve ever done in San Diego. We hiked with our 10 month old in a hiking carrier and there were only a couple spots my husband needed help. Loved it.

18 days ago

virtual experience: https://youtu.be/tkQ9RVLUtKc

this beach is very beautiful! there were a good number of surfers. the hike down was easy, and there are a couple of alternate "bushwhacking" routes if you feel more adventurous than the paved road. you get to enjoy stunning views of the ocean through the small canyon you hike down to the beach. the hike out is steep, but it's no sweat. well maybe, a touch... lol

https://sptfy.com/1XO8 - bring some chill music with you to the beach!

20 days ago

Beautiful views and beautiful beach w/ many surfers and paragliders!! Highly recommend. The hike down is a piece of cake but the hike up is a tough one.

Close to UCSD and beautiful!

So crowded.. it is an easy level, definitely not a moderate one. Go there during the week and early if you want to enjoy without so many people.

It is super nice!

Fun trail for anyone any day.

Fun hike for anyone any age

30 days ago

Short hike but well worth it for the views! There are some challenging spots so take your time on the trails. Will be doing this one again.

go during the week and early. There's way too many people here otherwise.

A lot of fun, for the whole family. I took my 5 kids (ages 12 to 20 months). Carried the little one but the others did fine. Challenging for sure, and safe if you are smart and do not rush or try and blow past people. There are slippery parts, and one part that gets pretty narrow. We left very dirty, but the kids really enjoyed it and felt challenged.

Gets fairly busy, head up early

Breathtaking, but go early in the day to avoid the crowds!

1 month ago

We live close to these tide pools! Absolutely beautiful!

However, this picture is of cabrillo national monument tide pool area that is off limits.

This picture is not of la jolla tide pool area.


1 month ago

I love this hike! challenging but fun. Beautiful from start to finish! I hiked the last half without shoes as it was very slippery but if you have good hiking shoes I'd reccomend wearing them. Stay safe.

2 months ago

I entered this trail through the top and parked in the neighborhood as opposed to the bottom. The entrance at the top can be very easily missed. I came here with a few friends and we're all moderately athletic and my friend brought her dog. I don't recommend this trail if your dog is not athletic. I was able to get through the trail ok but I wished I would've had better shoes as it can get slippery. You cross part of the trail on a plank and can be very intimidating. Another part of the trail you scale down on a rope, this is at the bottom of the trail, again I wish I would've had better shoes. Overall, this trail is amazing and you scale down through canyons and there's also a part of the trail where you can chill and it overlooks the entire beach. Do it!

I was surprised by this Trail. I had done Annie's Trail north in Carlsbad along the cliffs from the beach. That was nothing like this one. You have to start out going up a rope to pull yourself up to the trail. And we asked people coming down the trail were there places that dropped off 50 to a hundred feet? They said yes there were but the trail at that point was 2 or 3 ft wide... easily accessible. They lied!!! There were parts that were just maybe 6 inches wide... with a toe hold you got across. I can see where people get stranded and need to be rescued out of there. There was even at two-by-four to walk across a gully. I would suggest if you are afraid of heights or you are not in good shape... this is not one for you.

2 months ago

A great hike for all ages! I took my 2, 4, and 11 year old kids and they they did great! They walked the whole time and didn’t get bored or too tired. The path is soft sand and is marked off so it’s extremely easy to navigate. Gorgeous views and benches along the path to sit enjoy them. I definitely recommend this hike if you have small children!

Pleasant, easy and enjoyable. Beautiful scenery! Get here early. Worth it!

Beautiful and if you get there early with less people, even better!

Loved this hike! It turned into an out and back due to high surf, there was no way to walk along the beach. Views were amazing even with overcast skies. Beautiful place to see the sunset!

it was fun!

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