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La Canada Flintridge, California Map

in correct directions to devils gate.

This trail was as difficult as everyone said. We went on a cloudy day which made the uphill climbs easier. The top with all of the different things to look at made it worth it. Make sure you follow the same path that you went up because we took the wrong turn and ended up at the La Canada open trail trailhead instead of the Harter Lane trailhead. A 3.3 mile hike turned into a 5.5 mile hike. But what’s a hike without a little adventure.

Great trail for this time of the year since it is green and lush from the rain. Prepare to get your feet wet. The path crosses the stream a few times and it is still ankle to calf deep. The road down into the canyon is a bit washed out from the rain but not impassable. Same goes for a couple spots closer towards the end of this track where the trail runs along the stream. Otherwise it was nice and easy.

beautiful trail! fun loop. the beginning you go through a neighborhood. I went with my 8 year old. he loved it. we couldn't get through on the descanso motorway. the gate was locked to descanso. had to turn back and go to descanso lateral.

Lots of people and dogs and some strays. Fairly easy trail. Fun to jog or run this. Beautiful scenery.

You definitely get your workout in on this trail. It’s steep and you get some great views. I came on a hot day and brought my dog. We didn’t make it all the way to the top because there is no shade on the trail and neither myself nor my dog are used to it. There were also rattle snakes on the trail so please keep that in mind when considering if you should bring your dog here. Overall, great trail though! Would totally come back on a cooler day.

Great hike to get some cardio in with awesome views at the top! Like others have mentioned, I don’t think I would rate this one as an intermediate hike though, due to the elevation gain.

bridge out
over grown
16 days ago

It's lovely back there. We went right after the rains and there was so much water! But the trail is blown out. Expect 20+ creek crossings down to the campground and lots of scrambling across rocks and fallen trees. You can probably manage to get across the first ten creek crossings without getting your shoes wet if you have good balance. It's relatively easy to track the trail if you just make sure to look up and scan the way. It took us almost 3hrs to get to the campground, going gingerly across the streams. And 2hrs on the way back when we just gave up and sloshed through. All the concentration and scrambling becomes strenuous!

we did this hike after a lot of rain. the single track trails are super cool. and there are Trails all over the place it's an easy hike as long as it's not wet. there are a few steep places but overall I recommend this hike

It’s a nice quiet trail that heads downhill but all of the rain recently has left things a little washed out. Still walkable though!

Steep but nice trail! We turned back before the teepee because it was farther than the app said and we.had to get home

Lots of water after the rains. Water was rapid so washed away most crossings. Not a problem if you don't mind getting your feet/shoes wet. Started hailing when I went 2/17/19.

Now this is what I call a fun hike! Not super long, but a great cardio workout given how steep it is. The top is rewarding when you get to the wooden teepee and beautiful wild grass. Parking on the residential streets was easy and Montrose was a quick drive away if you want to grab brunch afterwards!

over grown
1 month ago

Like James and Jeff said, the "trail" is pretty much nonexistent between the Brown Mountain Road Trail and the Tom Sloan Trail. Heading east, it starts with a steep, steep scramble to the first peak. After that, hiking along the ridge is actually quite pleasant. The descent to the saddle where you meet the other trails is also a scramble - I had to check my GPS a few times because you're no longer following the ridge and I needed to backtrack slightly a couple times.

The views are amazing, however, and if this trail had some TLC it'd be quite nice.

Will have to come back after the runoff from the rains has stopped. Part of the trail has become a river several inches deep with a fairly strong current. Water would have gone up to calves. What we were able to do was very pretty, however!

Easy hike, but long! Prepare to cross over the creek a few times if it’s rained recently. When you finally get to the falls, it has a pretty industrial “IT” vibe to it. “We all float down here Georgie”. Enjoy!

Loved this little backpacking trip. I took a complete beginner, and he had a blast!

Great campground if you can make it all the way to bear CG. Lots of water in January, but I hear that is gone later in the year so plan accordingly.

Hike can have its steep parts, especially returning after the camp. River crossings, rock scrambling, and log walking to be expected. You can do it without getting your feet wet if careful, but bring extra shoes and socks just in case.

This hike on the way down is a breeze! all down hill. super pretty and lots to see. theres about 4-5 little rivers you have to cross over (me fav part!) lots of little trails to follow. theres is one section that has a HUGE green patch. on your way back up you will need to pace yourself. it is a long steady climb. this trail has tons of rocks u have to step over, it is very easy to slip and or sprain an ankle if ur not paying attention. I recommend wearing some kind of shoe with ankle support. over all beautiful hike. I def recommend it.

2 months ago

It’s the fire road! Enter through the employee parking

washed out
2 months ago

2 months ago

I took a slightly different trail which was shorter but it was lovely.

After the rain this week (1.19.19) the trail has collapsed in a few places and debris has covered it in others. Be careful.

LASD is searching for a missing hiker in the area. 19-yo African American Male. Please keep an eye out.

Went after a week of rain so the water levels were very high! Definitely recommend poles for all the river crossings. The trail was less well maintained on the way to Bear Canyon campsite and the high water levels made some areas pretty difficult to navigate but made for a very fun hike!

One of my favorites!! Beautiful area ✌️

Pretty short trail through the park with option to continue for more miles & elevation. Some nice shady areas. Enjoy it for a quick workout. Parking is not great. Fire road runs parallel so u have options.

Pretty short trail through the park with option to continue for more miles & elevation. Some nice shady areas. Enjoy it for a quick workout. Parking is not great. Fire road runs parallel so u have options.

Pretty short trail through the park with option to continue for more miles & elevation. Some nice shady areas. Enjoy it for a quick workout. Parking is not great. Fire road runs parallel so u have options.

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